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    Hi everyone been a while since I've uploaded anything on this. Be on and off the last 6 months just had so much else going on. I have now a reason to put everything else aside to build this car as a close friend who was very interested in the car and who was one of the few people that supported me with it tragically passed away a few weeks back and now I'm going to build the car in his memory. There is a lot come with this project and will need a hand with a few things and it most definitely will be one of a kind and I look forward with sharing it with you all so watch this space!
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    Little boxes came for me recently...
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    Everything from the car is removed! Only the engine and the front,rear suspension were left. Next step, removing and disassembling the engine for external cleaning and painting some parts, then replacing some gaskets and others.
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    @MarkHuntsman is this enough to get your attention? Come on then folks.....
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    Chassis is already rigid enough! I have a video somewhere of it rocking on the axle stands after I got it back from having the cage put in. All the windows are now in, just had the last one to drill and secure last night so it's all set to go off and have the engine installed
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    Thanks guys means a lot going to his funeral tomorrow and then after that straight on the car I've got a total of 2 weeks off in May to boost the car along a bit
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    I was on holiday for a week but managed to bring some parts back with me Thank you, seems like a never ending task at the moment as I keep finding little jobs to do! Short update since getting back; I've fitted some roll cage protection so I don't damage the paint lifting stuff in and out and later on don't damage myself it I hit the cage! Drivers door pull is also now on, and put cage protector up above my head. Hope I can't get anywhere near the top one! Need to make the rear door cards, so made up the template Need to photo the finished card but only the rear left one to do. I have found the door lock mechanism so will fit that the same as the front door. Oil System - I have the Accusump system to install but first I needed more parts so had to get a load of fitting so got some for all the other hoses at the same time. New Accusump hoses and fittings, including a one way valve to makesure the oil goes the right way back to the engine! T-piece fitting on the bulkhead runs into the car and back to the accusump reservoir. Now need the engine back in to trim the hoses connecting to the engine. Also started to make up the oil breather hose from the back of the engine. Accusump with remote opening valve and new fittings ready to install Needed to fit a cahmber for the MAP sensor so made a bracket and installed under the intake manifold. Just have to run the 4 small hoses to connect it to the intake runners Last of the bolts turned up for the engine so all the hardware has now been refreshed! Last job yesterday was installing the windscreen and side windows by bonding them in. Found a windscreen guy locally who did the job for me, although my hands are still covered in the sealant! All the bonded panels are installed like the rear quarters, rear screen and front screen. Now have to run the cables for the heating elements back so I can connect them up in the cabin
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    Bodywork update, the metalwork is now done so just needs smoothing and prepping for paint Gearbox is almost done too, and is now fitted with a 4.7 final drive, all new syncros, seals and new bearings all round.
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    Deffo mate, will get something organised
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    The bloke said he and his son are going to keep it. The aerodeck went with spare engine an gearbox loads of spares parts. Still miss my old blue deck . Ye dave that first meet was epic awesome day out need to meet up soon before the summer runs out . Hope to see you and everyone soon .
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    Got to love Pirates Black in sun
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    Sad times Simon's silver aerodeck vti is off to it's new owner today not sure of his plans for her. These two aerodeck's have had some fun together as well with civic5 member's friends up Scotland.
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    Last pic for the pair together . Had some fun together these two aerodeck's
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    Stock Civic Aerodeck. Manufactured in 1999 and has now completed 130,000 miles
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    @Krzys trust me .. I know not everyone will like my idea but like you said, its my car I've never been the type to say oh that car looks like crap .. its someones design and idea .. I just wanna know how different I can make this car in the best way possible, Massive fan of the EK's but i love my MB!!
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    I think it should do the trick but give me a few days, to get my alloys on the car, wash it and take some photos.
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    Well, it seems i forgot about COTM for the third month in a row... I guess i should turn on notifications for it
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    That would be a good day out! Give me another 3 years to finish the car and I'll be there! I know I've had the dashboard in a number of times, but I've moved the dash over an inch to better line up with the steering wheel and my seating position. Center console is just placed in as it needs more cutting to go around the oil line to the Accusump.
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    Today I painted the side bottom moldings black again, looking fresh and clean. I also got around to installing the pod filter. If I have some time I'll try to cut another filter housing up to fit a bit around the filter and flow as much cool air as possible. With the new pod filter the car makes lovely sounds though. Different muffler coming in this week, hoping it fits and will mount it as soon as I get the chance. Also I've bought some cheap tint film which might be worth a shot before i buy better film. I've tinted windows before (quality film) with good results so hoping the cheap film will do the trick.
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    Small jobs until the car goes in for the engine but all helps: Repainted the grill, better prep this time. Black plastidip so can change it anytime. Also found the other fog lamp, I think these look so much better than the smaller ones! Routed and connected the accusump hose. Had to cut away the inner bulkhead skin so I could get the nut on and mount the oil fitting securely. I hate these jobs especially now the car's painted Had to redo the other side of this as I had the non-return valve on the wrong side of the fitting. Took the time to re-route the PS hoses too. Need a new mount to keep them from rubbing on the oil lines but can sort that later. Rebuilt the gear shift linkage, new polybushes and all powder coated parts, Buddyclub short shift and weighted gear-knob Also repainted the surround in the car. Reset the seat and harnesses correctly. I had the seat 1 hole out but now sits perfect Tied down all the pipes and hoses to the rear (bar the fuel lines) so all looks good. Need to do the same at the bulkhead next Finally, a friend has redone the trailer from front to back. All new paint, lights ramps and boards. Also fitted the electric winch so no more sore arms winding the car on and off anymore! The Aerodeck goes back to the bodyshop next weekend to sort the rear bumper then in for the engine and gearbox to be installed. Coming down to the final fixes plus the exhaust and it's ready for mapping!!
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    Some more updates and pics. I have successfully replaced the axle on my second attempt. All I needed was an angle grinder with cutting disc of the right size to get into the hub and a chisel. Time total was about 4 hours of cutting, prying, whacking and swearing, but after I got the nut out it took roughly 20mins to have the car back on the ground. Unfortunately, during last two weeks some other issues appeared. Exhaust rusted through and rear muffler is totally disconnected from the mid section. From what i read on fb group, Toyosports exhausts are pretty decent quality, so I got a 60mm stainless cat back for 280€ delivered, but there was obvious mistake from the seller. I paid for one, but received two full sets with a day difference... I tried to compare it to the original exhaust and it seems to line up perfectly, although it is supposed to be for MB6 not MC2. As far as other problems go, F/L upper ball joint has a nasty clank when the suspension is fully decompressed for example on speed bumps and A/C is not working, probably just needs to be refilled.
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    It came from Track Day Doorcards, Simon is on Facebook and very helpful. Not sure exactly what the material is called but it came as 4 easy to cut sheets of plastic, a bag of fixings, 2 door pulls in a colour of your choice and the covers to keep it all neat. The templates tale the time to make but weren't difficult. Just loads of little jobs left to go that will all add up! Rear windows are all now bonded and bolted in. Boot lid now feels solid to close and no longer rattles and the same for the rear quarters. Plastics 4 Performance did a great job with them. Just the drivers side windows left to bolt in and the car is "sealed" Accusumo is now bolted down to the rear floor. I can now run the pipes to the bulkhead and wire in the remote control to the dashboard Rear end is taking shape, so I can start to clamp down all the hoses, pipes and cables. WIndscreen trims are also now in and looking good (apart from they need s damn good clean ). The 4 wires for the heating elements need to be routed and I thought they'd go into the cabin under the seal but I was told they need to go into the scuttle panel so I'll have to find a way to route them and wire them up. THink I've already found a way but need to check by doing it.
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    I have for sale my Aerodeck VTI. Looking for £200. I have loved driving this car for the last 6 years, but due to circumstances at home I am selling with no MOT. Totally standard car all complete, starts, stops and drives. Recent exhaust mid-section, all tyres have decent tread. Usual age related dinks, scratches etc. commonly found on cars this age. 119000 on clock, all paper work to support this. I changed the clutch slave, but I think it needs master cylinder. Had welding for last MOT, small section of rear sill was cut from another car and welded in. Must be worth far more in parts alone, but as I say I need it gone. I will post more pics when I get chance. Car is located in Rugby, Warwickshire. Any questions please ask 07599 240 614
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    should hopefully get the cover back tomorrow or Wednesday so I'll get some more photos. I'm tempted to get another done and put it on the wall
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    Thanks for your comments. Good catch dr_broon, going to look into that soon! So today was header day. Picked it up this afternoon and spent some time installing it. Main problem was i couldn't get my lambda off the old manifold so i had to cut the wires in order to use my ring wrench. Even had to race to the hardware store because my toolbox has wrenches up to 19 but the lambda was a 22. After some struggling installing it in the driveway i took it for a testdrive. First test there was a leak and now ive got it all fixed up. Only now its really clear the rear part of the exhaust leaks causing an annoying sound. But thats no problem as I'm going to replace the rest of the exhausy anyway sometime soon. The guy who sold me the header also gave me a pod filter with it. Im going to clean it up and fab a little bit of a cold air intake from another airfilter housing i'll pick up at a junkyard.
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    This is my 1st bmw after a long relationship with Honda (7 of them). The Honda's are unique in the respect to their engines. No torque yes but from a drivers point of view, the B18 engines are fantastic, as is the handling, once modded. My Accord was built for looks, but soon realised i craved power and comfort. This is where the 335d steps in. Its the small things that matter (says the wife!), the welcome lights under the door handles & angel eyes that welcome you when it unlocks. The two small amber down lights in the roof panel that gently light up the interior at night. Honda lacks the comfort and ingenuity of other makes.....in my opinion of course. The new Hondas just dont do it for me. Having said that, my MB6 VTi-S will ALWAYS be my favourite car....as im a driver at heart
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    I think Kink has bought it.
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    Yep still got it. Taken alot of time to get it straight. Car was in pretty bad shape. The over spray was a pain to get off in the engine bay. Had to replace the wheels as they had alot layers of paint lol. Sneak peak more to come..
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    Has to be one of THE best colours ever made! Looking good mate!
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    I hope I don't ever crash, but you never know! I've found out where to replace the lights so I'm not to worried, the brackets on the other hand..... Back in the bodyshop this weekend to sort the rear bumper alignment. Trailer refresh made it even better to tow (it was good before) and the electric winch made working alone easy. Also got to find all the leaks, luckily only a few small ones in the scuttle where I drilled the fire and electrical pull cords Back bumper didn't align on the right side and it's been a mystery for a few months. Luckily Ed figured it out, the quarter panel I have was from a hatch and is quite different around the bumper/arch interface Mounting holes are a mile apart too So it's time to cut and shape the arch to match the bumper. Already 60% there and he only started on it this afternoon! Going to roller the arches at the same time too. At least now I don't have to worry about replacement bumpers if I damage one as a new one will bolt straight on.
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    I tend to give pretty good advice based on experience
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    ell i thik my car looks a lot different to other aerodecks and MB's, just how far your willing to go with it
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    Looks even more amazing each time you post up new pics mate. Totally agree on those fog lights, they are so much nice than the smaller standard ones, (and also uber rare! Please don't crash! lol) Amazing work on this one, and loving the refurbed trailer as well.
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    It will be the first show I drive myself to so that's a plus!! Always been the passenger .. .not about that life any more haha I have got some mad ideas with fabricating bumpers... I am half tempted to get some EK stuff on mine. Pretty good with creating stuff ... it's sure to fail at first haha Any kind of mods to just avoid with the MB's?
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    don't know how that happened
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    s**t the bed, a photo with the wheels straight like they should be
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    Random update I got Honda UK head office to put a request in the dealership newsletter that went out to every UK Honda dealer to ask them all to check if they had any forgotten stock. Took a week, but they called yesterday and all confirmed they don't exist anymore as new. To most this might have been an obvious result, but I just had to know. In talks with a custom fabrics company to create me a perfect replica, apparently they need Honda to agree IP's and trademark infringements rubbish, but if they do, I will post pics and a link to get your own.
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    lot of nice weather ahead, so hope you get testing soon asp looking great
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    It was a mare doing three of the bloody things Updates are also a mare, ffs!
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    May go give you an online stalk! Cover looks sweet!!
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    Sorry to hear about your friend bud. Nice idea to build the car in his memory though
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    That's deffo lower mate. Even with coil overs it takes a few miles for everything to settle down to the final height. That's looking good on yours, big improvement! Liking the progress on this one!
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    Thanks mate. I'm surely enjoying the experience. The MGZS suspension had some rust on the bottom coils and the tops. Scuffed it up and painted them. Probably will chip off in a couple weeks but I hope the lowest rings will stay protected. I've installed the MGZS suspension yesterday and I'm loving it. The deck used to handle like a boat. With the new suspension she's planted on the road. Finished up the lip and installed that one while the wheels were off for the suspension install. At first I thought there wasn't that much difference in height. But after a day maybe the suspension has settled a little and the stance is pretty good. Might like an inch or two lower, especially the front. But the car is already scraping on the steep driveway of the missus' parking lot. Here's some pictures of the beast on the MG ZS suspension with the added lip. Tomorrow is going to be an exciting day. I'm going to pick up a stainless steel header. After that i'm headed for the junkyard looking for a lambda and maybe a twin pipe muffler off an accord. When I have some free time me and a mate are going to fab up a full exhaust.
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    Welcome to the club! Yes the forums still going all these years after starting (started back in 2009!), got our regular members who keep it ticking over. We also have quite a few members from the Netherlands here, and infact a lot of members from all over Europe. Looks like you've been busy with your aerodeck! They are brilliant cars, and just seem to go on forever. The 1.5's are getting quite rare now (can't remember the last time i actually saw one) so good choice. The change in suspension transforms these cars, check out our members cars for ideas. Simple swaps the the MGZS suspension makes a big difference to the handling (and lowers it a bit too) and is a cheap and easy way to improve them. MeisterR make coilovers specific to the Civic M's (I bought them for my MB6 5 door vti and also my Aerodeck) and are fully adjustable. Again, the difference in handling is amazing, no more understeer!! Enjoy the club and forum mate!
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    Little work done today!
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    hondafest 2017 shot taken by Hondas In South