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Mb2 rear anti roll bar?



I have a 24mm rear arb with all fittings to go on, learned that the rear sub brave wouldn’t fit without drilling it out a little and maybe putting a couple more holes in the frame behind it. 
Found some mg zs rear arb mounting brackets instead for a cleaner oem look and fitment. 
But from just looking at it, I can’t figure out how they sit or mount? Anyone else done this and has any photos or advice they could share? Thanks IMG_7304.thumb.png.907224c52364d16f3d331e5bb96deeef.png

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I fitted an EG6 rear ARB last year, using the 'same' OEM mounting hardware as you probably do. (They were pretty rusty before I restored them)



In my case, there were small pre-drilled (and tapped!) holes next to the lower control arm mounts (center of the car) that I just cleaned up before I installed the brackets.

But if I remember correctly, I indeed had to drill a pair of holes for one of the brackets' mounting points.




I also used some sturdy metal tubing as spacers between the frame and the mounts to reinforce everything.




Also, you gotta have a pair of rear lower control arms that actually have the required holes to fit your ARB to!

And a bit of friendly advice on top - don't go with an ARB thicker than 15 or 16mm, because everything above that is going to tear our and completely wreck your rear frame without any reinforcement done to it to take the brunt of the force.


Hardrace, Beaks and loads of other companies sell those kinds of reinforcement braces, some of which even come with their own mounting points for your ARB! :)


Here is how everything looks now:




Hope I could be of help! :)

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Ahh thank you! The mounts I ended up getting are different to those ones again, seems to be quite a bit that either fits, doesn’t fit at all, or can be made to fit haha. 



The last photo there is of the bar on an mg zs for reference I found, looks like the mounts I have fit elsewhere, but I’ve seen this setup on an mb before so hoping everything will tie together nicely without me having to mess about too much! Also had to get the correct links for this setup too. Yeah the 24mm bar I got would have been overkill, I think the one I ordered is either 16 or 18mm so should be fine!


Thanks for the reply though! 

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