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    Sorry, did I say Deck of the month... I ment to say car of the month January 2018, but in all honesty it's gonna be an Aerodeck again isn't it?! Cast your nominations now!! Don't forget if you don't stick it in, you won't be able to get it out for Car if The Year! 1. Ben R89 2. DeLaSoul 3.Aerokek
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    Race car I did the end of last year, took 2-3 evenings but was a full front to back rewire and removal of all redundant systems.. Also built a new fuse box, removed all engine and dashboard wiring that wasn't needed and sealed it all up ready for racing! Always try and keep it as neat as possible so if someone else has to work on it later it's really easy to follow
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    Came in here to kick off the voting, but you slackers haven't even put one in yet! Even @powerofdreams hasn't even tried! Slack. Slack. Slack. Hurry up!
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    2018 is here, so I feel duty bound to wish you all a very happy new year. But for those of you whom I know personally, you lot can f**k off!
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    Forum update completed without any issues. As always though please let us know if anything isn't working.
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    Thought I recognised this photo of you Dave!
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    Little moment of sun. That's the only picture i can do for the moment
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    Yes mate! It's been less stanced than before and looks better (saves tyres & wheel bearings) Got exhaust manifold done under warranty...yes warranty. They should have been recalled for splitting/weak welds but wasnt. I argued my case that it was a health issue as Western Honda agreed my family shouldn't be in the car due to fumes. Result. Got my o.s.r shocker under warranty too. BC are a terrible brand fyi Basically car mint! Will be selling this year or next though
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    i have to make news pictures with covering, i'm waiting for the sun here some pics before i made the roof
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    hi everybody near one year without post anything, shame on me , sorry, didn't have time to post! so this is some news, i just fit a new radiotor, the old was starting to fee, so i bought mishimoto radiator and today, i just cover the roof...with holographic covering of course. when there is no sun, it's very discreet, grey colour, here it's cloudy so i can't see the result with sun...i have a to wait a bit ^^ it's a little (or big) touch that i wanted some will love, some will hate maybe but it's look like i want
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    And Go! You have an undetermined length of time for voting that shall not exceed the 30/1/18
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    I'll put DeLaSoul's deck forward for car of the month. I came across his build not long ago and the amount of work and attention to detail is amazing. Cant wait to see it finished and out on the road!
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    Aiming for sub-9 this year
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    I'I here haha. Cars doing great. Use it as my daily now. Sold the BMW 5 series. No need to worry it'sin good hands
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    Slightly overdue an update. Replaced front discs and pads, went for DS2500 pads and MTEC discs. Meister R's sneaking in the background too Then she went to the ring. My first ever experience round a track. Small Honda meet down the New Forest, was good to see such a variety Matt
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    A little late on account of I didn't want to be here but the voting has now ended! I can announce that @hondasport has won the internet!
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    Couple of days to go folks and it's all to play for!
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    @Krzys nah that's no me........... My chair is red velour and the broom handle is carbon fibre! Lmao
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    Didn't seem to be available on the day of the first post
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    Exploded diagram of the caliper from the factory manual
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    Always refreshing to get stuff done under warranty
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    It helps that you're better to look at than a potato
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    Alex is loaded so he's not bothered about cost When do we get to see more pictures of you again Mae? Missed you around here
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    Sure i can imagine. I have time to think about^^
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    Your car looks better every mod you do!! I am not a fan of holographic stuff but... looks good and not too much striking. Mishimoto is always a win!! Good job!
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    Door card must come off mate. From memory, think there is one screw holds them on. Remove that then slide the handle (it kinda slides into a bit at one end I think). You'll need to disconnect the rods from it too.
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    There's been a few turbo'd B18's here mate. Not sure if the members are still here though as a lot have sold up but check the project threads. Rich (civicturbo) who was a moderator here did an epic build, although his was a B20. There were a few others too.
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    Hey guys, will be selling my mb3 soon but taking the following things out and replacing with stock items. Full leather seats - quite dirty atm but will be cleaning them before selling. Rears are in great condition and the fronts have a few scuffs. I've pictured everything possible. Would need the front seats replaced when swapping! Got the stock rears but swapped the fronts with the guy I bought it off. £100 Tegiwa carbon powerchamber/whalep***s with filter. Done probably about 5k miles. A few small scratches from when trying to fit it in the bay. £115 Project A Omega Alloy Wheels 16x7J 4x100 4x108 ET35. 215/45/16 tyres all around. They looked great when fitted on my mb. Unfortunately one of the wheels took a beating when I veered into the payment to avoid a child. Front tyre got a damaged sidewall but wheel was relatively untouched considering, but rear got scratched up massively by the kerb. One wheel got dropped on it's side when off the car. Tyres are toyo proxes and have I believe around 5/6 mm left but will double check. Great tyres, but one needs replacing. These worked beautifully with the shocks and springs and there was only slight rubbing at full lock. Rears would rub if you had a full house of fatties in the rear. Otherwise, perfect! Don't think they rub with stock suspension. £200 Civic mb parcel shelf with InPhase 6x9 triaxial speakers with directional tweeters. These sound amazing! Such an improvement over the stock 4" speakers. Not exactly the tidiest job from underneath but the sound quality you got from these made a massive difference to my journeys. Will be really easy to connect to the headunit by disconnecting the original speakers. Had similar components in the front but have gone into my new car, these won't fit! Also have the box for the speakers. £80 I will also have mg zs 180 shocks to sell as well as Eibach lowering springs. Would be easier to sell together but will sell the shocks with standard springs and lowering springs separately unless the money is right. Currently don't have pictures of them unfortunately. Springs have done probably 7k miles, unsure of shocks! These are easily the best cheap upgrade to suspension for any mb civic. MG shocks are slightly lower than standard mb suspension and offer a stiffer ride. Eibach springs drop another 30mm. This made such a difference to the ride. It went from being a boat to feeling planted. £80 shocks £150 springs £220 together (stock springs included) I bought the mg shocks off someone from here though I can't seem to find the thread! Bought the Eibach springs in Nov '16 I also have civic floor mats that I re-dyed black. All in good condition with driver's side having the most wear. Sorry, no pictures of this! £20 Still also have the Energy suspension complete bushing kit that will fit a civic MB. Brand new, only opened to have a look at everything. Everything still in the box! £130 Probably the only thing I can post at a cost of £10 Currently, it's all in Witney. I live in Watford and will be going over asap to change it all over. Do not have time to post or box anything so collection only. Can organise collection from Witney or Watford or nearby to either. Work around London so may be able to sort something around there. Seats collected in Witney only due to changing over the fronts. My new car won't be able to transport a single seat, upgraded to a 350Z! Send me a message on here or text me: 07456675686
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    I've never removed them but I doubt it can be done with out removing the door cards. it's be worth removing the door card and having a look. be worth greasing the window runners too
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    Still 1... Come on! We don't want another winner by default! (If I remember correctly, I'm one of the only ones that has done that!)
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    Nice one bud let me know if you ever decide to sell it lol
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    I'm not but only because of the MFactory LSD, but apparently I can actually run Honda's own MTF. Haven't tried it though. Currently using Torco MTF.
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    Cool, I bought the official Honda workshop manuals a while back and had a look at them the other day. They have a full exploded diagram of the caliper internals if that helps? I will try and bring the book to work and scan. It's not the easiest job, I guess that's why some companies charge a small fortune to rebuild calipers!
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    Long life exhaust. Near me went with 2.25 on the guys recommendation sounds ok . Not been out for a proper drive yet. straight pipe form mani up to back box's . Going to get them to dyno it in a week or two so will find out then.
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    we'll have to meet up and go for a drive once I've got my deck back on the road pal. I'm going to be getting a 2.5" system for mine. where did you get yours done?
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    @Dave absolutely brilliant. Ferry from Dover to Dunkirk, then through France, Belgium, Holland and Germany down to the 'ring. Car performed well considering the punishment it took whilst over there, but I'm definitely picking up the pieces from it now with various niggles appearing
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    Sadly you gotta take it on the chin........I too hope it turns out to be an easy repair
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    When you get a chance, could you tidy up the threads so that 2016 & 2017 are in their own folders like the older ones?
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    Hope you all have a great Christmas!
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    top job! I started this on my rear caliper but soon f**ked it up. this would of really helped at the time!
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    Version 1.0.0


    Take a step back in time and view the sales brochure for your then brand new Honda Civic 5 door.