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    How do folks. Tony hear from Abernethy just outside of Perth in Scotland. Just picked myself up a wee Airodeck so shall be browsing the site for information and so on.
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    oi you, youve knicked DD's bum! lmao
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    Hi mates, im a mechanic and proud owner of a Mb6 for around 14 year's, I'm from Portugal and I'm once again rebuilding my mb6, and in search for part's overseas I found this amazing forum that i never thought existed, i hope to help with my knowledge who love's this amazing car's and learn from you aswell, I'm on my phone and here i just have one old picture of my mb6, but when i can i will try to upload more, and aswell from all the reparings I've done in case someone needs help with something...i will keep exploring the forum, greetings to everyone, Alexandre.
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    Sure there's gotta b at least 5 ppl who haven't voted lol #comeback
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    @Boosted It's ok mate, we can forgive you this time lol Be good to get a wee topic/project thread started about your car so we can follow your progress
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    Nothing wrong with pinching a pert bum
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    Hi everyone, i bought a honda civic 1.5i LS a year ago, I am from Portugal, the European champions I hope i can get got tips here and make some good friends along the way...who knows i might find my partner for life in this forum hahaha...lets see where this goes! My 1997 MB3 is a pure stock with D15Z8 engine block, Orleans Blue Pearl color. I need some help with sideskirts, but i´ll open a topic about that. Have a wonderfull life near your beloved Honda
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    You can almost imagine it as an aerodeck in the first pic with that car in the background.....
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    Davedawns Aerodeck! https://civic5.com/forum/topic/53-dawns-civic-aerodeck-updated-28513/
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    Also= Honda Domini, Honda Civic M series, Rover 400, MGZS.
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    Hello all im jay new to this site i got me a 1.5 vtec aerodeck i have recently got a set of wolfrace 17 inch wheels that i think realy give the car a beter looking to do a few engine mods and would realy appreciate some advice if anybody has ideas for me next thing i want doing is biger brake disks as mine look funny in them 17s
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    Best thing to do on a budget is to get MGZS discs and calipers as they are 4x100.
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    For sale, 1998 civic vti, spares or repair, oil pump failed and has worn a crankshaft bearing shell/sleeve. as soon as I heard a very faint knocking noise (only at 3250rpm), I stopped using the car and had it looked at and was informed of the worn sleeve/shell. I have not started/driven the car since that but it was still running as good as ever, but obviously I didn't want to make it any worse by continuing to drive it. my intentions were to rebuild the engine with new gaskets/pumps/seals/belts etc etc but time/other commitments mean its just sitting around and I don't see me doing it anytime soon, plus my work requires me to use a 4x4 so the vti wouldn't be practical for me ,so would like it to go to someone who can sort it or at least use the spares to keep another mb alive. the car has mg zs180 shocks/springs fitted which improved the handling, also a mg zs steering wheel (I will look for the original one). bodywork is good for the age of the car, a couple of small rust marks but appear to be surface and a few scuffs and scratches which is expected from a car of this age. the rear bumper was at some point resprayed by previous owner and its not a brilliant job, some peeling. the car was also a cat d some years ago, due to a dented wing and cracked headlight (have photos to show damage) so obviously these have been replaced there is no stereo in the car, also the gear knob has been removed (was a skunk2 one id brought).... the rear exhaust silencer is removed but I should have the original or one that fits available to go with the car. there are 2 sets of wheels to go with the car, the black one sin the pictures and a set of silver 17in alloys with from what I remember are good tyres(will check later). I was looking for about £350 for the car and both sets of wheels, or £250 with just the silver ones, the car is currently stored just off the A14 approx. 20mins north of Cambridge. any questions, please call or text me on 07412103879. thanks for looking, Mike
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    wow! Thanks to everyone who voted for her! Well happy!
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    Thanks dave I didn't know there was a difference either will do I suppose lol
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    Thank you Dave! The high idling finishes after a while when the engine is hot, but it takes too much time to get stabilized, so as you said, I also think it could be the o2 sensor/EGR or the idle control valve. Thanks again for your hospitality! Now I will check every post in your forum related to this.
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    Yo guys! My name is Álvaro and I'm from Jaén, a little province located in the south of Spain. I use as third car a Honda Civic MB3 1.5 115hp with motor code D15Z8 from year 2000. I hope I will learn many things from all of you, because I'm suffering a high idling and an elevated fuel consumption, but leaving aside this, the car is really nice. Regards!
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    Alvaro! The MB3 is a great little civic mb to have, decent performance and (usually) amazing fuel consumption. You'll find all the info you need on our Civic M's in the forum, and if it's not there, just ask! Always someone able to help. The High idle and increased fuel consumption sounds like you may have an air leak at the intake, meaning it's drawing in too much air which weakens the mix and so the car is pushing more fuel in to try and balance the mixture. Check all the hoses and pipework around the intake manifold to see if any are maybe perished/leaking. Other possible cause is a faulty idle control valve, or possibly a faulty o2 sensor/EGR
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    Hi I'm looking for a very clean mb6. Preferably pirates black. Preferably low milage. In the Midlands. Cash waiting. Please pm or Text Jake.07794981710
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    Deck takeover again by looks of it. #twohorserace lol
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    I don't know if you've checked already, but some models pre-2000 had two diagnostic ports below the dashboard on the passenger side, just above the kick plate. They should be blue in a plastic cover, one is a 5 pin ABS port and the other is a 2 pin ECU port. This is if you're car is not equipped with an OBD port.
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    When i bought the car was in DEAD Mode :(. I changed everything then (fuel filter, Oil filter, air filter, engine oil, transmission oil, throtle cleaning, valve registration, timing belt kit (new) etc...) practically i brought it to life but this was my main issue. Today I did a service to the car (engine oil, oif filter, fuel filter, air filter, spurk plugs Denso but the situation is tha same, the acceleration is poor. We checked the earths in the engine bay and everything is OK. I will replace the dizzy cap, rotor arm and spurk plug leads, hope this will work.
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    It's ok mate. Somebody will sort it for u. 'Probably lol
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    my little MA9, please excuse the dirty rims
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    I'm a bit late but man! That's a beautiful MB3 you got there!
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    Also ZR = rover 200 ZS = rover 400
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    I think they were from a 2004 from memory.
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    Hi, has anyone got a good full set of leather seats for sale ? thanks people.
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    Thanks for all the replys and compliments on my "bolide" (car slang). I am not the type that makes long term plans, but i shure have some ideias to put in practice. I am looking at some estetic changes at first, maybe some front and rear lips , sideskirts and the back spoiler... but i have low budget so it will be something to do in the future. No hurries cause as is... i love my Honda. Peace
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    Hello and Really clean looking MB that, and love the colour (although I'm biased! lol) You'll find all the info you need in the forum mate, and anything you can't find just ask. We're a helpful bunch on here! Enjoy the site and club
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    I had MG ZS Skirts on my MB6 and they were a direct fit using the same fixings that were holding the original skirts on the car.
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    I know the mg zs skirts fit but I'm not sure about those. think they might be to short?
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    Might be on a diet but can still look at the menu @Dave
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    unfortunately I cant strip it for bits as need to move it around the yard every now and again when they are having work done