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  1. jan 2020. Got a bit of time so thaught I'd start another project thread document my progress with my latest honda. My last civic ended up quite a machine. But unfortunately I had to make the decision to let it go to buy a house. Once got my finances back on track. I really fancied another mb6 as always had a soft spot for them. A another member offered me a clean car so went on a bit of a road trip down south to pick it up. It has just had an engine rebuild fully documented with every receipt and ran sweet as a nut was very happy with it. Unfortunately it only made it 100 miles back towards the Midlands and the bottom end developed a knock. Was pretty p**sed off tbh. But what can I do.
  2. Hi all, Figured as every query I've typed in to google has brought me to this site that I might as well sign up and try contribute something at least! Picked up a VTi-S Aerodeck about a fortnight ago as a new daily and haven't stopped grinning since. Needs a tiny bit of tidying here and there, but it's all largely cosmetic - one of the former owners loved a carwash by the look of the swirls in the paint, the rear door cards are wilting a touch, minor cig burn in the passenger seat, slight nik in the rear bumper, oh and a child appears to have drawn (in permanent ink) on the b-pillar, roof liner and c-pillar but other than those niggles it's all straight enough. Sub 100k (just...), FSH, comprehensive folder of receipts, clean history and to top it off a bit of a bargain price. Think from my rough workings, it's averaging 31mpg - which is about 10mpg better than the last estate I ran, so that's another bonus too! The last owner of this was an MOT tester for Honda, so mechanically it feels tighter than newer cars I've driven as he put a lot of time, parts and love in to it! Haven't got round to doing much other than putting fuel in it and commuting so far, but I have restored the headlights (small, relatively cheap fix at least!) and I have created a healthy excel spreadsheet to work through of both jobs and parts I want for it. Car's largely standard, save for a rather mute aftermarket cat back exhaust and some generic ebay adjustable coil spring kit. Rides, rather surprisingly, exceptionally well on them. Genuinely staggered by how comfy it is...was half expecting to have binned them already, but apart from the concrete sections of the M25 its soaking up most surfaces very well. That said, combined with the Nankang tyres, I haven't dared wind it on at any point save for a straight line, but the sound gets me every time. Mid-90s BTCC soundtrack in an estate, what's not to love? But anyway, some pics: And a quick one of what was originally my daily, but it was another car I dropped lucky on and is far too mint to be using every day - hence the need for another. That, and it's getting increasingly hard to shoe-horn a growing Labradoodle in the back of one of these; Will try update this as I add/ do stuff to the Civic, but I need to move some cars on first before starting to spend more on this...otherwise I think the other half will, perhaps rightly, murder me! Cheers, John
  3. Afternoon, has anyone fitted a works bell boss and quick release to their aerodeck? many thanks.
  4. Afternoon, So after looking for a vtis, offering to buy one but the owner wouldn’t sell and going out in one which scared me silly, I’ve finally managed to buy an Aerodeck, which I initially said I wasn’t interested in, and I love it! It was bought from a lad who’s a member on here and it’s going to be a work in progress while still being used as a daily. I’m fairly mechanically incompetent and just don’t have the confidence or tools to tackle anything substantial so unless it’s really basic work, it’ll be worked on by professionals. I don’t plan on getting rid of this car for many, many years. The photos are from the original advert.
  5. Hello folks. I'm having a bit of trouble trying to fit my oil cooler. I have the cooler mounted and everything I need to do the job and also plumb in all my gauges aswell. I'm using a thermostatic mocal sandwich plate to feed the cooler but there doesn't seem to be any room to mount it. Iv seen plenty of install guides and videos of doing it and no one seem to have trouble fitting the plat. But on the b18c4 there just seems to be no room around it. You can get the plate on but there is no room for fittings and the hoses to go. There seem to be more hoses and random lines on the back of a b18c4 block than any other engine from pics iv seen. Has anyone else managed to fit one and how did they do it? Thanks
  6. Hi All, New member introducing my recently acquired '99 VTiS Aerodeck. Latecomer to Civics (and FWD) but had a mint MB3 for a short while last year that got me interested. My son suggested an aerodeck when he knew I was looking for an interesting estate (not many around - Volvo 850 T5R ?) and when this one came up (having checked the rarity), had to go and see it. On paper a good car - one owner from new, 93k miles, full main dealer history (16 stamps to 2017), cambelt done at 55k. All by same dealer, as were all the MOTs to 2018 when it failed on corrosion to rear suspension mountings and seatbelt anchorages. Car being sold with new MOT, so was expecting some welding in those areas. Small time dealer selling it sent me pics of underside - looked ok. Anyway viewed it (rather hurriedly) and it was obvious had been standing outside for a while, very dirty, green mold in places, interior very dirty, underbonnet dirty and rocker cover flaking, some marks to half leather interior, bit of water in spare wheelwell. VTiS drivers mat holed in 2 places. Bad scratches to top of rear bumper. One headlight washer missing. Nearly new standard exhaust from cat back. Unmarked alloys. Only one key and remote fob (rubber buttons missing), no red key. Full set of books in original wallet. Totally original. Welding appeared to have been done quite well, neat but some welds needed grinding back and underseal already coming away. Took it for a drive - plenty of power, braked and handled ok. Electrics all worked. Overall, ok for the money and when I found out that it had spent its whole life in my birthplace, had to buy it. The pics below are just a starter, more about the bad bits later. They show the results of about 3 washes and jetwashes, one missing headlight washer replaced, foglights removed (totally corroded away). Some of the purple in the paint has come back but obviously needs a good claying and machine polish. At that stage was already thinking it would need an extensive service, cambelt, waterpump etc etc More later...….. (you will note that pattern exhaust tailpipe does not exit in centre of bumper cutout) Cheers, Martin
  7. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/civic-mb6-vtis-turbo-311bhp-full-mot-3-500-today-not-ek-eg-k20-ep3-turbo/223903106056?hash=item3421aa4408:g:rjQAAOSwSwleMBm6 its miles away from me and dont want to make the travel if its a shead
  8. Hi people I am removing my power steering on my vtis that I use for track days. The car never gets used on the road so I don't have to worry about parking it with heavy steering. I removed the belt to see how it felt and I don't find it to bad so next is to remove it completely. I was going to remove the rack to open it up and do the depower mod but though while it's off I might aswell put a different one on that is quicker lock to lock, as the turn in isn't that great so a shorter ratio rack that's been depowered would hopefully be a big improvement. There is lots of info out there but no one seems to know for sure and some info contradicts what others have said. So as this is the home of mb6 experts I'm hoping someone here can shed some light on what would be a good replacement rack that is a straight swap.
  9. There is an interesting thread about what qualifies semi modern cars as classics over on our sister Site : https://www.futureclassiccars.uk/index.php?/forums/topic/43-what-do-you-think-makes-a-car-a-modern-classic/ I'm a bit staid in my ways so I'd love to hear opinions from younger enthusiasts.
  10. I went to fit my subframe (back) mount today but the front bolt on the mount ant long enough, it isn't long enough to go through the mount and in to the subframe, has any one else had this problem and if so did you just get a longer bolt?? Thanks
  11. As you all probably know iv bought burbleboys vti-s and very happy with it glad to be back in a Honda. Plans are to just drive it for a while as it's already sorted, save for a turbo kit next summer (possibly!) taking fly-eyes off as there just not my thing.
  12. Another Shell, Another Engine, Another Turbo, Another Build... The latest incarnation:
  13. Hi guys and gals. Just thought I'd throw up a post about my latest acquisition, a 99 VTi-S Aerodeck. I used to own an 97 Aerodeck VTi In silver with the VTi-S kit that I loved and should't have sold, after 30+ Honda's it's still one of the top three. At the time of me getting my VTi another guy local to be bought this car, and he used it on and off for the few years he had it then parked it up when it developed a distributor fault and wouldn't start. She sat of the drive for the next nine months. When I heard she was going up for sale I went and got it as soon as I could, and I've since been trying my best to get her back to the condition she deserves to be in (with how many left saying there's only 32 of these left I think she should be pretty minty). When I first got her she's was in a pretty sorry state, having be parked for months in a hedge. After giving if a quick was it was down to the MOT station to get a health check. Annoyingly it didn't quite fill a page but was close, all typical Honda problems that I've fixed far to many times before. Got them all sorted and she flew through the next test. Since the MOT I've been going through the little niggles getting bits done (removing the light tints, sorting the rear plate recess, getting the stereo working) up until this past weekend when the B18C4 was removed. My one complaint of my previous MC2 was the power, she was always lacking in some grunt so seeing as I'm currently K24 swapping my track car (98 UKDM integra) I had a really healthy B18C6 and S80 spare. With a few friends we managed to get both engines out and the C6 fitted back into the 'deck and running in 7hours. Still have Jobs to do on her, I'm just starting the process of adapting a DC2 HKS silent Hi-power exhaust system to fit the car (B18C engine need 60mm exhaust systems to be at their full potential), have a mid wing currently being painted along with the front bumper and lip, and I have to get the sunroof retracting as it's currently only going back about an inch. While the headliner is out in also going to retrim it in black suede aswell as the pillar plastics. Ive added a few pics of the progress so far and I'll put some more up once I've got some more progress.
  14. Has anyone ever bought a synchro kits before if so where from? I'm trying to find reasonable price synchros :/ as I am about to also get started on full engine rebuild
  15. Hello everyone, I have started to inquire for the installation of cruise control on our MB6 inspired by Integra GSR USDM ,for now I already home the control unit the actuator and buttons for steering. As a guide for now I'm studying that this EG. http://www.civic-eg.com/causeforalarm/cruise_control/index.php I want to know someone in the forum has ever tried to set the cruise control on MB6?
  16. Does anyone else run a toyosports 60mm cat back if yes what mani and cat/decat are you using???? thanks
  17. Has anyone bought one of these already done n set up for are cars? Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/391454331485 Or opinions please
  18. Rookie88

    Dc2 Recaro's

    Hi I'm looking at getting a pair of dc2 recaros in the near future and was just wounding if anybody knew what would be the best way to fit them into my mb6, would it be moddifie the dc2 railes to fit mb chassis or moddifie a pair of mb railes on to the dc2 recaros? Any help would be appreciated.
  19. Hi all. I'm from Ukraine. My name is Zhenya. Just want to apologize for my English, I use online translator. I want to show you my civic c motor b18c4 converted into b20c4 YCP pistons 84mm crankshaft and connecting rods b20z3 This machine was when I bought it. Motor d14a8 AT
  20. I've been looking around for a little bit of information but the main info I've found is related to the MB6 VTI-S.. I have a 1.4 Sport MB (MB3 / MB8 depending on who you speak too!) it has Half leathers, AC, PAS, Leather stitched wheel (did until I yanked it out for a Vertex wheel), Electric Windows (front), Electric Mirrors (adjust & Heat), carbon-look trim around knob, grills etc, Leather stitched honda gear knob. Now apart from the MB6 which has 99% the same interior I have found, what other differences across the range have what? I know theres that wood/tortoise shell looking trim option too but wondered if there was anything exclusive to the VTIS/VTI/Sport? and I was lead to believe the VTIS was the only model in Pirated black, Theres a 1.6 VTEC MB round the corner in PB, doesn't have wing or anything like the trim, has stock fabric seats, no AC yet the colour is definitely black that flips into purple as PB does.. Ideas?
  21. Is this the normal price thought they where more
  22. Anyone got one fitted and are they any good or is it best to get remapped after fitting
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