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  1. So both front and rear washers aren't working which I find too much of a coincidence, neither pump is whirring etc. The wipers work and I understand they work on the same fuse - which I've checked and is all good. I need to get a multimeter on it, but in case it's a bad earth, where is the earth for them please? Or any other suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. Thank you. And thanks for the help and advice, appreciated.
  3. There have been a few snapped bolts when taking it off. I’m hoping the lads at Dynodaze can work their magic and get them out.
  4. That’s what it will be then. my car has been converted to 4 x 100 by one of the previous owners so that’s why the powder coated ones don’t fit…they are 4 x 114. that means either the spindles or the arms entirely have been swapped over.
  5. Thanks for replying. It is currently using 4 x 100 hubs that were fitted by the previous owner (or the one before him), just to allow a better choice of wheel. I thought the hubs, 4 x 100 or 4 x 113 ( whatever they are) would just be interchangeable on the axel/spindle?
  6. Ok, so my aerodeck is at dynodaze having various pieces of work done. I provided them with powder coated rear trailing arms from another aerodeck that they can ‘just’ swap over. ive just had a call off them to say the rear axle/spindle off my current aero deck is shorter and thinner than the ones on the powder coated rear trailing arms I provided it appears there are two different types, different in length and thickness. photos are attached to show the difference. does anyone have the thinner, shorter ones available please? Ideally need posting out [unless by some miracle you are close to dynodaze]. many thanks!
  7. Afternoon, has anyone fitted a works bell boss and quick release to their aerodeck? many thanks.
  8. So I went to a local mechanic who managed to get them out, but they had to be cut out. The arms have been cut into a fraction, will this cause any issues?
  9. Tried that. The f**kers are stuck in good and proper!!
  10. Thanks mate. I’ve actually burnt out the rubber part of one of bushes [I think the fumes have knocked a few years off my life], but it’s the metal collars which are now stuck in and the tools I own won’t get the sodding things out.
  11. I need to push out the bushings from some front control arms before they get blasted and powder coated. Anyone in Birmingham who could help do it otherwise I’ll have to ask a local mechanic. Many thanks.
  12. Dave, thank you for your reply. I thought the same regarding the abs ring. I’m going to keep the 4 x 100, it’s cheaper to change those over for new ones than having to buy new wheels They aren’t damaged, just want to replace numerous items for piece of mind.
  13. Ok, here we go with the first stupid question. So the hubs on mine have been changed to 4 x 100 by the previous owner for wheel choices, which is fine by me. I want to change the wheel bearings and hubs all around. I also plan on losing the abs very shortly. I think I’m right in thinking the wheel bearings for the front are the same if a 1.6/1.8 [are some cheaper?]? With the hubs, I’ll need ones from a 1.6 etc which are also 4 x 100? Now some hubs state they are for abs/none abs, does it matter which ones I get? Like I say, sorry for the basic questions.....
  14. Thank you very much. In no particular order: Change turbo/manifold/intercooler piping Complete overhaul and refresh of underneath, address any rust issues, new suspension components (except coilovers), powder coat of knuckles, trailing arms, new drive shafts etc. Tidy up engine bay, so remove abs, Relocate battery to boot, new line/filter set up. Fit some Recaro Trendlines I currently use as a daily a 1996 Honda Civic 1.6 automatic, with a full leather interior (just done 60,000 miles!) which I’ve owned for about 8 years. I want to put the rear leather seats and the door cards from this into the Aerodeck. Thats probably the limit of my abilities and because I live in Birmingham, places like Dynodaze, Honda HQ, Outlaw Honda Worx, etc will be getting plenty of work off me.
  15. I cannot thank forum member Kink43 for his help over the past few months with his help and advice, has been an absolute superstar. Please note, I will be probably asking some very, very basic dumb question so please bare with me.
  16. Afternoon, So after looking for a vtis, offering to buy one but the owner wouldn’t sell and going out in one which scared me silly, I’ve finally managed to buy an Aerodeck, which I initially said I wasn’t interested in, and I love it! It was bought from a lad who’s a member on here and it’s going to be a work in progress while still being used as a daily. I’m fairly mechanically incompetent and just don’t have the confidence or tools to tackle anything substantial so unless it’s really basic work, it’ll be worked on by professionals. I don’t plan on getting rid of this car for many, many years. The photos are from the original advert.
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