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  1. Aerokek

    Aerodeck vti breaking

    Have you managed to sell the midwing and rear lip yet?
  2. Hello, I'm selling this MB6 VTI rear lip. Resprayed in Titan Silver (NH614M) and in good condition. Also willing to trade for a MB9 (aerodeck) VTI rear lip. price is debatable
  3. Aerokek

    Switchback LED's in corners

    That's close, but not exactly what I'm looking for. I need the corners to light up white when driving and then switch to flashing orange when indicating. I did find a kit on the internet, but they're T20 or T25, not sure if I can make it work since the standard turnsignal bulbs are a T10 I believe, correct me if I'm wrong :)
  4. Aerokek

    Switchback LED's in corners

    Hi, I'm looking for some switchback LED bulbs to light up the headlight corners of my MB9, does anyone know a good kit? Preferably a kit with resistors and everything in it, just plug and play. I believe the turnsignal bulbs are T10's, Does anyone have a specific bulb or kit that they recommend?
  5. Aerokek

    Civic Aerodeck MB9 (Hinata)

    Thank you! Can the ones one the doors just be pried off with a plastic tool or do they have screws on the inside??
  6. Aerokek

    Civic Aerodeck MB9 (Hinata)

    Thanks dude, those are custom made, I used to have the big OEM foglights, but decided to sell them. Basically, what i did was get one of those plastic covers for the bumper from a scrapyard, drilled holes in them for the DRL/foglight unit (just got em from wish, they're not the best quality though. The inner foglights gave up. Still looking for better ones) ran some new wires to a button in the dash and wired the inner light up to the existing fog light harness.
  7. Aerokek

    Civic Aerodeck MB9 (Hinata)

    Also going to be scoring some new license plates this weekend and finally get rid of the old dirty and worn ones. Theres still loads more to be done, thinking about wheel spacers and a more agressice stance. Maybe some camber.
  8. Aerokek

    Civic Aerodeck MB9 (Hinata)

    Hey guys, it's been some time and I'm proud to say that a lot has been done. Some things didnt really work out. But most of it did. Some of ehich were surprisingly easy. Here are some pictures of what Hinata looks like right now Here's a list of most things that have been done since the last time I posted : Roofrack VTi skirts and front lip Proper winter tyres Restored headliner (black) Fixed the little dash clock Major cleaning, polishing and waxing New floor mats Strutbar Started making preparations for a mini-me swap New dent free bonnet Respray of various parts Did get a start engine push button and killswitch but sadly it was causing issues so I had to remove it, might redo it sometime. Custom Low-pass subwoofer-ish speaker A-pillar Tweeters! Yaaaay! Other bits and bobs here and there. I dont remember correctly cause I've been super busy with the deck :) Im trying to figure out how to remove the exterior trim strips, i would like to restore them using paint. Or keep em on there and treat them with some plastic conditioner and protectant. If anyone has any tips, let me know.
  9. Aerokek

    Civic Aerodeck MB9 (Hinata)

    Found em, they're produced by a company called Maxpeedingrods.com , they used to be for sale on amazon but not anymore I believe. It's just their EG set. They come with spacers and everything so you should be good
  10. Aerokek

    Civic Aerodeck MB9 (Hinata)

    Still have those, they now function as my winter set
  11. Aerokek

    Civic Aerodeck MB9 (Hinata)

    I don't know a specific brand, but they're about 270 euro's from some german ebay kinda site. I could look up the link to the product. They feel amazing compared to the s**tty coilovers I had before. They also have an adjustable pre-load which is awesome since I like my springs a little stiffer than usual.
  12. Aerokek

    Civic Aerodeck MB9 (Hinata)

    Thanks bro! Did come with those rare OEM headlights, but I decided to sell them for a pretty penny and go for a more modern look. I just like it more this way.
  13. Aerokek

    Civic Aerodeck MB9 (Hinata)

    MAJOR UPDATE!!! Alright it's been a while, but here she is right now she's back on coilovers and sweet, way too sweet rims that I got for dirt cheap Here's a list of most things done in the past few months: LED DRL's LED Headlights New splitter Roofrack Rims Toyo proxes Coilovers Custom rear speakers Custom mesh grill Custom emblem New interior LED's Coming up Strutbar Spoiler Start switch/button
  14. Hey guys, i have this problem that every few months, my right rear brake light stops working. I've swapped the bulb 3 times now and I'm fearing the problem lies somewhere else. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance. Jeroen