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  1. Hi guys, sorry for not updating this thread, but yes, the car went to its new owner the day before I left the country. Thanks for the interest regardless.
  2. Thanks man. Yeah I get they're not the most popular car around, but it's just about finding the right buyer! I've put it on a Honda Parts and Cars For Sale group on Facebook and it's picking up momentum and compliments galore on there so here's hoping she'll find her new owner soon.
  3. Well I'm going to have to drop the price, it's going down to £2,500 tonight. Just thought I'd start off with what I feel it was worth based on milage, condition and rarity – I know how hard it is to find a standard model with this amount of miles and in this sort of condition, so thought I'd see if there was anyone out there willing to pay what I was looking for first.
  4. Cheers mate! It really is a beauty. I wouldn't be getting rid if I wasn't leaving the country, but you can't have everything!
  5. It pains me to do this My beloved VTi-S is now for sale. It will be available at the end of November, as I fly out to Australia on the 27th, and will require use of the car to get to/from work until the 25th. Use this to your advantage, come and view it if you can, so you see for yourself that I'm not making any of this up. First, a bit of background... The car has had 3 owners from new, myself being the third. Its first was an old boy, who kept it garaged and seems to have only used it at weekends based on the milage it accumulated between MOTs. Not only that, but it was absolutely mint when my dad – its second owner, a now-retired Honda technician – bought it in a heartbeat, after seeing it get traded-in at the dealership where he was working at the time. He kept it for just over 3 years, performing 6-monthly services and keeping it in tip-top condition. It deserved nothing less, and he knew that. They were getting quite rare even back then, let alone finding a mint example on your doorstep with only 18,000 on the clock. Unfortunately after being made redundant on numerous occasions and eventually deciding to take an early retirement, my dad could no longer afford to keep the car and was pretty upset about it. At the time, I was driving a chavved up Vauxhall Corsa B and was craving something with a bit more 'go' (and a bit less 'oh, something's broken again'), so offered to buy the car off of him. This kept him happy as he didn't have to see it go, and on reflection, was easily one of the best decisions I've ever made. Of course, the benefit of having a retired mechanic for a dad means that he has all the time in the world to look after your car. Rest assured that no expense was spared to keep it looking and performing its best. The car now has ~59,700 on the clock, 40,000 of which have been accumulated in the last 4 and a half years. It's a shame they've racked up, but this is still quite low for a 16 (well, nearly 17) year old car. My dad says it's only just coming into its prime... But then he would say that, being 65 years of age himself Enough rambling, anyway. I just wanted to let the readers know that this car has been looked after, not ruined, and that its next owner will be getting their hands on a prime example of a great car. It starts first time every time, has no smoke, bangs or rattles, and drives perfectly. In the last 6 months alone, it's had new anti-roll bar linkages, new front discs and pads, new rear pads, a new exhaust, new power steering fluid (as it had a slow leak, which has now been fixed), new headlight washers, and replacement (look new) headlight lenses. Just this weekend gone, I also treated it to a professional descratch/polish/wax. It looks the absolute dogs danglies. Oh, and did I mention it's completely standard? So that means no interchanged MG parts, no messing around with ECUs or VTEC limits, no dustbin exhausts. It is literally just as it was when it came from the factory. Okay, I lied, it does have Climair wind deflectors on the front two doors, and I upgraded the head unit to a Pioneer CD/MP3 player, with the original having since been lost... It's also got a cone air filter fitted, however the original airbox will be provided, and/or fitted at the new owner's discretion. But apart from those things, it's completely standard. It also comes with the original 2 keys and alarm fobs, the red key, the door/boot unlock key (the one that won't start the car), as well as the original owners wallet, receipt of purchase and service history book (with stamps proving all servicing was undertaken at a Honda dealership until my dad took ownership). It also includes the original spare wheel, jack and wrench, VTi-S mats, fanblade wheels, aluminium-effect gear knob (not the cold metal one), and stainless steel exhaust tip. Bad points... Yes, there are some I'm afraid, but what do you expect for a car of this age?! Minor scuffs along the offside bottom corner of the front lip Small area of paint chipped away to the right of the VTi-S boot badge, which appears to have been filled in with a correction pen Ding in the small strip of metal above the nearside rear door (can't be seen unless you're looking for it) A/C doesn't work (possibly just needs regassing, but can't be certain as I've never had it investigated) A few minor dings to the alloy wheels, offside front being the worst. Never bad enough to bother me, but they could probably do with a refurb Very tiny stone chip on the passengers side of the windscreen (not spreading, so could be easily replaced on new owners insurance) Minor stone chips on the bonnet All of this could be yours for £2,250. Sound good? Don't hesitate to get in touch. This car MUST BE SOLD by 26th November, and I can't imagine it taking long. More photos here