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  1. Cheers mate electron blue is the colour. I had it for sale and a boy from down South drove 8 hours to buy it I had just had the clutch replaced and when the boy had a shot it wouldn't go into reverse 👎 so he went home without it not before offering me a grand less than what I wanted for it! Anyway I changed the gearbox oil and it's been fine ever since 😮
  2. Good to hear mate. Yeah still have it the coupe is great fun quick little car
  3. Here's another little clip withy decat fitted http://youtu.be/uDqe15_Gk8E
  4. LSA9K mentioned on here earlier that he thought he recognised the car from a previous member. I've been trying to find it a few times but can't find a thread on it. I was interested in this vtis I was trying to sell my h22 coupe to buy it and I'm sure I put a link up to this. Glad I stayed with my coupe now
  5. Can anybody find out what calipers by this pic
  6. I'll need to see if there's a number on caliper
  7. I have my civic coupe with h22a7 conversion in it. It has 282 disks on front 4x100 would these be of a mg zs ? Also is there a way of finding out what calipers are on my car or would standard civic coupe ones go over mg zs disks any info appreciated civic is a 1999 coupe se
  8. In the pics it had just Ben waxed with dodo juice blue velvet can out good
  9. Spoon rep that came of my bros deck putting my decat on tomorrow. It goes well taking it up to crail next month previous owner did a 14.6 in it so I'll see what I can do
  10. Sound clip http://youtu.be/HRuVCy5swG0
  11. Few pics Old seats New seats
  12. Ma mate hopefully this weekend
  13. Text him today its sold 68000 mile one here I come lol sure my Mrs said there's one on civic 5 Facebook av not got Facebook tho so don't know what it is lol
  14. if my coupe sells thurs when boy comes i might just do it lol any reason how it never sold? theres another one on gumtree in south lanarkshire that looks good 68000miles
  15. thats the one its quality a need to sell my coupe so i can have it. dont think itll be there for long tho
  16. saw it on gumtree slammed with xxr 501 wheels for 2k anybody know the car or is it someones on here
  17. Really need a good one of the above. Have around £2000 to spend closer to Scotland the better but will travel for a good one contact me on 07787298669 via txt thanks
  18. Hi guys bought myself a mint civic coupe h22a7 conversion bout 5weeks ago car is spotless and drives superb.problem is its not really for me as I had my heart set on a mb6 / aerodeck I paid ***** for coupe and is worth every penny ideally looking to swap for the above if anyone is interested my number is 07787298669 cheers
  19. Looking to get back into Hondas loved my deck I had so looking for deck or saloon vti vtis have £2000 to spend
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