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    shouldn't be a latch, probably just stiff just try working it and should come loose after a while
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    this was in last months and should be deserved to be in here!
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    What he said, in the photo you posted the answers are no and no. Also I wouldn't recommend harnesses without a roll cage for safety reasons.
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    Nice one lads, I'll kick the voting off on Monday.
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    Decided to post 2 pics. One to show how the car was when I got it and the other in which how it looks now
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    Hello It is with much regret that i must sell my lovely old Civic. She failed the mot a couple of months ago,nothing major. i just don't have the time or money at the moment to put it right and tax and insure it. She failed on central break light (may need replacing) Break light bulb headlight beam incorrect offside (bulb maybe wrong way round) constant velocity joint gaiter front nearside. i was quoted £113 to put this right There was a few advisories offside front tyre (worn and cracked) brake pads thin nearside front and offside rear all four shock absorbers have light misting of oil offside front and both rear tyre valves perished centre exhaust corroded. It does have a new battery and front nearside tyre. i am looking for £100 pounds just to re-coup some of the money from the battery and tyre. I am based in Southend on sea Essex I hope someone will see this and be interested as i would really be upset to see her scrapped These are the only two pictures that will load for some reason. Although i haven't been active on here,i would like to thank everyone that made me welcome. kind regards John
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    Reversing out of the garage and the antenna repeatedly catching on the door above. (almost snapped the antenna off, on more than one occasion)
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    Thanks! I'll give it a spray with some PENETRATING oil, and give it a bit of a working over then. See if that releases it.
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    i've got a harness bar in mine with genuine Takata Harnesses wrapped around. if you want to mount them to the chassis, use eyebolts and plates for the lower ones and use the original seatbelt mounts located on the rear bench
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    Hi all got my dec up for sale its 99treg 1.6esi auto, cream leather 17"rims with good tread, m.o.t till jan 2018,,, massive history along with huge pile of receipts, every old mot no advisors on last 3,, 97.5k,,,,,, ive owned her since 2008 runs spot on, only reason its for spares or repairs is the abs light and brake ligyts not iluminating suspect uts brake pedal switch,, with little tlc would be a cracking car,,, recent new front discs n pads, rear caliper front tyres, new ignition switch and back box,,, £400 ovno collection only radcliffe manchester any enquiries tel or text 07826843471 thabks garry Would be nice for her to go in to good hands
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    Hi Garry. moved your ad here to the correct section. As per classifieds ads rules, you need to ad photos otherwise the ad will be removed. Pictures always sell a car mate
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    Hi all been out in the deck today n luckily my dad was behind me and all my brake lights are out even the high level one,, any ideas as to what could be the issue please Thanks in advance garry (ramy)
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    No probs mate, least it's going to be an easy fix. 10 years eh? That's almost as long as we've had our deck.......bet you end up with another one somewhere down the line, there's just something about them!
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    Haha thanks bought new car today so deck no longer being driven just want to get her right then i can sell her,, gonna miss the old girl lol had her 10years Thankyou
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    Putting this in as it's looking a damn sight better now
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    Thanks for everyone's input. I've found a replacement sunroof now. I'm hoping i should have it in my hand tomorrow evening and be in a position to fit it on Saturday. I'm looking forward to getting the car back on the road again. If anything goes awry with this deal however, then i'll be back on here seeking again! lol!
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    This is true. But on this occasion... Or is that a bluff?
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    If it comes down to it I'll throw mine in again
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    Surely there will b a deck out there that hasn't won this year that can get entered
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    Yip, found out the hard way! Decks sunroof is different to hatch Who would have thought it P.s hope they got the b*****ds that threw object
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    Crikey! Just make sure that you don't get an aerodeck one... @burbleboy found that they drive fit in the hatch.
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    Oh my! I suspect your best bet would be a breakers or scrap yard! @10000rpm maybe able to help!
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    Hopefully you mean can you fit them one at a time until they are all done before driving! Yes, yes you can!
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    It sounds like youve looked in all the right areas for the culprit mate. Without actually hearing it its hard to say for sure what the fault is but if you can get the parts such as track rod ends and stuff cheap enough id stsrt with those. Always best to start with the cheapest probable cause then work your eay through. Worst case scenario is the rack itself, although would expect the noise to be there when stationary too. Does it appear to be more to one side of the car? Also look for any signs of rubbing on the various parts.
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    Can't really shed any light on this other than mine has been doing this for a while now, and hasn't got any worse over probably nearly two years. Mine only really does it turning right and around 5mph.
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    I was driving along the M6 on Friday night (Oct 27th 2017). At junction 2, someone threw something at me from an overpass as I drove under (at speed!). The object hit my sunroof and shattered it into a million pieces. I'm now in search of a replacement glass for it. Can anyone help me? I'd prefer to refit a Honda one instead of a Rover/MG one if possible. I'm not going through insurance, as they'll just write off the car!
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    Hey guys, Recently bought a japspeed 4-2-1 manifold for my mb3 (https://www.japspeed.co.uk/honda-civic-4-2-1-d-series-tubular-manifold.html) which said was a direct bolt on fitment to original standard/aftermarket cat/decat. Now I know on my civic the cat was in the manifold but I assumed the bore of the cat would be the same as the rest of the exhaust system (standard). It isn't. Bore of japspeed is 2" and I believe standard is 1.5"/1.75" as it's not a proper fit. I can fit it so it's not blowing but the rattling is hella annoying. Is there a 2" bore centre pipe and backbox (would assume the backbox would need to be the same size as centre pipe) that I can buy relatively cheap? I've tried looking but can only find stuff like m2 motorsport. Is an mb6 standard pipe 2" bore? Just asking because there's a couple of cheap ones on ebay. I would at some point change the rest of the exhaust system but want to fix/do other more important things first! (timing belt, handbrakes cables, etc)