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  1. On our holidays in the Torquay area and a hole has appeared in the centre section of my exhaust (just forward of the centre silencer on the hanger). Naturally the car now sounds.... loud. Can anyone recommend a good garage in the Torquay area that: is is likely to have the part if possible is reliable isnt going to rip me off Thanks Matt
  2. Aerodeck MC1 went in for its MOT and JUST failed on its emissions, apart from a rear plate bulb that was the only issue. Engine management light has been on for a bit and upon checking reported as error P0131 - HO2S Low Voltage. My mechanic changed the sensor, reset ECU and the light goes out. During the test the light goes back on (within first couple of minutes) and the car JUST passes the emissions test (engine had been ran hard for a few minutes to warm up the lambda sensor for removal as it was refusing to budge shortly before). So after the test my mechanic looks at the problem, same error code - P0131. Whip out a multi-meter and check circuits etc using the workshop manual. 4 wire sensor Heater circuits work properly, continuity test on car side of 4 pin socket okay Sensor circuit appears okay, but does not have continuity on car side of 4 pin socket, is this normal? What else could be causing the problem? Is there anything else worth checking? Am i potentially looking at a new ECU?
  3. Yup, its reliant on the cars being registered correctly in the first place.
  4. I need a new lambda sensor, but knowing how 'particular' our cars are, what make of sensor would you recommend, any I should avoid?
  5. Well, this site shows you! https://www.howmanyleft.co.uk/vehicle/honda_civic_aerodeck_vtec_se linked for Aerodeck 1.6 SE.
  6. My battery did exactly the same thing back at the beginning of December. Started fine the night before, dead as a dodo the following morning. Full recharge during the day and it still didn't have enough juice to start the engine. Replaced the battery and its been working fine since.
  7. Cheers Gel, I was guessing I needed to replace the entire back box, although hoping I would stumble across a quick, cunning fix. Nothing in the web shop, so I will give my local branch(es) a call in the morning. Thanks
  8. Problem with the exhaust on my MC1 Aerodeck, Apologies for the weird angle, front of the car is top left and rear is bottom right. The flange on the rear section of the exhaust has separated from the pipe. Im new to Honda exhaust problems and wondered if this needs either: 1. To be welded back together 2. Replace the flange / gasket etc The exhaust is in fairly good nick with no sign of corrosion or damage to any other parts that i can see and so i dont really want the hassle of hunting down and buying a new rear silencer if i don't need to.
  9. Thanks, il try that when i get in from work.
  10. As the title says, my MC1 Deck has developed a bit of a nasty metallic scrapping / grinding noise in the engine bay. Its definitely coming from the area of the belts, and sounds loudest at the front/centre by the AC Compressor. The noise is there all the time, but can vary from background noise to 'oh crap, something's going to go bang' and back again. Ive had a quick look, and can't see anything on or trapped in the belts. Im guessing a knackered AC Compressor or its clutch. Is this likely to be it or should i get it straight to a mechanic?
  11. That fixed it, I couldn't see the contacts due to all the gunk on them, quick clean and now working nicely. Thank again
  12. Thanks Krzys, I'll whip out the ignition barrel tonight and clean the contacts.
  13. My MC1 deck has picked up an ignition problem in the last few days. Few days ago my engine stalled and I lost all power and electrics. After a few attempts the car started okay and I went on my way. Yesterday I noticed that turning the ignition to II, no dashboard lights lit up, after clicking onto III they came on and then car started normally. This morning the same issue occurred, but this time after clicking onto III and attempting to start, the engine started normally but after letting the key go the engine cut out and again the electrics died. After a few attempts with the same outcome, the car started normally and I drove without problems for about 10 miles, on the return journey I had the same issues. I'm thinking I may need a new ignition barrel, but is there an easier and cheaper fix, or am I on the wrong track altogether?
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