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  1. On the night shift downtime and was having a read through this thread, thought the car looked awful familiar. Saw it at cadwell a while back, with presumably its new owner. Looked and sounded amazing, went like f**k too! ahaha
  2. Fitted a Bride Low Max last week, certainly lives upto its name! Feels like driving a go kart now! Was originally going to use the MB rails and modify them to fit, but the effort really wasn’t worth it for me. A lot of cutting, butchering and welding was needed so instead I bought M2 EK rails which almost lined up. The front two tabs line up fine, but the rear right tab is too far back so would need grinding off and welding just a little further forward, and the rear left tab grinding off and welding a little further forward also. However, I didn’t do this as I didn’t have access to a welder. So for the right side I used a long bolt that can reach through to gap and secure it tightly. Had to file a small amount of metal on the top side of the bolt hole on the rails to allow the the angle of the bolt. And the left side I drilled the rail tab out a little further infront of the original hole on the tab. Everything fits snugly and is all tight and secure with no movement, ordered a harness too so will attach that when it comes. Just have the other side to do now…..ahaha. But in hindsight I think I’ll be grinding the tabs off and welding them instead of messing about so much!
  3. Thanks man appreciate that! The fabric I used has self adhesive on the back of it that’s very strong so literally just stretched it and stuck it down, can’t see it coming off anytime soon either. If you typed in something like alcantara wrap on AliExpress I’m sure you’ll find it, though I’m sure it was listed as velvet ahaha And I’m not sure if I’ve got a photo from the front, though I have just fitted a low max and got a couple photos so I’ll see if any of them are good
  4. Yeah it’s a JackSpania copy, I mean all his stuff is from AliExpress anyway and I’m pretty certain he just marks it up massively! But yeah just a billet shifter. Hands down way better than all the others I’ve tried. Just not exactly made to directly fit but it’s not too hard to get everything lined up and bolted in!
  5. Looks sweet that man! Some of the vibration you mentioned could be from the stiffer or solid bushes you’ve fitted, quite a lot of gearbox vibration gets transmitted through those. Either that or whilst in gear the shifter actually sits on top of the the exhaust, I know when I had mine adjusted to as low as it went, so the shortest possible throw, it’s would knock into the exhaust. Have a completely different setup now but the Hybrid Racing one does looks good man! Well done
  6. All plastic trim wrapped and harness bar installed and nice and tight! All in all a decent day of messing about!
  7. Got rid of the old quick release and fitted a much sturdier hub with a spacer
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