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  1. Your better off getting one from here http://www.directhoses.net Being a detailer/valeter myself I don't tend to snow foam on my general valets but do so more on my full details mainly for the photos of it all foamy for the customers. You can see my work here https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mr-Detail/1457234684548645?ref=bookmarks If you have any questions valet or detail orientated don't hesitate to ask and I will help/ advise where I can.
  2. @dreadi the previous owner to me fitted the wheel and he put a resistor in but it was too small. You need to change it buddy. It's just one of those things I never got round to doing I'm afraid.
  3. @Grant yes I did do Hamza's Saab from civiclife. We did not wetsand it anywhere however when we cut it back it did actually remove a small amount of the peel. For more pics of my work check out my Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mr-Detail/1457234684548645?ref=bookmarks (Please give it a like for pics of clean, shiny, polished metal) Also like I mentioned before I will do discounts for members. ( mod please let me know if this is not allowed)
  4. @Grant when I did my aerodeck (now owned by dreadi) I didn't start with 1500 as i think it was too much for the soft paint. I started with 2500 then 3000 then used menzerna sf 2500 on blue hexlogic pad followed by menzerna Power finish to jewel the paint. Was a bit scary as the paint levelled off very quick what with the soft paint.
  5. Well I might take a trip to Dorset for the 6th and 7th September weekend away with the missus before the wedding. Will have to swing by and see you. Could organise a meet at you work place or something. Will be in the van though as I need to fit pads and discs all round on the aero and also sort front ball joints but canny afford ATM.
  6. @UnicyclingTom my problem I have is hard water. What would you recommend to rectify it.
  7. @UnicyclingTom yep is a nice tranny transformer
  8. @Jayhoath83 just cheap rubbery silicone ones from poundland.
  9. @Jayhoath83 the shelves have got non slip mats on them. Nothing slides about at all.
  10. Right this is one of the reasons why my aerodeck has been on the back burner. I decided enough was enough working for wewantanycar and thought it's about time I went back to what I do best, detailing. This is the build up of my van that carries absolutely everything I need to detail anywhere. Even in the middle of a field. Started off getting the van and inside it looked like this This was all stripped out and cleaned ready for me to insulate the van itself inside. I did this due to wanting to keep it cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. Once insulated the panel lining was reinstalled and I proceeded to make my split bulkhead. The bulk head is 10mm thick mdf and 7mm thick Perspex sheet. I did this so I can get a decent amount of light in the back through the windscreen and also keep privacy from nosy thieving scum. After that I decided to install my 250l water storage tank right behind it in the middle for nice even weight distribution. My next step was storage space. I decided to build shelving units around the wheel boxes all the way up to the top of the ply lining. Comprising of 3 higher shelves to the left and 4 shallower shelves on the right. Went and got some black fabric to fix to the roof to hide the insulation and make it a little cosier. The interior was then painted in stone grey. 4 coats of it. I didn't want white as it's too bright in the sun, plus it's a nightmare to keep clean. In terms of power supply, I didn't want a generator as I don't want all the noise, so I bought 2 leisure caravan batteries, a 3000w inverter and a split charge relay kit. This means I can plug the likes of my pressure washer, vacuum and polisher into the inverter and run them off the leisure batteries. Charging the batteries by starting the van and flicking a switch to split the charge to the van battery and also to charge the leisure batteries too. Finished laying the chequered flooring down giving me this as the finished result with all the gear in. Took me a good week and a half to do as I'm no joinery expert, but I enjoyed building it. All that's left to do now is get the signwriting applied and it's completed. Another benefit to the layout as it is means I can take all my cleaning gear out, pop two sleeping bags in the middle with a portable gas cooker and hey presto, camping/touring van. 😀 Hope you enjoyed looking through this. Any comments and criticism welcome
  11. Thanks for the comments chaps. Sorry I've not updated this in a while but been really busy since then. Unfortunately the car hasn't seen much work to it due to renovating the house, booked and paid for our wedding in October (eek) and also decided to start my detailing business so had to buy more goodies and a van. Have a few pictures of the vans buildup so will post that when I have time for you all to see. Business picked well up on the valeting side and I've done a couple details so far so it's looking promising. Will also put a few pics up of the cars I've done. Some of you who are on civic life may have already seen Hamza's Saab that I did a couple weeks ago.
  12. Spray some lubricant on the top strut tower rubbers as the bearings dry up. That cured mine as mine did the same squeaking noise. If it's not that check your rear trailing arm bushes where they mount to the body.
  13. @philgor actually I am thinking of doing forum member discounted rate dependant on location and travel costs (eg 50% off). Just need to bear with me while I setup liability insurances etc. (mods if this post is not allowed please remove/ edit it) also who would I need to speak to about that on here? Would it be @Dave ?
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