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  1. Don't know so, what do you drive.
  2. Lol iv seen that user name somewhere before, maybe boards or DTDIRL
  3. LoL I said FULLY MOBILE LoL
  4. I'd like to do an M some time, I give a 10% discount to fully paid members on here, did I not mention that !?
  5. It's a mobile like ..... f ing tech ..... Look at KDS on Facebook in the albums for "Honda NSX paint work and wet sand part 3"
  6. My favourite https://m.facebook.com/KDSKeltec/albums/486915158109425/
  7. james

    Nick's Civic MB6 VTI-S

    Looks like it.
  8. james

    Nick's Civic MB6 VTI-S

    Nick got the STRS also but got Koni to make him spacers ... right ?
  9. james

    Nick's Civic MB6 VTI-S

    Thanks Nick for directing me to Detailing World and sparking my interest. RIP
  10. james

    VW Caddy

    Ya the BBS seem to be the wheel of choice,
  11. For the above i used artdeshine obsidian wax but i use polish angel esclate & master as well as an upgrade. Opti coat 2.0 will be my next adventure.