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  1. The story of my MA8!

    Everything from the car is removed! Only the engine and the front,rear suspension were left. Next step, removing and disassembling the engine for external cleaning and painting some parts, then replacing some gaskets and others.
  2. The story of my MA8!

    Slow, steps forward. There is more work, but for Saturday and Sunday, that's it!
  3. The story of my MA8!

    Little work done today!
  4. The story of my MA8!

    Let's wait and see ... For the future, maybe a turbo, but not now! More and more parts ordered........... This Saturday or Sunday, I'm slowly starting to disassemble the car. I can not wait ..... The plans are to disassemble it as much as possible because at the moment the weather is bad and cold .... And when it gets warmer at least a bit, I start working on the engine
  5. The story of my MA8!

    The strut bars here! Also some other things.
  6. The story of my MA8!

    Fun drive back to home. Parked in the garage and waiting for work to begin ....
  7. The story of my MA8!

    Tomorrow I'm going to see the car! Fingers crossed! And take her with me .....
  8. The story of my MA8!

    More parts ordered!!! Front and Rear strut bars.... Some silicone hose.... Some dressup for engine....
  9. The story of my MA8!

    Big changes! The car will get a new heart and maybe a lot more? Soon or no, it depends when I find an engine ....
  10. The story of my MA8!

    The steering wheels is here.... Very happy!! Quality is good for fake.
  11. The story of my MA8!

    For the moment, I do not know exactly what I'm going to do with the hose! But I just saw a good offer and bought it ....
  12. The story of my MA8!

    Hi all!!! During winter season i will collect parts !!! And when the weather starts to warm up I continue with the project .... Short hub! Ground cable! Microfiber Cloth! Foam applicators! AN fittings + braided hose! Still waiting steering wheels ,and some other things.... Ff Someone had taken a picture of me while I was driving because he liked the car pretty much. He became a colleague of the Bulgarian Forum!
  13. The story of my MA8!

    New seals for rear doors!! The front are even worse, but either they are pretty expensive or where the price is good they are not available .... OLD !! NEW !!