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    Hi Guys, This is my car, and I want it to be put forward for the next COTM competition
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    Went for shopping again, taking the scenic route and the perfect car for this glorious weather. Peaked 33 degrees here today, unusual for Scotland and at this time of year. Was so nice getting the sun and fresh air while driving De-stressed us both. Mums funeral tomorrow so Mindy has helped get us ready. Hope everyone enjoying the sun and playing safe
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    A few more days and she's ready. The engine already in the car and starting. But i forgot to take pictures.We have a little work on the exhaust system and it's ready.
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    Love the colour mate! Shame you will change it in 3 days!!!
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    Just got car back so wrapped a bit today outside the house lol looking like ronald McDonald lol
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    New tyres fitted today. Got kwik fit mobile to supply/fit the new tyres at home. Went for Goodyear Efficient grip 2 as have had these on Ruby and Roxy, and Mindy has them so thought time for DD to have them. Always loved the grip and low noise levels of these, especially in the wet. Size wise, went for 195/55 16. 15's are 55 profile, and the previous tyres were 45 profile, but should have been 50 with the 16's. Know the speedo will be slightly out going for 55's, but not bothered as the extra comfort and them filling the now huge arch gaps since going back to standard suspension will be worth it. Quite like the look to be honest also, got a pic of the jack the mobile fitters use. Airbag system which raises the car in about 2 secs! Nice bit of kit......have already seen them for sale so might invest in one for my new garage when its built. Already got a compressor so ready to go!
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    These are the side skirt clips for m's https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/192220186503
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    Finally got them finished! Was a f@#k up with the order for the lacquer so after 12 days it still hadn't arrived and I ordered more from some place else. Went a bit different when I fitted the alloys this time, swapped the Cades centre caps for the new Honda ones I bought for the winter rims...looks better I think? DD with her posh shoes back on (still need to get some nice shiney new nuts!) Soooooo glad to have these back on, hated her look on standard alloys/winter tyres.
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    That sucks. Happened to the wife's accord before we moved house. Some people just don't care
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    That's why silver is my car options
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    Hello everyone! I haven't written for a long time but the car will be back on the road soon .... A few pictures of the engine.Ported head and Block. My tuner said the compression would be about 12.5: 1 / 12.7: 1. I hope for good results. Somewhere around 200whp maybe . We will see.
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    Looking good and perfect scenery! Hope everything goes well tommorow mate
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    Getting a little better at this now
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    AHH. Do you have an example? There usually stuck on with a sticky foam strip. Spire clips and screws in the wheel area. And spire clips on the underside to fix to the bumper. Similar to this. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/121622652392
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    You will need c4 engine with loom. Shift linkage. B series 3 post mounts. And the rear mount bracket. Driveshafts. You can use your dash loom but will likely need to add wires for VTEC and iabs if you want to use them. And an ECU.
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    I'd like to say that it was my little helper, but he just came out for the glory shots. At least he brought me a beer when I was finished The fleck doesn't come out it the pictures, but there's a secret colour proper sparkle in there.
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    Miss my old ma8. Loved that thing