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  1. Hello, I have the same problem on a mb9 How Can I replace the door actuator ? It's difficult to remove... Thx
  2. Hello, I use this topic to ask the same. I found this : it seems matching in my 1998 MB9 Civic : https://www.natcar.pl/pl/p/Dystanse-MDF-Honda-Accord-Civic-CRX-Prelude-Rover-400-45-600-MDF-D.05/63 But no way to get shipped (I'm from france) Does the Vauxhall astra H / Corsa D is okay for our Civic ? Cheaper and easier to find.... thx !
  3. Otarie

    Aerodeck camper

    I found this picture ... which show that it will be complicated : However, this picture shows a long trunk whitout the rear seats : Idk why, the seat bottom seems not perpendicular to the road in this last picture.
  4. Otarie

    Aerodeck camper

    Hello, I plan to buy an estate car soon. I'm interested about the civic aerodeck, but I have to ask to the owners before : What is the maximum length of the trunk? with the rear seats folded down I want to do a low budget camper, the aerodeck seems ok (because I am small...) Thx!
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