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    Was just reading this on top gear. Think that this sort of product is going to be more common. https://www.topgear.com/car-news/electric/what-would-you-do-107bhp-crate-electric-motor I bet ecu modification suddenly becomes more complicated though... Especially if you want a motor for each rear wheel
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    True but a step in the right direction. I recon one day our "future classics" or whatever may have to get involved with electric revolution. I fear we are going to get heavily penalised on tax and fuel eventually
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    Much as I hate EV's I'm all for hybrids and think hybrids ARE the way forward. Would even consider this for DD, but at that price and needing one for each rear wheel, the price would by far outweigh it being economically viable.Plus you need sva to re-class the vehicle, lots of hoops and red tape to jump through I think.
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    I've been looking for this sort of thing glad its finally surfacing
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    More improvements! A little more cornering stability for me. The original seats just want to throw me out. Test with the passenger seat. Super comfortable and very easy to install ... I'll put the driver's seat in later. Because my tuner is slightly large for this seat size without damaging it.
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    What a nightmare. Get it home mate for now I'd say then find someone to repair it. Dave makes a good point see loads of these stories people can't get there car back.
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    It's a blessing that it failed the mot. To be honest. I'm going to sleep on it, and to be honest if there was a good shell to be had I might be tempted to go for that, but the worry is that they'll all be starting to go.
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    words toitally escape me mate, absolutely gutted to see Tubs looking like that. ou need to sue the arse out of that company, trading standards the lot need to be on this mate! I have seen lots of bodged work over the years but that is by far one of the worst. Considering what they charged you for a "restoration" they need shut down. I'd happily go down there and smack the welder and the owner of the place in the mouth as I'm disgusted what they done to your car. Please feel free to name and shame them on our FB page too mate, social media has a funny way of dishing our karma, and they are due a bucket load (make that a rusty bucket load) of karma for that. I know how much you love that car, and what she means to you. Jake makes a good point though about transplanting all the good stuff from her onto a good shell. Might be worth thinking about, although knowing how much you've put into her and your love for her know you'll probably stick to your guns and save Tubs. As also said, have seen loads of cars on Car suasage that were way worse than Tubs being saved, although it all depends on cost I suppose. Cars they were saving were worth a lot of money restored, whereas our civics are still only worth £2 to 2.5K tops when mint, maybe 3k at a push. But if you've no intention of selling her anytime soon, then would still be worth saving. Think there's a lot of hours work in there though, undoing all the shite that that crap garage DERWENTHAUGH MOTORS
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    Im only gonna say this because I've been watching rust valley on Netflix. When shells far gone.. they convince owner to resell and use all there bits to keep the spirit. I recon you could find a pretty tidy rolling shell for 400 quid. People just want the heart out of them. And swap all your bits over?????
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    That's bad mate, garage should be sued. BUT, i watch Car SOS with that arsehole, smarmy git Tim Shaw. They rebuild s**t heaps that have been sitting dor 30 years etc and are held together by pubic hair. Anything can be done mate, just homework and a good understanding garage can resurrect her. At the end of the day it's only metal, and metal can be cut and welded. You love the car and once all done, will last another 20 years! Easy for me to say, im not in your position, but IF your that far involved with the car, keep going!
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    Day got me knuckles back all ready roll. New ball joints and bearings. Extended studs in. Happened to notice when unde rthe car had a little leak appeared round the crank pulley. Irritated me so started having a look, ended up being a right ballache. cambelt off, cams need to come out to change the seals. Lesson learned they are literally the only aftermarket seals I used on the whole car and there leaking. Get some OEM ones in there.
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    Holy f**k. How is it that bad? The eg subframe is similar for sure, same width I recon as for the shape how it sits to the floor i dont know.
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    Evening All, Just bought (Not collected yet) my first MB6. I have owned various Hondas over the years 3 EK's, 1 CRX Del Sol and an FN2. Im looking forward to something different. No proper pictures yet. I am a detailer based down in Somerset, so its going to be a long term project and I may improve it a little but most importantly is it looks clean. Any suggestions for some initial improvements? Handling etc? Can you get suspension kits as opposed to having to go coilovers? Any suggested tuning places to have it mapped in time? I used CPL racing many many years ago. Cheers all, pictures to follow!
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    Thats awesome news mate!! Tubs willbe making her return to the road soon by the sounds of it!! She can join DD (took her in for MOT even though we have the 6 mnth extension, as I wanted her done at my local garage before we move on friday). Needed handbrake adjusted (which I knew about but tools are all packed away again so got them to do it) advisory on the trailing arm bushes again (says theyre still good for at least another year, and again, I already knew about them) and a very small oil leak from sump. And thats it! shes passed and driving amazingly well. Not bad for an old 20yr old!
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    Not done a lot with car as not had any time. But I have booked a track day at donnington park in 1 months time. So Its now a race against time to rebush the bank end. Fit coilovers and get aligned. Changed a few bits and bobs today. Some fittings etc. Got some fresh oil and a filter in there. Also picked up a scruffy bumper and cut it for max airflow. Thaught just bang this one on for track days, be better in case have a little nudge or something aswell
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    Sweet well done mate that's great news!!!!!!!
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    Actually quite excited now. These guys sound like they know their stuff, and are keen to get it turned around... Might get it back on the road soon
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    Back of the net. Found somewhere that can get it done now... Look like a good fit. https://www.classicandretroautos.co.uk/home.html Don't know how I haven't seen them before, they're only about 10 miles away. They can get it picked up fairly soon Hope that this works out okay.
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    Yeah, needs it for the mot. If I can't get something sorted I'm wanting her back here like you say. Then at least anything that happens is on my watch.
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    I take it she needs the welding done before she'll get the mot? Total pia mate but least if shes home she's safe. In these uncertain times a lot of businesses could go under, and if your car is on the premises when it happens, can mean it getting damaged/being difficult to get it back. Not saying the garage is going to go bust, but know i'd prefer her sitting on my drive safe and sound until things get back to some kind of normality
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    I took the car on the 23rd. But there was a problem, it worked on 3 cylinders. We decided it was from spark plugs, cables, cap, rotor. Everything was OK! After that, we checked the injectors and BOOM ,replaced with those from K-series engine ,everything worked properly now. It pulls quite hard, even though I drive it lightly 4000/rpm max.
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    Shocking... The pics say it all Bloody dangerous to say that's been fixed
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    Had a call from the new garage who've basically condemned what was done before, and said it needs thousands spending and that they don't think it's worth it. Going down to take a look.