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When creating a topic, say your project thread for your car or maybe asking a question in the forum, and you've clicked "start new topic", you will see on the page under "Topic Title" a text box called "Topic Tags".


This is for putting in tags (key words) that help your topic get recognized by search engines such as Google, Bing etc. This also bumps Civic5 up the search ratings because Google has found key words in your topic that match what someone is searching for. So here we will explain how to add tags. If you have already added tags, you can add more (we have updated the list) to your current topics by going to the first post in your topic, click edit then "full editor". Then just click the "add Tags" button as below. We have started updating your project threads/topics and have added tags to quite a few now, but feel free to update your own topics.


For PC/Laptop/Tablet users:

Ok, so you've clicked the "Start new topic" button, and your ready to create your topic. Once you have given your topic a title, in the "Topic tags" box click "Add a tag". (see Image 1 below)



A drop down box will appear with a pre-defined list of tags. (see Image 2)
Click on which ever tags suit your post. If possible, always add the tags "Honda Civic MA" or whatever civic you have, plus use the "Honda Civic Hatch" if it's a hatch you have or the "Honda Civic Aerodeck" one if you have a deck. If your topic is not something car related, still use the above two tags and also use the "General chat" tag.
Here, we selected the "Honda Civic Aerodeck" and the "Honda Civic MC" tags and will also add the "How to DIY Guide" tag seeing as this is a guide.(Image 3)
Image 3
Then just carry on creating your topic as usual. Easy! :-D
For Mobile users:
When you click "Start new topic" button, your topic creation page shows. In the middle of the screen you will see a button called "Edit topic tags" (Image 1B)
Image 1B
Click the "Edit topic tags" and a drop down list will appear showing the available tags. (Image 2B)
Image 2B
Select your tags by clicking on them, then click  the "Add" button. They will be added to your post.( Image 3B)
Image 3B
Once you've added your tags, Just click the "close button" on the tag box. (Image 4B)
Image 4B
Then just carry on creating your topic as usual. Easy! :-D


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