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Found 19 results

  1. Well, after introducing the MB3, now time for the fun car. On december 2019 I was looking for some spare parts for a friend and saw this car adverted, really cheap (Arround 1/3 of the normal price in my country). I called the owner and after an hour explaining me a lot of details, I called a friend, we made 500 Km, and bought it in the same day. It was the 2nd owner, car was bought new by a friend of this and gifted to him because it was going to be scraped. The second owner used the car 3-4 years to drive to his orchard (he made less than 1500 Km in this time, but changed timing
  2. Hi. Been told by Dave to get some pics of my car up so here it is. [attachment=2]1Dawns Civic Aerodeck site.JPG[/attachment] [attachment=1]2Dawns Civic Aerodeck site.JPG[/attachment] And an arty one! [attachment=0]Dawns Civic Aerodeck.jpg[/attachment] It's a 1.6ES, so it has full leather interior, A/C, etc. I'm only the 2nd owner, so everythings as it should be! I put it into Honda to have the proper Honda front fog lights fitted, the Honda sunroof wind deflector and got an MP3 stereo too. Just wanting to change the wheels now. Love my aero to bits
  3. Am I right that the D Series SOHC engines fitted to the MB Civics are designed in the following way? As far as I can tell, the valve cover needs to be removed in order to remove the top timing belt cover? I have changed a timing belt in the past on a SOHC D Series engine. I had changed the valve cover gasket before. I noticed at the time that the valve cover had to be removed in order to remove the plastic timing belt cover. While the valve cover was off, I removed the plastic cover and ground off the lip that fits into the slot on the valve cover. That way, when the be
  4. hellooooo this is my white diamond <3 mb1 sr vtec of course (looove this models), d16y2, 1996, when i bought her, she was all stock, 209000 km, nothing to do, MOT passed successfuly, just the absober shock and tyres to do ! it's funny because my white was made on 27-03-1996 and my second mb1 on 27.03.1997 ^^ i was 18 years old when i get it, and didn't have my license driving, so my boyfriend drive it for one year, and i was a passager! too hard it's my fisrt car and i could'nt dream better ! a lot of work have been made on my car to keep her in good healty (her last owner was a
  5. i got this back in july 2011 and started modding. here is how i bought it. first of all i took off the rear badges i then lowered it on coilovers. it was a bit low first of all and couldn't get over anything!! (but wouldn't mind it that low again) i then bought my mates wheels, they are in need of a refurb on the lips though i bought a rear mid spoiler off a member on here then this one was only just to get the peeping pedo bear in
  6. well I'm building again but a little different this time my 8 year old son wants to build a car with me so got a hold of a ratty old coupe it's a mess and needs totally redone lol I'll get some pics for your amusement . I've never done a d series before I'm thinking of turbo so advice on which way to go would be appreciated guys .
  7. Aerodeck MC1 went in for its MOT and JUST failed on its emissions, apart from a rear plate bulb that was the only issue. Engine management light has been on for a bit and upon checking reported as error P0131 - HO2S Low Voltage. My mechanic changed the sensor, reset ECU and the light goes out. During the test the light goes back on (within first couple of minutes) and the car JUST passes the emissions test (engine had been ran hard for a few minutes to warm up the lambda sensor for removal as it was refusing to budge shortly before). So after the test my mechanic looks
  8. Hello and merry christmas my fellow civic lovers! My name is Miltos and i would like to ask a few questions about my "new" '97 civic mb1 (D16Y3). My car atm has 185/60/14 tyres and i would like to fit some 15". 195/50/15 to be spesific. Any suggestions for wheels? Also, according to the manual the wheel offset is 5 - 5.5j. Is there gonna be any problem if i use 6.5j wheels? Thanks in advance for the answers!
  9. as the title suggests looking for a d series manifold, stainless or standard not fussed.
  10. After fixing lots of little things with my MC1, I now have to face up to the task of fixing her major oil consumption issue. When I bought the car I was told from the previous owner that it consumed around 1l of oil per 1000 miles.. however, after driving to the Hockenheimring and back, I measured its consumption at more like 1l per 300 miles.. not so good eh? The car has done 190,000 miles, and gives a puff blue smoke when approaching the redline.. but will also consistantly burn through oil if I stay under 5k rpm. From outside the car you can really smell the burnt oil even on tickover .
  11. hi every body ^^ i just receive my order of stickers " i love my mb" first, it's just for our 5 door, aerodeck will come soon so, stickers : ( 30 x 2, left and right ) - size : 15.5 x 5 cm -colour : white + red heart - outside -price : 4€ ( arround 3.20£ ) paiement with PAYPAL free shepping to UK and EUROPE !! pm me here or on facebook (maë civic)
  12. hi everybody guess who bought another civic mb1 sr vtec...yeaaah it's me it was a very good deal, near my home... so i bought it 300€ (217£), she has 127 000 miles (197 000 km ) very good conditions,, and i bought her to english people !! unfortunatly i wasn't here to talk with them as you can imagine, at this price, the need some reparations so it's a mb1 sr vtec of course (rare in France, or so expansive), d16y2 as you know. she is grey, perfect for my collection of MB1 lol ^^ good points : - her mileage ! -4 electric windows work good - clutch look ok - interior is very c
  13. Hello Everyone, I've got to change my O2 sensor for the exhaust manifold one. I don't really want to buy a £250 one from dealers. I've tried to look around and best I found was this: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/181503439204 NGK one (NGK0299) - OZA333-H26, Can someone tell me if this will suffice? Its for a Mc1 aerodeck 1.6 vtec 125 D16W4 engine. Some places I see 4 or 5 pin. 500m, 650mm, 350mm ,320mm. My car is a 1999 if that helps. I have tried the search but couldn't find a solid answer. Any more questions please fire them my way Many Thanks
  14. I've got an mc1 aerodeck and have noticed my abs light is missing .most likley bulb has been removed .I done a brake test and and doesn't come on .but at low speeds while turning the wheel the abs will activate for a second .anyone have any suggestions what's going on
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