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  1. Burnt valve? When did u last adjust the valve lash
  2. Danoteg

    Burnt sparkplug?

    That's completely normal. Stick with standard ngk plugs, cheap cheerful work perfect and just change them more often
  3. As far as I know eg, ek ones are all the same. I have eg ones in mine at the moment and they fit fine
  4. Danoteg

    sun roof!

    Sorry to revive such an old thread lol but was this a whole headliner and sunroof removal job?
  5. Danoteg

    Headgasket :(

    Lol I regularly make sambos on my rocker cover so could have had a spillage ha ha. Car just passed nct (Ireland attempt at MOT) lol emissions were spot on and the car hasn't overheated since, stupid thing time to bin the D and insert B lol
  6. Danoteg

    Headgasket :(

    That was the first thing I done was change the thermostat flush the system and fresh coolant and rad cap. Was looking at them co2 testers on YouTube there today think I'll grab one during the week and do a test
  7. Danoteg

    Headgasket :(

    No haven't tried any sealers, I'm kinda against them lol from what I've came across in work of what they do to the inside of an engine block I'm not to keen on them
  8. Danoteg

    Headgasket :(

    Think I've got the beginning of a headgasket leak, car never over heats unless driven really hard but will however fill the expansion tank so I'm guessing I've got a leak from a cylinder into coolant passage. Odd thing is I commute the car every day in bad traffic and it never overheats, doesn't use coolant runs perfect it's very strange compared to other bad head gaskets I've seen. I've changed the thermostat and rad cap so far and hasn't helped. Also compression tested it and got 200psi across all 4 cylinders so I'm stumped lol. Should I change the water pump or bite the bullet and do the head work
  9. Also forgot to document my headlight mod, split and sprayed and removed the orange plastic reflector thing and removed the clear reflector from the indicator housing
  10. Grabbed some quick pics today between showers, pardon the terrible photography I'm pretty s**t with a camera lol
  11. Thanks lads appreciate it. Will get pics ASAP. Was fitting new cv boots today and went to re do the upper Control arm to the knuckle and the ball joint stud snapped while I was tightening it. Wouldn't mind it's only a month or two old and was only tightening with a small spanner. The joys of Chinese parts I suppose
  12. Only pic I've got so far been busy gonna try take a drive somewhere scenic and get some decent pics at some stage this week
  13. Danoteg


    Don't bother with any coilovers that arnt specifically for an aerodeck as the rear shocks are different heights an ek shock is a lot shorter than the aerodeck one so even with the coils as high up as they go the rear end will be dumped on its arse with no adjustment
  14. I've got no patience and no money ha hahaha
  15. Spent all day today sanding painting and fitting the kit will get some pics tomorrow, nearly cut the tip of my thumb off and I think I've got sunstroke lol . Was hard work but worth it. Also found it hilarious at how many different colours the kit was. Originally silver then red then red then pirates black then some sort of plasti dip orange lol
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