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  1. Please do I have some of the same issues with my MB4 (2000) so she's an old girl. As a temp solution I have wedged some ice cream sticks to wedge the bedouin tent up. The problem is the foam deteriorated and that's what the fabric is glued to, no glue will solve that. My rear bumper has lost a few of the plastic attachment screws. The door card fabric may be fixed with fabric glue. Drivers window has just started to be lazy. Other than that I cant justify getting rid of this otherwise great motor , notwithstanding the cost of the last MOT ( just under a grand, ouch)
  2. I'm sure you will be fine for a while, mine been good for a couple of weeks, but I ordered a new switch anyway which I will fit when I have time and inclination. at least I know the symptoms!! Also the contacts looked pretty worn.
  3. Sorted….. it was the effing ignition switch. Apparently a fairly common problem enough to cause a recall years back. Found good tutorial on civic-tech site on how to clean. Had to clean twice to make it work, even just a slight amount of crap after the first clean was enough to cause trouble. Also ordered a new replacement as the old contacts are looking knackered and blobs of solder fell off during inspection.. part number 35130-st3-306 if anyones interested.
  4. EVAP can. Not sure its exact job, but stores some fuel vapour. It should throw a code (p1447) if there is a vapor leak in the fuel system. Come to think of it I did notice a slight smell of petrol when stating up. I don't have a code reader, but clearly an unattached hose is a bad thing. Anyway cutting out problem still exists and oddly enough can happen when I switch the left turn indicator on (not right), Any thoughts? I seem to remember a post on similar somewhere. Would a reset be any good?
  5. So it turns out the IACV is pretty clean, no gobs of dirt like some have reported. So will see if this helps. So may be its another problem, and I think I found where the other end of the tube ( mentioned previously) goes. Could this be it and could this be the reason for the weird engine cut outs??? And what is it? I am going through the manual right now.
  6. OK so I just started do do this thing as problem getting worse. I had a hard time getting access to the 2 hose clips whilst in situ. so decided to take IACV off first then deal with the hoses. Oh yes any tips to release the wiring connector? Then noticed this errant tube, which clearly must go somewhere as it has clips but can't figure out where it should go. By the way it is curved it seems to want to go somewhere under the throttle body. The other end is attached to injector system ? I
  7. Thanks guys I had a sneaky suspicion on this. Now how do I go about giving it a good seeing too!! and where the $%% is it.
  8. Curiously, a problem seems to have just become evident on my MB4. Never had a problem starting, but now starts OK, but then put in gear, revs drop and engine dies, cuts out completely. This seems to be happening when car is cold i.e. upon starting fist thing in morning. It will then happen again when coming to stop at a junction I change down and the engine cuts out . After running a while it doesn't appear to happen again. Any ideas? Thanks.
  9. Gold is too ghetto. Bronze 'll look grand with the green
  10. Thanks Nick thats just the info I needed.
  11. Thanks to recent invasion of potholes and slack council response I know find that I m in need of a replacement alloy wheel. Had the wheel repaired but not confident about its reliability! Currently on my MB4 have bog standard 14"" Honda alloys with 185/60 . The wheels hard to get locally and I am reluctant to do mail order on used set or a single replacement. I assume any 4x100 with offset E45 would be straight fit? So any ideas on options (cheap!! still suffering can't spend £400+ on new set). So would Rover 200/400 fit, (easier to get at good price £100 +/- set.) Would going from 14" to 15" be OK, any trade off? Any bright ideas alternatives out there?
  12. Yeah I'll probably get one from Halfords as they are very close by and have a couple of units I am looking for, I am not averse to DIY, so thats my route, especially as, unbelievably, they are booked up several weeks for installation.
  13. Thanks Nick that was quick! Yeah I did read about the glovebox, anything to make it easier.
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