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    20 years old from Czech republic. I own Civic 6g Ma8 1.4 66kw.

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    Matěj Sýkora
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  1. So i repainted my grille black! Its not much but its honest work. I quite like the result but im thinking about : A: repainting my bumber to match with the rest of the car and spraying plastic black B: Putting on the one colored from my spare parts car Dont really know what to do. I like how my car looks now with the half plastic ones and cant decide if it would look good with second bumper. I will have to put on the second one to decide but you can tell me what do you think would look better :)
  2. justhans

    MA 8

    Thanks a lot there is still a lot to do on this car but i absolutely love it
  3. Damn well in that case looking for tutorials is my new hobby :D thanks
  4. Hello, In my country there are little to none aftermarket parts for my car (mostly OEM or really ugly ones) so my question is from where do you order parts?
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