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    2 pics from trip out yesterday don't look to bad
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    It's a massive place! They had more gems out the back where tubs was hiding, including a mint condition 80s GMC van.
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    Wicked mate gonna have the best deck around after this.
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    Leave it to the pros. If I did it myself it would never get done
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    Are you going to strip her all up before sealing her? If so, What stuff you going to use?
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    Lol haha, welcome to our world Jake! Just wait till you hit 50 like me!! It's an eye opener when you try and do jobs that you could do easily before only to find, crap, my hands don't work the same. Then there the "how the hell do I get back out from under the car!!! lmao Good to see that members still find this an easier place to navigate round and chill out in
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    Yeah, was nice to see some of our newer members cars too as well as some of the cars from our long term members. Hopefully things will pick up again so we can re-open the competition.Think once we eventually come out of lockdown, it would be great to get some meets on the go again. There's a whole load of Civic M's I want to see in the metal!! And you're right, FB is crap! Did have a look at our page to see if we could make it a viable place to run Civic5 on but there's just no way to structure it. Least here it's easy to find/search what you need.
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    Yeah, I think that it was good to bring it back when it did, as it did help generate a bit of interest bringing some folk back from face ache, and there had been some new cars. I guess that like everything, lockdown has slowed things down with people's cars as well. Oh, and Facebook is w**k.
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    Shame. Forums quietish nowadays. I prefer this format than using Facebook for example. I'm getting old.
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    Cheers man. No, not for getting it finished. Think it'll be a bit of a slow burner, but they're going to get cracking this week at the first stage of getting the underside all sorted. I've got skunk lcas, an h brace, beaks bar, and adjustable camber arms for the rear that I never got around to getting on tubs as well, so I'm hoping that the handling is going to be sweet. Thinking about getting the koni shocks refurbed while they're off as well. Had new eibach springs for the mot that never was a few months ago.
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    Sweet. Next time ill try a set aswell. Really looking forward to seeing your car come back to life now. Gonna be amazing. Any idea on timeframe yet?
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    It noticeably lowered the front, and made the front end feel much sharper. Felt less able to point it into a corner when they came off.
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    Shed load of poly bushes ordered from power flex tonight, and some extended ball joints from tegiwa. It was a real disappointment when I went back to normal ones after the mfactory ones died, so looking forward to getting them again.
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    Meguires do a paste for headlights mate, available online or from most car accessory places. Think other ones are available too such as Turtlewax CLICK HERE
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    Just been down for an initial chat. They're going to start stripping the underside, clean up any bits that need it, and coat it with raptor underseal, and squack in waxoil into the crevices. Going to get all the suspension arms etc powder coated as well. Getting started this week. Took some pics of cars they've got in at various stages.
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    Engine plans sound like a good idea bud. She is well blocked in isn't she.
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    That has to be the mintest shell I've seen mate, really does look like new. Are you doing the rebuild yourself or letting the new garage do the work?
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    I'm going to go down to see the car restoration place this week and come up with a plan, but yes, the plan is to protect as much as possible.
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    They're like new Dave. It's in such good condition.
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    #look how clean the sills are!! That looks in amazing condition!
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    No way! Grants old deck? I didn't even know he still had it! That was one well looked after and sorted deck mate, perfect place for tubs to live on in! New chapter for both grans aerodeck and Tubs! Let the fun begin! If you see Grant again tell him I was asking for him, no seen him in the forum for a long time
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    So took yellow headlight tint off and tinted them in a light black. Fitted new air filter and a exo racing engine damper kit. Fitted some black seat covers so didn't have tan front seats and grey back seats. And fitted a 10 inch 14 year old vibe sub that I forgot how loud they was. Also did a oil change on it and fitted new drain plug
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    Accidentally made a purchase. Another engine build is gonna happen at some point in the relatively near future. Sleeve or cylinder support with forged internals again. Run a little more power maybe but More Interested in peace of mind and hopefully a slightly quieter running engine. Had to change a rear caliper as ya do. Bloody rover calipers!!! Shame can't get the beast out blocked in for the foreseeable unfortunately have to just peer at it though the door for now roll on Blyton park!!!
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    Bit of an update, had a road trip this weekend and am now the owner of a mint (really mint) rolling shell to help save poor old tubs. Quick quiz for @Dave to see if he spots the number plate...