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  1. hmm, yeah there's no oil sign on the driveway. But i checked today and the oil magicly appeared again because it's now passed the maximum oil gauge. I am going to check every 3 to 4 days if the level changes. An other question. I see alot of people run window visors but my question is where do you get it from. Because i only found the one from "team heko" but thats with clips and i like the climair more that holds itself in place. Thanks!
  2. Good afternoon boys, I finally got around and swap a other 1.5 vtec-e engine in my aerodeck. But the issue i am having now is when i check the dipstick after each week. The dipstick from the oil is far below minimum so i need to top it of. My oil warning on the dash dont come on, strangly enough. So the oil is gone? The car doesn't smoke doesn't smell oil. Doesn't sound like it is dry. But is this normal? Or is it really using oil without symptons showing . I like to hear some possibilities Thanks
  3. Yes please if you can ! I like to know what can be that cheap hahaha cause i am looking also for some coilovers
  4. Well, on the motorway there is no overheating issue. The problem is when i exit the motorway and drive through the city with traffic lights. It's like that the fan doesn't work. but i already checked and that works fine. Yesterday i drove for like 30 min. And there was no overheating issue. Only in the expansion canistor of the radiator. You can hear a blubbling sound when you shut the car off. Also i can feel a very strong pressure in the expansion canister and when i opened it, the fluid was raised to 4 or 5 cm above maximum ( Cold engine its 1 cm above minimum) the only thing i can think of is that the pressure of the compression stroke of the engine is pushing through a tiny tiny hole in the headgasket which lead to the cool channels. Which gives a pressure in the system ( That explains the amount of little bubbles, when i rev the engine, in the radiator.). i've just ordered a head gasket leak tester to just make sure it is in fact the head gasket. But if not, maybe the waterpump ? There is alot of stuff coming in this week so my house will be full of service parts. So i have enough to do in my free time.
  5. Absolutely Twan, Hi Dave, Thanks for the warm welcome! Yeah i meant the head gasket. for the skimming part i need to look at the head itself. Because the head gasket leak is a veryvery tiny one. It doesn't smoke at the exhaust, it doesn't has the Sludge on the oilcap. It doesn't really smell like Cooling Liquid out the exhaust. So maybe i am in time for just replacing the head gasket. The only thing i can see that could be te sign( My final Conclusion), is when the radiator cap is off. And i start the engine.When the engine is cold i cannot see of hear any leaks, also i can't see any bubbles that can appear because of the compression stroke of the engine. The only time i see the bubbles (Very little ones) appear , is when the engine is at operating temperature when i rev the engine up at that moment there will appear tiny airbubbles. I've checked the thermostat but that is working just fine so that's not it.
  6. Good afternoon to all, My name is Samuel , I am a dutch automotive student that studies Automotive Engineering. I've recently bought a bargian if i may say so. Thanks to Twan who is also a Aerodeck owner here i bought it. Hereby i introduce to you my 1999 Civic Aerodeck 1.5 V-tec-E. for 300 Euro. This car is only Honda Dealer Serviced so no third party's had touch this car for repairs and service. It has a fully new APK ( A yearly check up). And i know you guys will think, why is it so cheap. Well...... It has a cooling issue which i cannot source the problem. I thought of a air bleeding issue in de cooling system. It overheated when a have exited the runway so no Wind that cools the liquid. The fan works totally fine. So the only thing that i have concluded is that it has a bad gasket leak. So i will repair that in a couple of weeks, this and ofcourse some new fluids. new oil, new clutch and new sparkplugs while i am at it. But hereby i will end with some pictures.( It is quite dirty because did not had time to wash it good ! )
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