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  1. I did my front speakers in my 95 ma8 recently. The whole door card needs to come off but it's only a case of removing 3 Phillips screws and then prising the card off gently. The original speakers are mounted in a plastic case/adapter that is fixed to the door in a strange patern and the hole has limited clearance from the window when it's down so you'll most likely need adapters. You can buy them online easy enough or, if your impatient like me, you can make your own. The online ones are usually made out of 18mm MDF but I used one of my wife's chopping boards from the kitchen, which was only 10mm thick & I still had plenty of clearance. It also fits nicely behind the door card still :)
  2. So the start of this year is going to be taken up trying to address all the little, niggly issues I currently have with my old girl. I'm sure I'll find more as I go but my list for now is 1 - Find someway for reattaching all the loose bits of interior trim/headlining. I have already had a go at some with a spray adhesive but it didn't stay stuck! 2 - Find a way of pulling out and repairing the dents in the rear door/arch, or find someone local to do it for me 3 - Replace sticky front calliper with a shiny new one and give the rest of the system a overhaul with new disks/pads & shoes. 4 - Replace exhaust system, Cat and Lamba sensor as she only scraped through her emission test last MOT. I'm hoping to fund this by selling my Factory original CAT that's currently on her, but I've been having problems getting a price for it as it doesn't have any codes on it. 5 - Find out why my drivers window sometimes works fine and sometimes needs pushing to get it to go down. 6 - Look into why my rear bumper is slightly warped on one side and giving me panel gaps that really annoy me. My wife thinks I'm mad and being too fussy but I cant unsee it lol That lot should keep me going for a while so I look forward to keeping y'all upto speed as I crack on with it. Peace ✌️ Joe
  3. Bosh!!! Happy to report I have 4 blower settings again and i didnt even need to swear at it to get it done lol
  4. Thanks for all your welcomes. I'll be doing a fair bit of work on the old girl this year as I'm determined to get her back to her showroom best. I figured everyone else is modding their civics so I'm gonna go the opposite way and try and keep mine as standard as possible. I've promised my lad the car on his 18th birthday so I've got 4 years to get her finished lol. Anyhow so the 1st job of the year is ........ Wish me luck!! Joe ✌️
  5. Hi guys and gals I'm Joe and I am the proud owner of a 1995 Civic Ma8. I have been on the forum a few times looking for guidance to keep my old girl going well so thought I should get involved and introduce myself. I got my Civic from my friends Grandfather, who had kept the miles down low and the maintenance upto date. I've owned her for 3 years now, and she's my daily so her mileage is now sitting at a eye watering height of 66k lol. I really enjoy owning her but I do struggle to find the right parts when trying to source replacement bits!!! Online auto-factors "reg checks" are bloody useless, and the fleshy things behind the counters are not much better!! Although I'm convinced they made the early MA'S out of the 'left over parts' shelves in the Honda factories!!! I never know if I should be looking at bits listed for MB's or EJ's Anyhow I hope to learn more soon. Look forward to sharing more in the future. :D
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