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Found 6 results

  1. Hi. Been told by Dave to get some pics of my car up so here it is. [attachment=2]1Dawns Civic Aerodeck site.JPG[/attachment] [attachment=1]2Dawns Civic Aerodeck site.JPG[/attachment] And an arty one! [attachment=0]Dawns Civic Aerodeck.jpg[/attachment] It's a 1.6ES, so it has full leather interior, A/C, etc. I'm only the 2nd owner, so everythings as it should be! I put it into Honda to have the proper Honda front fog lights fitted, the Honda sunroof wind deflector and got an MP3 stereo too. Just wanting to change the wheels now. Love my aero to bits
  2. Right... fresh start with a new car! After having an accident in my MB3 quite recently, I have to get another car to take my mind of it. So my oleman decided to help me out on buying me another M! A week later I have found a 1998 Honda Civic Aerodeck MB9 in Pirates Black! Strangely this model doesn't have Air Conditioning? I saw it on Gumtree advertised for £385. It was cheap mainly because it had 158'000 miles on the clock (we all know this is nothing to a Honda) Even though it was 300 miles away, I was determined to buy that car! Bad points: The first thing I noticed was the rust on the rear arches, but I seen worst... Scratches all over, heavy scuffs around the bumpers, a very nasty deep dent on the rear panel, no rear door handle, a broken drivers side mirror and a broken aerial. The bonnet catch has a mind of it's own (one minute it will shut, next minute it won't!) Petrol cap flap doesn't close and the door locks are dodgy at times. Every interior air vent is broken, all door card cloths are stretched and SRS light is on. What's it like to drive? Well it has a very sticky throttle, brakes don't seem that effective and one of the rear brakes binding (common) The rear trailing arm bushes need replacing and the clutch has a very high biting point. Also the revs go up and down on idle (probably the Idle air control valve) So she had a hard life but I know I can replace every part on this car from my old Civic! Also with all these faults, I manged to knock £50 off as the seller didn't even know it had these faults. So I'm chuffed with that Good points: Eveything else works! Windows close properly and all 4 speeds on heaters work surprisingly! And it has a brand new OEM headlight! It has more bottom end grunt than my MB3 (even though the MB3 has less miles and more mods) Also the fuel economy is absolutely amazing! Filled the tank right up, done 360 miles and only used just over half a tank of fuel! Anyway enough yapping, here's a few not so great pictures. I will get more up tomorrow!!
  3. As with me and Hondas there is always a story. Short version is,after selling my EG the MB6 need to go into the shop for Upgrades so I need another car,that had to be a Honda.had to be a civic,had to be an Aerodeck. Was looking at a few Aerodeck but wanted one that was low cost to run.After reading loads of figures and adds I came across a WHITE Aerodeck just like I found the MB6,buy luck or it was meant to be. this was the one although i would have like a 1.8 the 1.5 Eco Vtech was what I needed,cheap in every thing. I got the Deck in August 2012 so i had it for over a year without touching it and in February 2014 all this happened. After Seeing this,I wanted to take it to the next level as usual I had a vision but I want to not mess the the engine. first i need a Vti-s body kit which was hard to find thanks to Louise Demarco for the for the rear lip and bumper for the Aerodeck and the front for the MB6. then I got the rest if the kit from Adam R Arfiqiue on boxing day i was in my loft spraying then it was time to put the car together after spraying them in the loft on boxing day I could put them on as it was p**sing down with rain so i drove to Bluewater . The rust was a bit of a problem lol I had to remove some mud then i put the freshly painted VTI-S Kit on. the next day i had to rotate the wheels as I had 195x45x15 on the rear and 195x60x15 on the front which made the front look high lol. Comparing THE WHEELS next I went down the road about 2 minutes drive from my house to a crap yard were I found a set of 5 steel for £40 used this site to find the fitments http://www.wheelfitment.net/vauxhall then sent the off for banding next day I did the light and grill the wheels came back in a few days next was the hight, needed low. I have big plans for the Deck suspension but for right now just needed it low using some shock I have in the house as you do,so I set it up I need a jack and a hand so I went to Adam Rafique ,thanks dude for letting me use your stuff. next was choosing the rubber then the test fit now to put it all together on the 31/01/2013 the rubber was ready went to http://www.elitedirect.com/tyres to get the rubber fitted and yes they do stretch with on additional cost did some more work on the rims and tyres and it started p**sing down so i went to Bluewater again
  4. So here's my 1st car which is a Honda Civic 1.5i LS Vtec-E MB3 (D15Z8) Its totally standard with full service history, 96'000 miles on the clock and only 2 owners from new! Don't ask how much the insurance cost (Its a lot) lol. I have got some ideas on what to do with the Civic, maybe go for a VTI lookalike. Thanks for viewing!
  5. happy ive found a civic mb forum, been looking for a while, so a few weeks ago i picked up my first civic, its a mb3 so far liking it alot, especially as you dont see loads of mb's around, there not as common as the ej's or ek's. quick spec of the civic d15z8 engine 114bhp cat back with savage 3.5" short back box pipercross cone filter venom ap coilovers rouchly 30mm to go on rear and 10 on the front genuine recaro fishnet front seats from a 1981 rs2000 escort running corsa c sxi wheels in gloss black ( please dont hate me haha!) smooth boot in satin black relocated rear number plate omp 330 dished steering wheel few bits of stickerbomb inside want to get some rota slipstreams for it, but will have to save up a bit, also want to spray the boot green and put a cold air feed into the corner of the front bumper. this is my first honda after owning vw's for a while so its a nice change. would like to hear peoples thoughts and opinions
  6. You have all probably seen my recent thread, i have a green honda civic mb3, unfortunately i need to sell this as im disabled from a motorcycle accident a year ago, its very difficult for me to get in and out of, not just because its so low but because it has small doors, also need to travel from cumbria to newcastle hospital twice a month so i need a diesel, i absolutely love this thing and if i had the money to run two cars i would, im unsure of how much its worth, as body work isnt 100% dent on top of rear quarter and a dent on the bonnet, there not massive dent but obviously de value it, it has a genuine set of rs recaro fish net seats. drivers has a few tears but thats to be expected from over 25 year old seats! still comfy and on proper civic subframes. omp deep dish steering wheel, also got standard one to, ill just list the rest below, also throw in a few recent pictures, id just like a few opinions of what price rage i should put and if anyones interested just message me thanks alot guys! cat back with savage 3.5" short back box cone filter venom ap coilovers genuine recaro fishnet front seats from a 1981 rs2000 escort running corsa c sxi wheels in gloss black ( please dont hate me haha!) smooth boot in satin black relocated rear number plate omp 330 dished steering wheel few bits of stickerbomb inside
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