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    Well folks, i'm still here. So is Vanessa. As of this morning, she's back on the road and fighting fit with both sills now completely, and very professionally repaired to a high quality standard (the offside got attention too, so that it didn't go the same way as the nearside had already gone). Flew through her MOT as soon as the welding was done. Spent some time on her on and off over the last number of weeks (mostly weekends when weather permitted) doing lots of finishing of work around the sills including painting up, waxoyling and undersealing. Very pleased with the results. She'll be good again for another term now. I'm back in her giving her a well deserved driving around to work and back now, since she's sat around since May - not that you can tell, because she still starts perfectly and runs beautifully despite sitting around for a long period of time. The ebay saga was a sad and pathetic one. The car didn't sell in the end. I had nothing but rude and deceitful people wasting my time, trying to run down the clock so i would be stuck in a position where I had to sell the car for cheap without a valid MOT. They just wanted to buy the car cheap, and rip it apart for the engine etc. That was never gonna happen on my clock. I wouldn't allow it. So they wasted my time, but mostly their own. Ebay saw what was going on too, so in the end they didn't even charge me for the advert i had up for a while. I'll never attempt sell anything on ebay again - especially a car. So truthful to my word, I got the car repaired and got a new MOT on her (no problems at all, no advisories). It cost me a bit, but the car is worth it in my opinion, and I could afford to have it done, as I said before. It's only money. They print more of it every day. Truth be known, the garage I got the work done on the car at even had two lots of people wanting my details so they could offer me money for the car. My guy asked them for what purpose and how much, but when it came to the point that it was obvious they wanted it cheap, and probably to take apart, like everyone else seems to want to; he told them to jog on, as this car was "too good for that", and considering I was paying out more than they were willing to pay for it, just to get it repaired, there's no way i'd sell it to them. He basically said "this isn't the car for you". Very pleased about that when i heard. If anyone's interested in seeing pictures of the work carried out, i'd be more than happy to upload what i've taken. Like everything else on this car, i've documented the work carried out. However, again, true to my word, i'm just completing this thread, not continuing it. So with that in mind, please note that Vanessa is not for sale any more. I committed my time, effort and money into her again, so it doesn't make sense for me to sell her now.......at least for the time-being. So for now, i'm still part of the club!
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    Hello i am new member, my name is Diego, i love cars, specially the ones from 80-90's, and i am from Italy. I am a happy owner of a MB6. The engine has just been refurbished with new pistons and a lot of other new spare parts......too much long to write all.... The next works will be new brake calipers and a shine bodywork. My second car is a 1988 Renault super5 GT TURBO
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    I watched a DC2 vid on youtube and thought i check up the reg plate on dvla MOT/TAX checker to see if its still on the road......to find this amusing advisory lol. Couldnt believe it at first and wondered if that was even allowed to come up there made me chuckle a bit too haha...
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    Wash day yesterday. Been Daily driving the car and was absolutely filthy. Using macguiers tech wax 2.0 love it. Real easy to use and seems to stay put. Nice glossy finish aswell.
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    I got it all fixed,but its back at the workshop now getting the holes in the floor welded because the NCT tester finally noticed them! In the mean time I have bought myself a weekend car so i have been driving that all week.
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    Brakes back fully refurbed With the pleasure of these little fellas for the handbrake bearings
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    And our first winner in 2020 is dmrichards stunning aerodeck! Well done mate, cracking civic you have!
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    Also from Rimmerbros... Let's hope it fits the honda fuel feed line. At least the rover association is ending up being a benefit instead of just an insult...
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    Here's my 1988 Super 5 GT TURBO. Mk 2 Pearl white, with Mitsubishi TD04L turbo and carburettor Group A. Such a funny car
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    Love the idea of a Knight Industries Two Thousand style boost button! Car will be amazing mate, for many years to come after all the effort put into it! You should go on Living Life Fast YouTube or Monky London channel and get it shown off!!
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    I fall in Love of this car 10 years ago, 10 years she bring me happiness to see her évolution 10 years of a lot of search to find some rare parts A lot of people says me " Change your car, buy another ", they can't imagine that this car is my one
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    Another day another panel
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    Hi I'm Mark, New to the page. Got this for a steal at £200. slowly doing bits to her and giving her some much needed TLC Will be adding a turbo kit to her in the next few weeks. If anyone is aware of any Pirates black bumpers going please let me know. Cheers
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    Here's mine for the next few months. Good excuse not to have guests come and stay.
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    Going back to colour coded mirrors after having to replace my o/s glass...
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    Ok, so as posted in the wrong thread... ... I’ll post them up here as well. first wash since back on the road, good few months of grime to deal with. Ignoring the bodywork it comes up alright...
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    Not much has changed with the old bus other than the splitter has been removed and I've got some accord type r seats for the front. I'm to fat for the dc2 seats really. My mot ran out last week and I need to use the car at the minute. Passed with flying colours. I've done less than 3000miles in it since the last mot!
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    Had a change of setup on this now and is now as far as i can tell the most powerful MB in the world? Made 687bhp give or take. Happy with that now
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    The big day has come so she's been packed up and sent of to the work shop. It not far from my house so I can go there whenever I get time and help prepare the car. Spent the day there today, stripped out all the dash and moving things in the engine bay to make room. Next time I'm there I'll be carrying on removing all the wiring looms, once there out I can strip out all the redundant wires. Got a little list of parts building up I need to get while the cars there which can be fitted and other bits fabricated. The work shop is on an ex RAF base so took it for a rag down the runway before work started. Very fun with no body work and no weight on the car.
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    Me mates hooked me up. Can get similar on eBay but fonts a bit naff. And wanted bit bigger than normal. Think every honda needs a over the top VTEC graphic!!
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    Yep, and be without the old girl for longer Will make things more tricky then I am... I keep questioning whether it's worth it, but to be honest I can't be bothered with starting the journey on another car, as tubs was pretty much set up how I like it, and there's been too many folk on here over the years who've moved on from an M and regretted it afterwards. I've already got the parts I need to sort her out, just need to get the work done. It's turning into more of a restoration now though than a repair.
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    Getting there. Injectors fitted tonight along with 3 bar map sensor and ECU. Have an appropriate base map on, Car runs. But some idle issues. Due to calibration of some variable/sensor at a guess.
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    Booked in today For a custom 3" exhaust, boostpipes and tuning aswell. Next month should be a touch nippier than it is now. Exciting!