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    Hi dave Good info you got there but its sorted now last monday thank god. Sorry i was meant to update here but ive been work past 3 days so got chance now. Cant believe after all that messing around and money spent, i took it to my uncle (auto electrician) once again as he wanted another look at it. It turned out to be just a fuse in the relay behind the drivers side coin pocket. This sorted out both the issues of heater blower not working and overheating at idle, this was due to fan not kicking in at idle, everythings working now. To answer your question, yes i spent ages on more than one instance trying to bleed the system and must have wasted over 2 litres of genuine honda coolant in the process lol ouch! But thanks for all the help here i really appreciate it...
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    Can't remember if it's been done this year, but this is my choice this month with its new heart beating strong
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    Cheers Dave I'm really happy how shes coming on. Its a keeper this one. Do love it. Could really get yourself in trouble in it tbh. Its so punchy at motorway speeds. Right in the rev range where the turbos on it and already loaded up. It flies and before you know it your setup to loose your license. I'll calm down now was just getting it out my system
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    Wish could have had a nosey under the front but wanted to stay out the way but looks great up on the ramp.
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    Long overdue wash today. Going to get suspension setup tomorow. Wanted it looking it's best. I do love it when it's clean, so rediculously shiny.
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    Glad you got it sorted mate, and glad it was something east to fix too.
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    And our winner is Chief and their stunning aerodeck. Well done mate, love this one!!
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    Likey the details in the engine bay mate, looking good!
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    it been awhile and have done few bits to car i that time. i got door lock covers. repainted the inside old headlights black and tinted them yellow and resealed them. got a new catch can. got some side skirt extensions and rear bumper spats. got a bride gear gator. fun fitting that. got hold a mgzs lip spoiler. took squares off bonnet which f**ked paint so had give it spray over. got given a facelift ek grill so i made it fit car then painted it black.removed sticker bomb from inside roof. got some bonnet gas struts. fitted underglow. bought some brand new toyo tyres. did small bits to engine bay. fitted some bmw m6 style mirrors. yes the bonnet vents was on but now off. loads more to some
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    Yes @Dave I managed to get one cheers buddy!
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    I'll correct myself if you want to do the swap it's upto you it's your car. but it's gonna take some fabrication and effort. Not a straight swap at all. Driveshafts, mounts, wiring loom, exhaust, coolant hoses, gear linkage. All going to need to sourced or fabricated.
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    100% percent don't bother. Engines got barely any aftermarket support.. no readily available mounts. B swap or if you want to do a swap from an accord H swap.
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    That's more like it. Nice one!
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    Hard to say really. Depends on condition, mileage, engine mileage etc etc etc £1500?
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    Lovely car and a credit to the effort and money put in. As you said, defo a keeper after all this! I laughed when you nailed it on motorway, we ALL do the same to test the water! I done the same and lifted at about 170. (clock showes 160). Wasnt prepared for the consequences if things went wrong. Instantly slowed! Good buzz tho. You can safely do that on the track with that beast!
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    Picked up a few friends stuck to the front bumper! Was out with my oldest lad few squirts of throttle every now and again. Very easy to max out 5th gear. 70 to 150 barely takes any time at all. Will get an app to time actually
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    Not been an update for a while, but I'm going to go for this one
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    Looks well tidy under there
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    Car had a fast road setup on it today. Have to say it drives a million times better. Really pleased! Obviously had a suspension overhaul and this is the icing on the cake.
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