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  1. Gav's vtis deck

    Time will tell not been out in the deck Will dyno it soon
  2. Gav's vtis deck

    Long life exhaust. Near me went with 2.25 on the guys recommendation sounds ok . Not been out for a proper drive yet. straight pipe form mani up to back box's . Going to get them to dyno it in a week or two so will find out then.
  3. Gav's vtis deck

    Will do Dave if it's not raining..
  4. Gav's vtis deck

    Went with 2.5 pick her up later on . Will be mapping it once other bits are done
  5. Gav's vtis deck

    Am booked in for new custom exhaust on the 2nd January but the question is 2.1/4 inch or 2.5 inch ?????
  6. My MB6 Work In Pogress :D

    Sweet ride mate
  7. Gav's vtis deck

    Hope to get her back later today fingers crossed.
  8. Gav's vtis deck

    Not going to be selling her it's my play toy.loads still to do . Floor all done .
  9. Gav's vtis deck

    Thanks Just hope all the work is done ready for weekend. She has not moved in nearly 4 weeks can not wait the daily has been a transit van .
  10. Gav's vtis deck

    She is being welded up today
  11. Gav's vtis deck

    Bit shocked too just one step at a time . She will all be good soon
  12. Gav's vtis deck

    The s**t repair was well hidden until the axle stand popped through the floor....
  13. Gav's vtis deck

    Crap floor repair being done properly
  14. Gav's vtis deck

    She's a work in progress
  15. Gav's vtis deck

    No credit card just hard cash