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  1. Tanks! A few more days and she is ready for DYNOOOOOO....
  2. Yes! They are not exactly my type. But I like how they sit on the car. And I took them quite cheaply..
  3. More improvements! A little more cornering stability for me. The original seats just want to throw me out. Test with the passenger seat. Super comfortable and very easy to install ... I'll put the driver's seat in later. Because my tuner is slightly large for this seat size without damaging it.
  4. I took the car on the 23rd. But there was a problem, it worked on 3 cylinders. We decided it was from spark plugs, cables, cap, rotor. Everything was OK! After that, we checked the injectors and BOOM ,replaced with those from K-series engine ,everything worked properly now. It pulls quite hard, even though I drive it lightly 4000/rpm max.
  5. A few more days and she's ready. The engine already in the car and starting. But i forgot to take pictures.We have a little work on the exhaust system and it's ready.
  6. Hello everyone! I haven't written for a long time but the car will be back on the road soon .... A few pictures of the engine.Ported head and Block. My tuner said the compression would be about 12.5: 1 / 12.7: 1. I hope for good results. Somewhere around 200whp maybe . We will see.
  7. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all! I haven't written in a long time. The project is by no means complete. Things are going in the other direction .... Better! A few pictures of the parts for the upcoming project. Camshaft ITR B16b pistons 81.5 from Nippon Ferrea Valves Ferrea Valve Guides Skunk2 LMA Supertech springs / retainers ACL bearings Competition Cluch ST3 Fidanza Flywheel Skunk2 Alpha Throttle Body 70mm Skunk2 Pro Series Intake Tri-Y Header ARP bolts Next year I will find out what the engine will show.
  8. WHP! The engine is stock, just some big tube air filter and 4-1 header. The exhaust system is to small 45mm. Yes VTEC is working!
  9. Dyno day! I'm OK for now! After putting a better exhaust system and some fresh air on the filter I will try again .. What do you think about the result?
  10. Ready! Now dyno stand and settings. Wheels Tip? 8j ET0 ,what size tyres ?? 205/45/16 too big!
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