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  1. I've noticed at night time some of my switches don't light up does anyone know what type of twist fit bulbs i need to find/order to replace them?? ones i know are out are clock, mirror adj, headlight adj
  2. thanx guys - ordered bits from Jap Service Parts good prices too
  3. Looking for a service kit - rather than looking for individual items need fuel filter and spark plugs mainly - but can't find a specific kit for the b18c4 ?? are the kits the same as the B16 ?? or will i need to order/find individual items that i need ? Thanx
  4. GavEg

    lowering MB6

    well sunday is the next day we can have to try again my mate has another set of coilovers ( unknown brand , can't find anything on internet with numbers stamped on them ) they are in better condition and can be adjusted, so we gonna give them a go on sunday and also after fitting my b-pipe i found the rear box is blowing, so we gonna sort that too hopefully will update with pics on sunday night
  5. my other option is to do a b16 swap sell my 52k c4 swap and get a b16 and my mate has more parts for me lol
  6. GavEg

    lowering MB6

    fitted the Koni coilovers (from a Teg) tonight well it is a little low lol - handles very well, but think we may have to change them as bit low for everyday use
  7. ok cool - well i missed out on a catback toyo sports system on ebay it had a s**t halfords air filter when i got it - also had standard air box in boot - so put that back on for now need to sort out the hole in backbox so maybe i don't have a v-tec problem then after all this need to get coilovers fitted, then make the evo recaros fit , and then reshen up the dc2 alloys and get some tyres for them
  8. ooh thanx for that @noodels saw them lying around when unloaded the van, so will have to try get them off my mate
  9. oh right so not like a b16 or h22 at all?? lol well i have replaced my b-pipe as it snapped by the silencer, but after that it seems i also have a blow in my backbox so listening for any noise is hard lol so how are these different? have i decided on the wrong engine i love v-tec and honda's - i want v-tec lol
  10. it's totally standard is the v-tec on these not like on b16 or h22 ?
  11. HI guys i have lost v-tec on my MB6 oil level is fine yes car is warmed up before trying v-tec ( had other honda's and an ATR before ) no EML on no i havn't done paperclip test yet - as no EML on just after any help/tips/advice on what it coulb be
  12. cool - thanx for that @dogg1210 may be useful to me - but i have seats only and will have a spare set of mb6 rails to use, lets hope it's an easy job. will bolt rails to car and put seat in place and take it from there i think
  13. also - what u guys reckon is a good wheel colour to go for on a silver car ? not into white or black really!! gunmetal grey maybe ? any other suggestions ?
  14. any tips (maybe some pics) of when u fitted them? like how u modded the mb6 seat rails to fit them?
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