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  1. s**te like but never mind a car is replaceable yeah everyone OK
  2. Defo it's hard enough getting parked where I'm at
  3. Not a professional effort but it does the job lol
  4. Built myself a wee driveway this weekend just need to get some chippy stones to finish it off
  5. Cheers bud it freshens the the old clio up a bit anyway
  6. Just need a set of ronal turbos or deep dish lol
  7. So did this in 8 hours lol and tinted rear windows (harder than wrapping the car )
  8. Set of 50mm springs
  9. Wee run around . Well my sons first car lol
  10. How it's looking now
  11. Just ordered the maxton side skirt extensions and rear spats. The my drivers side shaft decided to explode in half today !
  12. Came up really good it was good to start anyway lol but nice shine now
  13. Cheers bud yeah does look a bit meaner lol
  14. Lips on and put some light smoke film on headlights fogs and indicators. Had a wee bit sport on bypass the night with an ek civic side by side thinking this type r slow lol then boy stopped and and told me his is a k20 quite surprised
  15. My mate gave me a maxton design front lip for the fn2 as its damaged so my brothers taking it to his work to get it sorted. Do love a freebie lol
  16. Its not the beat but it will keep it safe for a month lol
  17. Tucked away for a month now
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