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  1. It’s an NSX replica wheel, quite sturdy for something from china to be fair. And the interior was advertised on Facebook marketplace, paid next to nothing for everything but I think I got really lucky with it, the armrest and centre console are in mint condition and I’ve seen them go for £150 upwards so I must have done well. Best bet is to check Facebook or eBay, people are always breaking them so you might see something soon if that’s what you’re after
  2. Recently been able to find some vti-s front and rear lips for the car which I’m repairing and painting. Wondered if anyone knew about the side skirts? Given up trying to find actual vti-s ones and probably gonna settle for the mg zs one’s instead. Anyone know if there are a year specific fit or not? Is it the zs 180 I should be looking at for them? Also had a nice little track day at cadwell a few weeks back, slowest car there by far but managed a few overtakes and held off a few through corners, managed a staggering 85mph on the straight! well and truly cooked the brakes, tyres held up well though just waiting to buy a few photos from the day. Went with a mate who took his ep3, gotta say, even though that was loads faster the mb handled better. Decided to do everything possible handling wise to it during the next year or so and save up for a b18 swap or something along the lines. Appreciate any help with the side skirt query though!
  3. Cheers man, brace was a bit of a pig to fit had to ‘move’ the aircon pipes a little bit, it’s on though. Gonna have it back off at some point to clean it up and polish it. I would say it was just the handbrake and not my fault at all but it happened with my old car twice and the neighbours car took a ramming on each occasion. I blame the hill, and the handbrake, definitely not me!
  4. Put fresh set of tyres on last night and re balanced the wheels, makes a world of difference even when they’re slightly out. Fitment is great though, with just me driving under flat out cornering you get the slightest rub, enough to let you know to back off a little anyway! Found the correct front and rear camber arms and lca’s too so will get them sooner or later. Just blow in exhaust to sort before mot now, bought a new full back pipe and have the old spoon n1 backbox so will get something welded up in next couple weeks probably
  5. Got a couple more bits done recently, got an engine brace on, front brakes and a new caliper as the old one was hung to f**k, hubcentric wheel spacers, different front lights that were split and painted. Plastidipped spoiler and front grill. Waiting on front and rear lip to come now, both in bad condition but I’d rather pay 30-50 quid for knackered ones and sit and fix them in the garage than pay like 200 each for good condition ones! Also put 25mm H&R springs on to sit it down and stiffen it up a little, pig of a job but they’re on aha, and bought a refurbed set of fanblades for it too, no photos of wheels on yet, cars filthy had s**t weather here past week so waiting for a clear day to clean him up a bit first. Suspension on mb’s is weird, few random sized nuts, eg setup front and rear. Was nice to see for myself at least I know what’ll fit and what won’t now. Gonna need new bushes as putting the springs on has put a lot more strain on the old (never changed) ones, least the job will be easier this time round! (Didn’t pull the handbrake up far enough and the car rolled down the road and came to a nice little stop against a tree a few weeks ago, thought I’d got away with zero damage, thought wrong) Can’t beat a bit of AliExpress for random bulls**t things! Front bumper doesn’t sit quite right now, easy bodge when I can be bothered, should be able to snatch that bar straight with some chain and the work van. Coulda done without the hassle mind, cheers nature
  6. Filter down at the bumper looks pretty cool! I took the insulation out from the inside of the bonnet, can hear it twice as loud haha. Plus the knock off hks filter is actually a decent one to be fair, could do with making a mounting bracket for the intake though. How’s yours all held up bud?
  7. Ah, thanks man, probably just get some springs so I’ll maybe just chop the bush a little. Is it as simple as shaving each side down I take it? It’s not quick enough to warrant a proper set up I don’t think haha, just something to stiffen it up a little bit. Haven’t got much time to swap engines out really, we have a H22a sat around but the effort is a bit too much with work at the moment, seen some pretty cool swaps done for cheap enough but I think I’d rather just buy a faster Honda when it comes time for it! Just wanted this one a little more driveable for the time being. Have a decat and backbox to get welded on at some point, don’t want it loud at all. Was thinking about the intake mani swap, or bodging an AliExpress skunk 2 rep on if anything, that’d be all I’d have time for to be fair, looks do-able but not seen anyone do it before. When it’s time to get rid I’d be confident in getting a decent amount more for it, especially with the prices of some of the ones you see at the moment, few scratches and tiny surface rust patches I can work on before that, and refurb and paint the wheels as I quite like the OG alloys it has. Hopefully have a few more little updates to post sometime soon.
  8. Thanks all! Anyone clued up as to what would be best bet for springs and lca’s? A lot of conflicting info out there
  9. Whales don’t fit too badly, just one hole in them to blank off, all sensors reach too Will want a bit of silicone hose as an adapter for the intake side though, eBay is best bet for it all
  10. Thanks, I used some leather conditioner and they turned out lovely, will probably have to do them a few more times before it’ll settle in properly though
  11. Quite throaty for just an intake and an exhaust manifold, definitely don’t want a loud exhaust too haha
  12. Next bits will probably be springs or Ali coil overs, eg lca’s, dc2 traction bar, strut braces, tyres, brakes, Ali skunk 2 intake mani swap and whatever else I can find really. Got a spoon N1 backbox from my old ep that would need welding in and a decat too, might take it to an exhaust shop at some point and see about having a back pipe made up with those bits added, nothing too loud though, 90bhp is nothing to shout about after all! In the meantime I need to get rid of the Octavia as I don’t fancy messing with it anymore, turbo started to get play in it and I snapped a couple studs off of it so wants a new one ideally, slipped of a jack onto an axle stand so one sill took a beating, rear calliper keeps locking on. Someone will want it for £600 or so, don’t mind it staying on the driveway until then!
  13. Next was a leather deck interior swap with armrest and door cards (I spent about half an hour writing this part out then deleted it by accident in one second so this will just be photos) This bracket on the rear deck needed a bit of dremel action Also, the rear seat restraining tabs are too big to hold the seats, guy sent me the aero deck ones the next day for free, top guy! Rear door cards were electric and I needed winders so put some holes in them, now they have winders! Might have broke the handle a bit too but threaded a tiny bolt on the end of the rod and now it works fine Got the full interior for £80 and I’d say it’s a huge upgrade from the beige cloth interior, the switches on the centre console don’t work as the connectors were too big for the plugs but I can bodge them at some point I’m sure
  14. Got round to fitting the Ali Ktuned shifter and poly bushes for it next. Laying on your back with the car an inch from your nose made this job a little tricky but nothing too bad to be honest. Did have to drill out a bolt as I snapped it manhandling it, and the little black cup thing the shifter sits in wasn’t quite large enough to accommodate the new parts so I put a holesaw attachment on a drill and f**ked it up a bit until it fitted quite nicely. If anyone does this you’d need a new white ‘ball thing’ and rubber boot, I don’t know what it’s actually called and I’m many rums deep now so ‘ball thing’ will do! Only issue with it is that if the shifter is on its lowest setting for the shortest shift throw, the bottom of the shifter slightly touches the back pipe of the exhaust, only on startup until it gets warm, which doesn’t make sense to me really but it’s only for a couple minutes then it’s fine. Makes a world of difference though, and again, for 20 quid you really might aswell! I also managed to get a set of genuine oversize front fogs for £15 quid which I was stupidly happy with, they’ll need splitting and refurbing too but £15! Haven’t got round to doing anything with them as of yet but did tuck a little Spoon trinket away behind one of the fog covers until then
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