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  1. Started with a little experiments a few months ago, just something to keep me busy in between jobs etc. Started out with an extra stock lid that goes on top of the trunk. Added a piece of plastic to lengthen it, melted it to shape and filled it with expanding foam This was still super experimental, started to cut the foam to shape but to start over since I wasnt satisfied with the basic shape. Also the third brake light position wasnt much to my liking. So back to the drawing board! Felt it was too short to, so I extende
  2. almost done, last step is getting everything aligned!
  3. Getting to the point where I can say that the car is "finished". I'm working on to get her as flush as possible, which was the initial idea when I got the new borbet wheels. The rear is close to perfection, but the front needs dropforks since my coilovers are maxed out. Waiting on those and hope to install soon. Here's how she sits right now
  4. Thanks! The brace hooks up to the mounting points for the dog guard. There are two holes behind the two plastic caps in the roof trim, it just bolts into that ;)
  5. Hi guys, sorry for being away for a while, Hinata is still driving and passed MOT just a few days ago, about to put everything back together. I want to go about an inch lower, but first I'll have to reweld some pieces of the exhaust since it's hanging quite low and is pressing on the bottom of the chassis, once thats done I'll finally get to my desired fitment and the car will be "finished" The new motor is still running like a champ, I did have to install a new starter after many years of duty. Makes a lot more lively noise now ;) Also working on custom roof ducktail s
  6. Had some pictures taken last week, she's getting so close to how I want her to be. Fitted this really cool crossbar strut in the back, more form than function but hey it looks alright. Also got some new engine bay goodies that I'll show off soon!
  7. Been away for a long time again, a lot happened and more money has been spent on her than I'd be comfortable with, but noy oh boy does she look and drive the part again. New engine, new wheels, new clutch, removed some things, added some things. Too much to write down. Very happy with how she turned out. And dare I say it; she's almost finished. You ever hear that? A finished project car? What a journey it has been these past 3 years of owner ship. So grateful
  8. Thank you all! this my first time I've won car of the month, quite an honour
  9. Hi, yesterday I was fiddling with my rear indicators. Started testing them on the hazard lights, they shortcircuited and I blew the fuse. Being the lazy bell end I am, i didnt replace the fuse immediatly and figured I'd continue testing on the turn signals. Of course, i shorted them again. Replaced the hazard light fuse under the hood and the hazards work again but no turn signals. Now tried replacing the relay in the under-dash fusebox but it didn't work. Kinda lost now, anyone know if there is a different fuse that I don't know of or some module that needs replacing? Please
  10. Got them of, being careful to remove the covers on rear and front. Requires a little patience but by prying them upwards with a screwdriver they came off. Only broke 1. Under the covers are torx screws that came off relatively easy. No hassle
  11. Hi there! Does anyone know how to get the roofrails off of an Aerodeck? Are they mounted from the inside or can I just pull them right off? Als does anyone know how to remove the covers on the front and rear of the rails without breaking them?
  12. Let's try again. New shoes coming soon! Hopefully going to get it all together after this Covid-19 madness
  13. Still a ton of work to be done, working on better fitment as we speak! lots of cool stof incoming!
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