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  1. Aerokek

    CAR OF THE MONTH - March 2020

    Thank you all! this my first time I've won car of the month, quite an honour
  2. Aerokek


    Hi, yesterday I was fiddling with my rear indicators. Started testing them on the hazard lights, they shortcircuited and I blew the fuse. Being the lazy bell end I am, i didnt replace the fuse immediatly and figured I'd continue testing on the turn signals. Of course, i shorted them again. Replaced the hazard light fuse under the hood and the hazards work again but no turn signals. Now tried replacing the relay in the under-dash fusebox but it didn't work. Kinda lost now, anyone know if there is a different fuse that I don't know of or some module that needs replacing? Please help. Need to get her working again by the end of this weekend!
  3. Aerokek

    Roofrails delete?

    Got them of, being careful to remove the covers on rear and front. Requires a little patience but by prying them upwards with a screwdriver they came off. Only broke 1. Under the covers are torx screws that came off relatively easy. No hassle
  4. Aerokek

    Roofrails delete?

    Hi there! Does anyone know how to get the roofrails off of an Aerodeck? Are they mounted from the inside or can I just pull them right off? Als does anyone know how to remove the covers on the front and rear of the rails without breaking them?
  5. Aerokek

    CAR OF THE MONTH - March 2020

    Let's try again. New shoes coming soon! Hopefully going to get it all together after this Covid-19 madness
  6. *wind blows and a tumbleweed rolls by* Man I thought the UK would have plenty of puddles or other reflective surfaces.. where are all the contenders at?
  7. Looks sharp mate, should get my rear side windows tinted as well
  8. @aerokek on instagram for more pictures and info on the build
  9. Still a ton of work to be done, working on better fitment as we speak! lots of cool stof incoming!
  10. Aerokek

    Civic Aerodeck MB9 (Hinata)

    Been busy, finished my rear disc swap and finally glasscoated the beauty!
  11. Aerokek

    Civic Aerodeck MB9 (Hinata)

    Another quick update, finally found a rear lip! Also removed my rear seats. About halfway through a rear discbrake conversion. Waiting for parts I'm so close to being done with this project and it's crazy to see the progress I've made. I learned so much and it makes me want to buy another car and do it all again. things that are still on my list: mini-me conversion (I have all the parts, nust not the knowledge to do it by myself.) a respray or wrap? Different seats? Harness bar and harnesses? Spacers and camber arms? New clutch and other maintenance related stuff Wide fenders? Also have to redo my audio in the back since the seats are removed, have to think of something first though. Maybe a sub in the rear cover panels? Hope the one that reads this is enjoying my build as much as I am. But it's not perfect, hope I can get her there.
  12. Aerokek

    MB6 VTI rear lip (Titan Silver)

    Yes this one is for an MB6, I discovered thst the hard way trying to fit it under my aerodeck haha. Sure I'll take some pictures when I get home. I live in The Netherlands, so I'm gonna have to ship it. I have received packages from the UK via the Hermes Light and Large service, but I don't know if they "go both ways" so I'll have a look for ya. Price sits around €140 since it's in really good shape including shipping. Do you have whatsapp? Would be easier to come to a deal that way
  13. Aerokek

    Metal door sills?

    Yeah I meant that it's a set of four weird, somebody must have had a really bad deal then. maybe they're worth a little more in this part of europe. but thanks for the info guys!