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Found 23 results

  1. Hi guys! Just got my oem bbig foglights.. my deck didn't have any so have to change the switch. But one set of wires was cutout can you guys help me find out where does the cut wires go? And will i need a separate foglight relay or controller?
  2. Hi guys i need help with my aerodeck! So my deck is fitted with headlight washers, my dimmer switch is f**ked so had to short the black and red wires. But then my headlight washers switches my rear foglights. Rear foglight switch doesn't do anything. Please help!
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Civic5 How to guide No 8 - JDM style twin rear fog lights mod. This guide shows you how to modify your Honda Civic 5 door MA/MB rear lights to incorporate twin rear fog lights. This guide could also be used to do the same mod to the Honda Civic 5 door Aerodeck models too, although there may be some slight differences. Big thanks to member Dan1 for this great How To guide!
  4. Hi would the mg zs v6 be a good upgrade for the mb
  5. Skipday09

    Type r

    Hi just out of interest has anyone ever fitted type r ep3 seats and steering wheel?
  6. Gel

    Auto hack

    Could be a good steady workhorse or you could pop another engine & gearbox in there : http://www.exchangeandmart.co.uk/used-cars-for-sale/honda/civic/honda-civic-1.6i-vtec-se-aero-deck-20220393
  7. Hello all i brought a set of 17 inch wolfrace wheels im new to cars so wat 8 would like to know is wat are the pros and cons of changing up any advice would be apreciated
  8. Hello, Some of the lights on my dashboard are dead. So now i want to change them all. I know how to disassemble the part with the clocks. But not the rest of it. How can u remove the buttons on the middle console etc. And the bulb in de ashtray? Do i have only to buy the bulbs or also de mountings, sockets(?) for the bulbs? And the BIG question:-) What kind of bulbs:-)!!
  9. Selling my Civic for spares or repairs Buy everything for £100 pounds (Starts but does not run - transmission) Got loads more pics. Loads to say feel free to ask me any question Location: Chiswick, West London. Can post but prefer pick up. 07429 253288 = Whatsapp or Text Mr_a@live.co.uk
  10. Version 1.0.0


    D.I.Y. guide How to reset your ECU. Good for if you have fitted any aftermarket engine parts, this helps the ecu "learn" new parameters.
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Here is our guide for installing the Hawk central locking kit. The original topic can be found here >>> Click
  12. Version 1.0.0


    How to reset your SRS (Airbag) light if it stays on.
  13. Want to see your car displayed in the showcase in the main forum page? It's easy! Just follow these steps! 1. Click the "Browse" button then the "Gallery" button. 2. Click the "Add images" button 3. In the "select category" window, choose "Showcase Car Photos" 4. Now click "Choose files" 5. Click on the photo on your pc you want to upload. 6. Click "Continue". 7. Add in info about your photo (including tags) such as "Caption" (this is the name of the photo). Add a description in the description box (but don't click the "choose files" button) 8. Click "F
  14. How to display your photos in a post. NOTE: For uploading photos direct to the forum, the limit is 5mb per post. So 1 photo that is 5mb, or two photos that are 2.5mb each and so on. You can easily add photos to your post! When creating a topic, Look at the bottom left corner of the box. You will see "Attach Files". Click the "choose files" button next to it to upload your photos from your computer to the forum. Then next to each uploaded photo, click the "add to post" button. Simples! If on the other hand you have photos stored on a site like photobucket etc
  15. Version 1.0.0


    Heater not working on speeds 2 and 4? Or 1 and 3? The resistor pack will be faulty. Here's our step by step guide to replacing your heater resistor pack.
  16. Version 1.0.0


    How to find ABS fault codes. Has your ABS light came on and won't go off? Your ABS system has a fault! Use this D.I.Y guide to read the fault code so you can repair it yourself. Saves you pounds on garage bills! The guide is a Word document and printable, with full colour photos so you can have it next to you whilst carrying out the work.
  17. I've noticed at night time some of my switches don't light up does anyone know what type of twist fit bulbs i need to find/order to replace them?? ones i know are out are clock, mirror adj, headlight adj
  18. Hi all! I'm looking for advice or guidance on what others have done with regards to wheel arch extensions on the Civic 5 door? I'm not happy with my mud flaps so need to combat the issue in a different way. If there's a post already running then let me know
  19. When creating a topic, say your project thread for your car or maybe asking a question in the forum, and you've clicked "start new topic", you will see on the page under "Topic Title" a text box called "Topic Tags". This is for putting in tags (key words) that help your topic get recognized by search engines such as Google, Bing etc. This also bumps Civic5 up the search ratings because Google has found key words in your topic that match what someone is searching for. So here we will explain how to add tags. If you have already added tags, you can add more (we have updated t
  20. Q= What Civic M' have I got? A= https://civic5.com/forum/main-pages/civic-5-door-and-aerodeck-chassis-codes/ Q= My cars heater only works on certain speeds, or not at all? A= The heater resistor pack has blown. See here for how to replace it >>> Click here Q= What is the wheel offset of the MB6 and other M's? A= http://www.civic5.com/wheel-info.php Q= Does a decat make any difference and where can I get one? A= Yes, a decat will make slight a difference in power. Available from various places such as Ebay Q= What tyre should I get for my M? A= All depends on the model/w
  21. Ok, this is to help anyone who might not know how to post photos on the web. Here's how to post pictures on this site. This How To is also used to display an image in your signature (the bit underneath all our posts) To change your sig, go to the top right of the page, click your username to see the dropdown menu, and select "Account settings". You will then see a new page, and on the left side, a menus bar. Fifth one down is "signature". Click on it, and you will see a box where you can fill in what you want in your signature. If you want a photo in it, click the "Choose files" button a
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