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Okay, so ive been reading alot of topics on here and the interwebs on doing a mini-me on a D15Z8 engine. So basically theres a discussion between D16y8 head, cams, etc and D16Z6 head, cams etc.

My question is, which one do i chose? Maybe good to know is that i'm aiming for a max power and torque WITHOUT using a turbo. So what would be the best thing to do:


1 swap a full D16Y8 head onto my block

2 Swap a full D16Z6 head onto my block

3 Change the cams rockers etc. to D16Y8 BUT with the Z6 head bolted on (not sure if this is legit, but found this online too)


thanks :)


PS: i know that if you bolt the Z6 head to my Z8 block, you end up with a D15B engine without Vtec-E, according to some this would be better, but the D15B only has 103 hp where my z8 has 114 (stock), so to me id be losing power... why do people do this, or is there something im missing here? O.o

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D15b vtec is 130bhp

If you change heads, itl lower compression (only good for turbo)

Change head internals using your head, and get it mapped.

Changing gearbox makes it much better for acceleration, as eco engine uses longer ratio gearbox.

Imo its not worth the money to do the head change as after mapping you could have probably changed complete engine and gearbox for d16z6/y8 for less

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Your head is already the same as D16Y8, it just has a vtec-e camshaft. So the best  price/performance option is to install D16Z6/Y8/D15B camshaft and roller rockers in your head. D16Z6 is a better flowing head but as said above it will lower compression to 9.2:1 and to notice the difference you should couple it with an aftermarket camshaft like 59300 / 105300 for example which is a whole different project.


D15Z8 with Z6 head is kinda like D15B but D15B has a unique more agressive camshaft.


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What about a d16w4 125hp or am I just crazy!.


As far as camshaft goes (and in fact almost everything) D16Z6 = D16Y2 and D16W4 = D16Y8. So yes, that will work too. But keep in mind (again talking about the camshafts only): D16Y8/W4 < D16Z6/Y2 < D15B

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