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    Mikefoto MB2 http://civic5.com/forum/index.php/topic/895-mb2-d14a8-by-mikefoto-from-poland/page-3#entry209357
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    Couple from japfest I found love the second one that mod godz took
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    Thanks to the both of you. Tomorrow i will have a brake on work and i´m going to mount my new tail lights. I will upload the photos in here and some other pics of my MB For now i will have to wait, and see the ones that are in here And this one that i took yesterday: P.S: in the back you can see a little of my parents machine a Toyota Starlet From the late 80's.
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    but don't worry chaps i'm not leaving civic5,,, no way in hell, civic5 is my family now and will always be part of my life
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    Just a quick thanks to all the votes i have received, sorry i haven't been on much on the last 6 months posting wise, just been moderatoring and keeping a eye on you lot lol
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    Somebody Stop This Man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I keep telling my mrs this M is going to be the best and most modified M in the world LOL, i think it may just be or if not end up being just that...
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    Hello lads!! Been away on hols for a week or so!! Now i'm back i cant wait to get in the old girl and give her a seeing to!!!
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    Projector headlights and USDM mods fitted today! Massive thanks to @Chandler for the USDM kit, @dinochips for the projectors and @philgor for the advice on the HID kit! First off a quick action shot! Now for the photos of the job! Don't worry, the bumper is sat on a bit of carpet! Sidelight. Dipped headlight. All fitted, battery went flat though whilst testing, gave me a bloody heart attack when I saw the lights flicker and go out though! All reassembled! Some whoring shots! Look what else has come today!! Right lengths too by the looks of it!
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    Fook it seems I worked hard on my cleaning yesterday http://civic5.com/forum/index.php?/topic/8016-simpos-vti/page-6
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    Not deck shocker... Krzys's stunning rescue of a vti-s http://civic5.com/forum/index.php?/topic/7786-krzys-vti-s-full-leather-seats-and-black-fabric-door-cards/page-21#entry199839
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    Ok so update!! The infamous Mr Chandler came over today. And all I can say is wow!!! I started and hour or so before he arrived and him and I spent 7 hours on her today. Wash, Clay (several times it was that bad, bilt hamber) machine polish with multiple going overs, more claying and finally a wax. I'll let the pics talk ..... All set up, although it had to come down as nearly blew away ... Not many WIP pics as we were both busy most of the time .. But the man hard at work. Some reflection shots. And some of then together ... These were before polishing. Bit I like the shots. Photos do not do it justice. It's amazing. The finish is absolutely incredible to what it was. It has brought out the purple flakes so much. In the sunlight it absolutely comes to life. I can't express the gratitude for Alex coming over and doing the machining. Also helping to clay as I was behind on time! And the wax! Oh dear god, the waxes are amazing. We used a combination, I'll let Alex let you know what they were but they all smelt brilliant and the finish is fucking stunning. And it helps that he's a top bloke and we had a great day! Slightly jealous of your cleaning gear though, there is massive £££££ invested there and it shows. Top man, cheers mate.
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    some photo's from the scotland meet,
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    Grant's decked deck. http://civic5.com/forum/index.php?/topic/7912-grants-pb-decked-deck/
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    Look what I recieved from Sir 8-4 Weekday Spammer Esq. this morning!! Was in stitches when my boss came down with it saying, i didnt know you had a knighthood!! Lool
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    Or just wait for a meet where there are other m enthusiasts about who gladly stand in the ditch to watch and film cars going past!
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    Dc2 front with OEM bumper might be the way to go if i was doing this!!! As said so many varied opinions on this... Shows the capabilities of this forum... So many different views aired in one thread but all accepting each others views!! Great stuff C5!!!
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    Cheers lads and.. Erm i remember the deal was sexual favours from my nan as payment.
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    Yea those ones look sweet and cheaper too although I clicked the buy it now on the others. Woops, but anyways, Should get them this week and il do a write up about them. Let you know the difference.
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    Yes mate a barge! Bored of it ...sellng it
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    Thanks for the comments chaps. I Finally got a complete vti-s kit, sprayed it and got it fitted. Also put some fly eyes on the headlights. Comments welcome