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  1. Harness mounting points?

    Hi there guys, I was wondering, and this is probably a stupid question but I've been wanting proper bucket seats and a harness for sometime now, but just don't know a good mounting spot for the harnesses. Now what I've found is these two points that might be suitable, but I'm not sure. They are around shoulder height so that's good but I don't know if the points are adequately strong enough to hold the harnesses. I don't know if a harness bar is going to fit so I thought maybe these would do. Please help
  2. Interior lights?

    Hi there fellow civic drivers, I have the plan to replace my stock interior lights with some blue LED ones, my question is (before I go destroying my interior) what's the best way to get the interior lights out? (The one in the front on the roof and the one in the back on the roof, for the trunk) is it a simple click system or is there more work to be done and more care to be taken. Please let me know
  3. 17198017_1841029799255922_967548531_n.jpg

    Gotta admit that's pretty rice.