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  1. Oh, the backbox may have corroded badly and fallen off too…. Fully blame the council and them gritting the roads literally every night for about 2 months straight here… Having a new cat back made from Powerflow next week though
  2. Next thing I’m gonna sort is the lca’s and coilovers and front camber arms/plates. Should all go on easily enough I hope, rear brake lines run down the lca’s so will re route those to tidy them up a little too. Bought two new front wishbones with all the bushes and hardrace compliance bushes too, rear toe arms on the way so will get those on when they arrive. Id bought new shifter rods too but they don’t fit so will have to sell them, either fit an ek or eg not too sure. Bought a completely different shifter setup too so that’ll be interesting to see what it’ll be like when it gets here. Changed steering wheel again (3rd time now) Had rear windows and rear lights tinted, clear side repeaters too. Bought a d16z6 intake mani to swap but haven’t got round to it, then bought another super clean one because why not, will have a new fuel rail and some other bits when they get here, only bought the second one as it was going really cheap and had brand new injectors with it, so one will be getting sold at some point I’d imagine. Just gonna keep going with it all and eventually swap a bigger engine into it when it’s affordable, come to really like the chassis so don’t want to get rid because of a couple rusty panels! Also got a 282mm front brake upgrade and fancy (expensive) discs to put on too. And a random oil cooler because why not
  3. Haven’t posted in a little while, still not really got round to getting much done over the winter. Rust patches on the arches got worse but had to keep using the car for work so just gotta deal with them I guess. Would be nice to have them fixed up but cutting them out and repairing them, along with getting another rear door (patch at bottom isn’t reasonably fixable) wouldn’t really be feasible. Would end up being well over a grand to have arches cut out and new ones in and all the little scratches and dents sorted sadly. So, a couple days ago got round to fitting the rear camber arms, easy enough job, and very slightly increased the negative camber on the rear. One of the bolt holes needed a little bit of filing but other than that went on with no issues Also, I have a rear subframe brace, tie bar, and 24mm anti roll bar. But looking at the brace which the roll bar attaches to, it ain’t gonna fit. And with this having rear discs, the brake lines run around the rear subframe and are completely on the way of where it would mount. So after literally just staring at the underneath of the car for a while, contemplating life, as you do, I thought it will fit. But would mean drilling a couple more holes in the subframe, drilling the brace to make it fit properly and moving the brake lines to allow it to fit. Job for another day so I’m ignoring it for the time being.
  4. Got round to fitting the MG spoiler I got from Craig on here. Quick lick of plastidip and looks the part I reckon
  5. Ended up re doing it using the dye neat and from a pressure spray bottle, got the carpets and headlining done too, massive pain but looks way better. Just the cream/beige interior plastics to sort now
  6. The insides are shot completely, but I just want to black them out and have bright bulbs in there so it never bothered me. Yeah they’ve got rubber surrounds but the casing is plastic, feels a bit brittle but they’ll split one way or another. I read that the twist off so needs a little persuasion if anything
  7. Fabric dye came the other day, just had a quick mess with it and think I nailed the dilution ratio for a black interior. The stuffs as black as tar so I maybe diluted it 10/1 with warm water and sprayed it on with a spray bottle. Says to dry it out with a hairdryer after but it can just sit in the garage overnight. I’ll dry the carpets and headliner though, don’t want the car getting musty, the stuff f**king stinks too so don’t really want the car smelling of it forever! Looks a little patchy on the photos but it’s taken quite well, can always do another coat after if I need to, darker too if need be ‘I am the fabric upholstery dye’
  8. Ah, think that’s the same as the one I was looking at to be fair, you wanting to sell it at all?
  9. This is the only photo I can find of them so you can see It’s a bit blurry but they’re the same, just without all the extra wiring. Someone actually paid $225 for them too haha! Madness! I paid £15 for mine, do need a good refurb but I enjoy doing that sort of thing, and getting a bargain too aha
  10. Im not too sure, they’re oversize ones made by Bosch, came with the bumper surrounds too. Will deffo have to be careful with them though, they don’t feel too sturdy
  11. Ah that’s brilliant, I’ll hit you up when I get round to it then. Would be much cleaner looking doing it the proper way. I’d be half tempted to just run a couple wires and have it on a makeshift switch somewhere haha. I’d rather the oem look though to be fair. Having trouble splitting the fogs though, I know they twist apart but they’re proving a little awkward so far, gonna leave them in wd40 and try a filter wrench/strap to see if I can break them loose
  12. Id thought the same but they’re few and far between, and people seem to do the whole “I know what I’ve got” thing, for a f**king carpet nonetheless… Plus I’ve got the roof lining to do too, previous experience puts me off taking it completely off and fitting a new one haha. Front near side brake caliper wants looking at too, sticking a bit. Bought a couple slider refresh sets, new backing plates and EBC green stuff front pads. Was a bit unsure which size rotor fit, as the different sizes are 232 and 260 I think. Fronts are 260 and after reading and looking at what euro car parts sells I went with 260 for the rear. Gonna be a busy couple days fitting everything I’ve bought recently Lca’s Lower tie brace Beaks bar Adjustable camber arms Adjustable front camber forks/plates Rear brakes Front pads New brake fluid Oil change Front fog light refresh and fit New shifter CV boots Fun couple days at least! New shifter is real nice too, not really seen them like this mostly the usual k-tuned replicas. This one is adjustable from inside the car, has more locking screws as the other reps vibrate the screws out, is miles thicker feels a lot more sturdy, doesn’t use that stupid plastic ball with the accordion style washer around it it’s all a sealed unit, and has an aluminium plate that the shifter arm/bar mounts too making it a lot more sturdy. From memory though the bottom plate might not fit….can always ‘make it fit’ though if need be. After all that’s done I wouldn’t mind a thicker rear anti roll bar before I get the alignment dialled. Also wouldn’t mind a new back pipe making up with the backbox I have welded to it, spoon N1 type. And maybe fit the decat I have for it, but the exhaust shop can do that. Don’t want it louder than 100db, had a lot of fun at Cadwell and want to keep going back, most days are set to 100db maximum so don’t want to surpass that. MOT’s don’t matter too much, have a friendly one, so running the decat and not worrying about changing it out every year for a day is also a bonus And that would be about it until I can find a half decent b18 swap! Oh, and I need to wire the armrest controls for the passenger front window too, the connectors are both different sizes but I’m not the worst with wiring so that shouldn’t be an issue. Also want the front fogs on a separate button on the dash somewhere, might find an mb6 fog switch when I can too. Annnnnd get a different spoiler for the boot, do like the OG one but want something just a little bigger. Seen the MG extreme ones but really not keen on them, Maxton Designs do a nice one but the waiting time puts me off, maybe order one next month. And that IS about it. For now anyway
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