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    on my 3rd civic. back in hatch. dont build my car like other ppl. live in devon

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  1. Did wheels.in nighthawk black with extra black glitter added.and my new cold air feed to get more cold air to filter
  2. Been trying look on here and Google on how to fit a short shifter to my mb2. Pretty sure I read somewhere a few years ago that if get one for a ek or eg civic you had modify a part to make it fit. Has anyone fitted one and which did you get and how did you fit it as trying find out ASAP. Any help be great
  3. New half leather seats are in. Door cards to do 2moz
  4. Looking for full set of half leather seats that can be posted to me. Having so much trouble with it
  5. Thanks i have forza horizon 4 and forza 5 for xbox one to. Did video on fitting it
  6. Thank you. And forza is only way I can lol
  7. So got a mg steering wheel to go on car. And painted wheels grey with glitter and put some stickers on it. Not got all them yet. Did idea on forza
  8. Looks good but wot happen to the duck tail?
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