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  1. Hi Dave We all might get to meet next year at some point civic5 2021 mega meet
  2. Not posted in a long time. Car had full head re build All welding to cills floor and undersealed. All dints scratches done To be continued
  3. That some top work go in to your aerodeck it will live for another 20 years
  4. Hi same as mine been sat on the drive 3 months go Low compression need a rebuild so saving funds. Joys of owning old car
  5. Sad times Simon's silver aerodeck vti is off to it's new owner today not sure of his plans for her. These two aerodeck's have had some fun together as well with civic5 member's friends up Scotland.
  6. Time will tell not been out in the deck Will dyno it soon
  7. Long life exhaust. Near me went with 2.25 on the guys recommendation sounds ok . Not been out for a proper drive yet. straight pipe form mani up to back box's . Going to get them to dyno it in a week or two so will find out then.
  8. Went with 2.5 pick her up later on . Will be mapping it once other bits are done
  9. Am booked in for new custom exhaust on the 2nd January but the question is 2.1/4 inch or 2.5 inch ?????
  10. Hope to get her back later today fingers crossed.
  11. Not going to be selling her it's my play toy.loads still to do . Floor all done .
  12. Thanks Just hope all the work is done ready for weekend. She has not moved in nearly 4 weeks can not wait the daily has been a transit van .
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