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  1. The story of my MA8!

    More parts ordered!!! Front and Rear strut bars.... Some silicone hose.... Some dressup for engine....
  2. The story of my MA8!

    Big changes! The car will get a new heart and maybe a lot more? Soon or no, it depends when I find an engine ....
  3. The story of my MA8!

    The steering wheels is here.... Very happy!! Quality is good for fake.
  4. The story of my MA8!

    For the moment, I do not know exactly what I'm going to do with the hose! But I just saw a good offer and bought it ....
  5. The story of my MA8!

    Hi all!!! During winter season i will collect parts !!! And when the weather starts to warm up I continue with the project .... Short hub! Ground cable! Microfiber Cloth! Foam applicators! AN fittings + braided hose! Still waiting steering wheels ,and some other things.... Ff Someone had taken a picture of me while I was driving because he liked the car pretty much. He became a colleague of the Bulgarian Forum!
  6. The story of my MA8!

    New seals for rear doors!! The front are even worse, but either they are pretty expensive or where the price is good they are not available .... OLD !! NEW !!
  7. The story of my MA8!

    After a long wash, finally clean .....
  8. The story of my MA8!

    Painted! Then came in my hands ..... A lot of work, but it was worth it. Everything was cleaned under the car, then undercoat. Try new wheels with front camber arms! Then all four.... The new shifter install! I'm thinking of putting an extension ..... Excuse me, she's a lot dirty ... Fix exhaust + new polyurethane hangers! It remains, a really nice car wash outside and inside. Assembling the interior.... The rear SUB Frame(ASR) ,LCA and RCA are not installed ..... LCA have a wider bushing and is not going to fit to coilovers.... But I will find a way .... The ASR holes do not fit, but I'll solve it and have no time for the moment .....The RCA(rear camber arms), I do not think I need it right now. I like how the rims stand, so I will not change them .....
  9. The story of my MA8!

    It was not finished on 13, but this Sunday I hope to get it .....
  10. The story of my MA8!

    More close to putting everyting together! We talked today and he wants to finish the car by mid-August (around 12-13).Which is perfect for me, because I can take it when i am in break from work (from 14 august).... And all parts will be installed .....
  11. The story of my MA8!

    Everyting going slow!But for good finish i will wait...
  12. The story of my MA8!

    So much parts waiting to be install!!!
  13. The story of my MA8!

    Order some parts: Front camber! Rear camber! Subframe! Lug nuts! Short shifter! Extension for shifter! Shift knob! Thin quick release! Need to order: Steering wheels! Hub adapter!