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Found 6 results

  1. Hiya folks If you're anything like me pictures are good...so here we go After a quick wash of course... yumm eh> my mate trying to figure out the phantom belt... but then... Can't leave me with anything shiney for 5 mins So that's where things are atm, cars got a sagging headliner and a gaffa'd drivers side wing mirror, aswell as an overheating problem, although, I think I may have solved that one already. Seems my water pump belt is non existent... Peace
  2. Hey guys, im Jorre, new member from Belgium. In January this year i got my first car, the Honda Civic 1.5LS (MB3). I just LOVE this car its fun to drive, handles well and its been maintained really well by the previous owner. All and all a very good first car. Now I allready did some mods on the engine (switched the airbox to a conefilter and put in a 4-2-1-Exhaust manifold). But what really bugs me, are the bumpers... The front bumper is a "new" stock one the previous owner put on, since another car drove into the right front side. The problem is that whoever painted that bumper, didnt do a really good job and the paint is starting to peel off (which sucks if ou want to clean it...) So i decided to just get me some new nice tuning bumpers. BUT I DONT FIND ANY!!! Could any of you guys think of a site where they actually have (tuning)bumpers that would fit on my 5dr MB3 or do you know if there are bumpers from other civics that would fit on mine? It would really help me alot UPDATE: Here's some pictures of the Engine, engine bay and air intake (i know, if i want better cold air intake, i should mount a heat shield, but that seems very hard to find around here...)
  3. Guest

    Key blade code

    Hi all, long time forum browser, just joined as a member and my first post! Looking at getting after market central locking with a built in key blade. I know I'll have to get the transponder out of the original key - does anyone know if this is difficult / easy / impossible? Secondly all my three keys (2 black and 1 red) don't have a code, I've searched this forum and the internets and have found no answer bit it looks like the hon66 blade, can anyone confirm? If I can't get an answer I'll go for the hawk system which has good reviews on here. Thanks all in advance!
  4. You have all probably seen my recent thread, i have a green honda civic mb3, unfortunately i need to sell this as im disabled from a motorcycle accident a year ago, its very difficult for me to get in and out of, not just because its so low but because it has small doors, also need to travel from cumbria to newcastle hospital twice a month so i need a diesel, i absolutely love this thing and if i had the money to run two cars i would, im unsure of how much its worth, as body work isnt 100% dent on top of rear quarter and a dent on the bonnet, there not massive dent but obviously de value it, it has a genuine set of rs recaro fish net seats. drivers has a few tears but thats to be expected from over 25 year old seats! still comfy and on proper civic subframes. omp deep dish steering wheel, also got standard one to, ill just list the rest below, also throw in a few recent pictures, id just like a few opinions of what price rage i should put and if anyones interested just message me thanks alot guys! cat back with savage 3.5" short back box cone filter venom ap coilovers genuine recaro fishnet front seats from a 1981 rs2000 escort running corsa c sxi wheels in gloss black ( please dont hate me haha!) smooth boot in satin black relocated rear number plate omp 330 dished steering wheel few bits of stickerbomb inside
  5. happy ive found a civic mb forum, been looking for a while, so a few weeks ago i picked up my first civic, its a mb3 so far liking it alot, especially as you dont see loads of mb's around, there not as common as the ej's or ek's. quick spec of the civic d15z8 engine 114bhp cat back with savage 3.5" short back box pipercross cone filter venom ap coilovers rouchly 30mm to go on rear and 10 on the front genuine recaro fishnet front seats from a 1981 rs2000 escort running corsa c sxi wheels in gloss black ( please dont hate me haha!) smooth boot in satin black relocated rear number plate omp 330 dished steering wheel few bits of stickerbomb inside want to get some rota slipstreams for it, but will have to save up a bit, also want to spray the boot green and put a cold air feed into the corner of the front bumper. this is my first honda after owning vw's for a while so its a nice change. would like to hear peoples thoughts and opinions
  6. So here's my 1st car which is a Honda Civic 1.5i LS Vtec-E MB3 (D15Z8) Its totally standard with full service history, 96'000 miles on the clock and only 2 owners from new! Don't ask how much the insurance cost (Its a lot) lol. I have got some ideas on what to do with the Civic, maybe go for a VTI lookalike. Thanks for viewing!
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