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  1. Hey guys, Recently bought a japspeed 4-2-1 manifold for my mb3 (https://www.japspeed.co.uk/honda-civic-4-2-1-d-series-tubular-manifold.html) which said was a direct bolt on fitment to original standard/aftermarket cat/decat. Now I know on my civic the cat was in the manifold but I assumed the bore of the cat would be the same as the rest of the exhaust system (standard). It isn't. Bore of japspeed is 2" and I believe standard is 1.5"/1.75" as it's not a proper fit. I can fit it so it's not blowing but the rattling is hella annoying. Is there a 2" bore centre pipe and backbox (would assume the backbox would need to be the same size as centre pipe) that I can buy relatively cheap? I've tried looking but can only find stuff like m2 motorsport. Is an mb6 standard pipe 2" bore? Just asking because there's a couple of cheap ones on ebay. I would at some point change the rest of the exhaust system but want to fix/do other more important things first! (timing belt, handbrakes cables, etc)
  2. One has blown and they're a pain in the arse to get to but I'm also at work till late tonight. Would be nice to order them tonight to fit them tomorrow. Mb3 if that makes any difference
  3. I quite like it.... Way better then the previous versions. Though the triple exhaust is baffling. But there's a apparently a good reason.
  4. Interesting.. Mine idles around 500 too with no issues. On my Haynes manual it says the following: "The idle speed should be D14A2, D15z3, d16y2, d16y3 - 550 rpm +- 50" And for other other d series engines (d15 and d16) and all DOHC models it should be 480 +-50
  5. Ah hero. Unfortunately I'm the opposite side of the island! I live just north of London. I don't know how much of a pain in the arse it would be to post it. But if you could, That'd be ace. Obviously I'd pay for the postage and still happy to pay for it
  6. I know this is a bit rude, jumping in on your thread like this... But if you're not gonna use that VTIS lip...
  7. Ok, never mind. Sorted it. It was to do with the little balls and springs... Removed them all, noticed that one of the balls was actually stuck to the end of the bolt with the spring compressed... Tested the gears without them in (not splitting the case... Again!) And they moved very fluidly. Even reverse. Then used the old bolts, springs and balls from my old gearbox, torqued them up and she still goes though the box beautifully. So it was those balls. Good to know anyways... Getting excited now to drive my old civic again!
  8. So yesterday I rebuilt my gearbox. It felt fine and then when I started the car, going left/right didn't feel as smooth as it should. Couldn't get into 2nd at all and first was a bit clunky... 3rd, 4th, 5th and reverse felt fine. Really smooth in fact. So I started the process again and I've taking the box out. Took it all apart and started from scratch. Before I put the cover back on I test left/right feel as if it goes into all the gears smoothly. Feels perfect. Can't get it into reverse but never could. Felt the same when I put my old gearbox back together and that was fine. But when I put the cover on and torque all the bolts, I can't get into any gear. As far as I can tell, nothing has changed other than the cover. So why would doing that make it hard to change gear? Don't want to put it back in until I'm 100% certain it's good to go... So what the hell am I doing wrong? I put everything back in order following this guide and a YouTube video... http://www.d-series.org/forums/transmission-alley/14079-diy-tranny-removal-input-shaft-bearing-change.html#/topics/14079?page=1&_k=2zxw6u
  9. Also unavailable... Second hand it is. I guess I'll have to find some time in the future! Ah.... the things we do for ours cars...
  10. I replaced the clutch August last year... Though I have a feeling the clutch may be fubar from when I was trying to not stop/brake down in the middle of rush hour in Guildford after a road had been closed down... Right smack bang in the middle... Will see when I take it out tomorrow. I also took out the gearbox to replace the input shaft bearing just before new years but was sent the wrong size bearings... Then this happened. And since the bearing is a common failure on these Honda's I'd thought I'd play devil's advocate and replace the bearing on the new gearbox. Glad I did as the one in the new gearbox had failed too! thankfully the rest is in good nick. Smooth gear operation. Now to fit it in tomorrow morning Glad I saved myself several hours for £15 now...
  11. Well I managed to get one for £85 with 80k miles on it. Going to replace the main shaft bearing anyways since it seems to be a regular failure and I don't fancy removing the gearbox ever again!
  12. So my heater core is leaking. Only slightly but I can smell antifreeze through the fans. I know you basically have to remove the centre console among other things but can't seem to find where to buy a heater core... I'd rather have a new one rather than getting a second hand one from a scrap car. Surely they can't be too much since a new rad is like £50...
  13. Cheers guys. What price am I looking to pay? Cheapest I've found on ebay is 150 delivered... Am I looking at cheaper prices through breaker yards? And, err... do I need to take the gearbox off myself or do they do that? May be a silly question but never used breakers before...
  14. So, after wanting to replace the input shaft bearing for ages and being screwed over by the synchro bearing kit not being the right size and wasting my weekend, my gearbox finally gave up and I'm currently stuck on the side of the road waiting for recovery. So, gearbox is currently stuck in "5th". I say with the "" because when I release the clutch pedal, nothing happens. Car won't attempt to even move forward and revs don't drop. I can't shift out of "5th". Either with the engine on, off and/or with the clutch down or not. Clutch itself seems to be working fine/as normal and doesn't feel any different. If I try and shift out of "5th" without pressing on the clutch I hear the usual gearbox whine noise. So this all leads me to believe that it's more than just a simple bearing overhaul and more to do with the synchros, etc. Surely this now means a new to me gearbox is the way forward. But where do I source one? Last I looked on eBay I could only see some gearboxes for like £300 or more from mainland Europe... :/
  15. @Chandler Fair. The kit is meant to replace those two as well as 5 from tghe first picture and then 2 that are on one of the spindles. One of those two has an indent for the circlip to hold the box togetheer.
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