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Emissions - EML error code P0131


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Aerodeck MC1 went in for its MOT and JUST failed on its emissions, apart from a rear plate bulb that was the only issue. 


Engine management light has been on for a bit and upon checking reported as error P0131 - HO2S Low Voltage. My mechanic changed the sensor, reset ECU and the light goes out. During the test the light goes back on (within first couple of minutes) and the car JUST passes the emissions test (engine had been ran hard for a few minutes to warm up the lambda sensor for removal as it was refusing to budge shortly before).


So after the test my mechanic looks at the problem, same error code - P0131. Whip out a multi-meter and check circuits etc using the workshop manual.  


4 wire sensor

Heater circuits work properly, continuity test on car side of 4 pin socket okay

Sensor circuit appears okay, but does not have continuity on car side of 4 pin socket, is this normal?


What else could be causing the problem? Is there anything else worth checking? Am i potentially looking at a new ECU?

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