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    Live in the North of Scotland as a technical teacher.

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  1. JanPellegrom

    Daily MB2

    The Buckie Classic Car show, I am in the north east of Scotland. Most people seem ok as there was a few 90s cars in the show rota grids are the only wheel for me, I love the way they look!
  2. JanPellegrom

    Daily MB2

    Sorry for the delay. took the car to a classic car show for a laugh! It was actually good fun. Then the mods started! Lowered on Eibach springs, exhaust is a fox I think and wheels are Rota Grids.
  3. JanPellegrom

    Daily MB2

    cleaned the car and immediately had to drive the dirty back roads haha!
  4. JanPellegrom

    Daily MB2

    Awesome Christmas gift! Had one before and it is abit of fun but also very handy.
  5. JanPellegrom

    Daily MB2

    Yeah I had seen on here that’s they might be an issue but because the car only has 35k the are brand new and came out with ease thanks for the tip though!
  6. JanPellegrom

    Daily MB2

    This was a fun wee job, I enjoyed learning more about handbrake tensioners
  7. JanPellegrom

    Daily MB2

    Also side note, I have looked on here and what feels like all of the internet! Is there a decent bolt on backbox for the mb2? (Not a fart cannon, 2.5 to 3” size)
  8. JanPellegrom

    Daily MB2

    Recently fitted the mudflaps and bought a second hand armrest that cleaned up well! Starting to become a nice daily.
  9. JanPellegrom

    Daily MB2

    Same here, good find on the new ones. Two big plans are Meister r coil overs and rota grids in white, hopefully around spring next year. Beyond that just daily comfort things like armrest etc.
  10. JanPellegrom

    Daily MB2

    I did wonder but glad I got some before a Scottish winter.
  11. JanPellegrom

    Daily MB2

    so I have detailed the car for winter using AMDetails products. She came out nice for 19 years old. Also second hand mudflaps arrived today as the car oddly didn’t come with any.
  12. JanPellegrom

    Removing the cigarette lighter?

    Excellent thank you for the help, will give it a go at the weekend
  13. JanPellegrom

    Daily MB2

    Thanks for the posts, this was my old daily coupe. I want to do similar with the MB.
  14. JanPellegrom

    Removing the cigarette lighter?

    I’m hoping to fit interior neons and need to get behind the cigarette lighter for power. Does anyone know how I remove it? Any help would be great.
  15. JanPellegrom

    Daily MB2

    Hi all, new to the forum from the north of Scotland. Had three of civics in the past but this is my new daily. It is a 1 owner, full Honda service history, 33k on the clock and a 1.4 auto. Perfect daily. Plan is is to make it a simple clean daily, alloys, coil overs etc.