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  1. ben183

    Very Low mileage Silver MB6 VTi

    Hi Matt, Straight cash only I'm afraid. I will post up a couple more pics tomorrow in the original post, but if you'd like them direct to your email then please send me a mail or a text on the number above, and I'm happy to WhatsApp some over etc. Ben
  2. 2000 Honda Civic Vti 1.8 MB6 Vtec. Low miles. Silver. 58800 Genuine low miles. MOT certificates and Service history to verify mileage. Full Service History until 2014 when I purchased the vehicle. Serviced and maintained to a very high standard by myself and a local garage since then. Cambelt, Aux belts and water pump changed 11/3/15 at 54374 miles. 3 Former keepers, one of which was main dealer as this was a demonstrator. Air con in full working order, as are all the electrics. Vtec works perfectly. Excellent Condition interior. Bodywork blemishes are pictured but the vehicle is rust free and in very tidy condition. A very reluctant sale. Full Stainless Powerflow exhaust including new Catalytic converter and Tegiwa 4-2-1 Stainless manifold. AEM DryFlow induction kit. MG ZS 180 Anti Roll Bar and Drop links: Polybushed. New Foglights. Climair wind deflectors front and rear. New Pads/Discs all round. New rear calipers and refurbed front calipers. Braided Lines. Huge stack of receipts for service items over the last two years, the car has wanted for nothing. If you want to discuss exactly which parts have been fitted/filters/oil changed, please contact me directly as there is too much to list. Fresh MOT with no advisories. Any inspection welcome. Call/text 07981 472 506, or email ben183@hotmail.com with specific questions. Car is located in Worthing. NSF wheel has a dent which causes a slow puncture of the front tyre over a period of weeks: Full set of VTiS Fanblade alloys are included in the sale with Brand New OEM centrecaps and wheels nuts. I don’t have the means to get these refurbed and fitted anymore. Great condition and low miles, hence £2200. I would much rather sell to someone who knows what they are looking at and enjoys these cars, than go down the ebay route.
  3. ben183

    Spongy Brake Pedal after fitting new brakes

    Eventually it took a couple of new rear calipers and now things are working fine!
  4. ben183

    Spongy Brake Pedal after fitting new brakes

    Same size brakes. Very spongy initial pedal which firms up under repeated braking. Has anyone else had problems bleeding these?
  5. Hi there, Have just fitted a full set of refurbed calipers, pads, discs, braided lines and a full fluid swap to my MB6 but am now suffering with a very spongy brake pedal. I've bled each corner several times and even made sure theres no air in the ABS unit but there is still a lot of pedal travel and not much braking force. Is it possible there is still air in the system or is this likely a master cylinder problem? It was working fine before the "upgrade". Have seen multiple people with what seems to be the same problem after swapping out various braking components, but nobody has mentioned what the end solution was! Any help/suggestions much appreciated! Ben
  6. ben183

    Tailgate weatherstrips?

    Thanks Guys, I will get on to a Honda dealer as soon as business resumes. I would rather replace like for like but will go for the rover one if all else fails.
  7. ben183

    Tailgate weatherstrips?

    Yep number 12: I've looked on Lings Honda but they list it as "unavailable". I would rather buy a new one than find a second hand one if possible,
  8. ben183

    Tailgate weatherstrips?

    I'm trying to track down a new tailgate weatherstrip, has anyone else had success finding these online? I've tracked down MGZS ones but they seem to be a different design: The weatherstrip has a break in it, compared to the Honda one, which on mine is a continuous loop. Any advice much appreciated.
  9. ben183

    Windscreen Washer jets/motor broken?

    Thanks Chaps, easy enough to replace but a shame they're £56 plus VAT!!!
  10. Hi guys, opinions please: My windscreen washers jets wont work. when I try to activate them I can't hear the motor running at all. I'm trying to diagnose what is actually to blame so here's what I have come up with so far: - Its not a blocking caused by freezing, it just isn't that cold yet! -There are 2 motors on an MB6 washer bottle, one which does the headlights, and one which does the front and rear screen jets. Since the rear screen jet works (and I can hear the motor) when I use the switch, it cannot be a faulty motor. Am I correct that one motor does headlights, and another does front/rear screen, or are they split so that one does rear, and one does headlights/front screen? -the fuse for all washers etc is the same, so as the rear works, it can't be a blown fuse. It seems logical that the actual switch/control stalk is broken and not completing the circuit to activate the motor? Can anyone else think of a potential cause? It was working fine until this week...
  11. ben183

    Headrest removal

    Seems like they don't come out then! Thanks chaps!
  12. ben183

    Headrest removal

    I might be being stupid, but to remove the front headrests do they simply lift straight out? They don't seem to want to come free and I can't see any helpful buttons to press. Perhaps I am just not being forceful enough?
  13. ben183

    Trix's MB6

    Which clear side repeaters did you use? Have been looking for a set for my Silver MB6 but not sure on fitment! The car looks great, I'm heading in the same direction with mine...
  14. Finally found one: http://www.kimbercarparts.co.uk/Default.aspx
  15. Thanks Krzys, tried Eurocarparts to no avail. Can't find one listed anywhere online and Honda want silly money for it!