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    on my 3rd civic. back in hatch. dont build my car like other ppl. live in devon

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  1. will update this soon. tried Facebook but as account got hacked it not let me on group no more
  2. That's dude. Yeah think spoiler suits it. And yes was a ebay one. If inbox me one fb can send link
  3. i them got a mg 18mm rear anti roll bar so drilled lca out and fitted that. redid tyre writing again and put eye brows on headlights. was given a evo 8 spoiler by freand and with the mg rear lip spoiler on car it fitted up nicely. i then got a ebay rubber spoilet bit to sit on spoiler blade as wasnt paying £100+ for evo real one that looks the same. i then bought new rear window sticker and some bonnet louvers. i painted them black and cut bonnet and riveted them on. as had the bonnet vents i bought a cover for filter so it didnt get wet and also put cold air feed up to that. after a bit got board of the bright camo so removed it and did a matt and gloss camo design on it. also changed grill badge back to the oem H. so this how car looks right now. have bit honey combe stickers on rear lights and partner got me a pika train handle thing for birthday. and a friend buying me some aero catches for bonnet soon.
  4. as you can see front splitter middle part was to small so bought a bigger one and looked loads better. then i resprayed bonnet to make it shiny. bought a 2 inch gear extension and new gear knob and feels loads better. few pics how car looked for little while
  5. so i have been busy with car and not uploaded much so here we go i put some glitter strips on car. then bought new exhuast system as other got drone big time. my steering wheel was abit gross so put cover on it. then tinted headlight in colour shift film. added a carbon fibre tip to back box. then got gsi bonnet vents and painted same colour as car. teh changed headlights to yellow tint film. the wrap on car was starting to peel so removed it and had paint peel to :( . got some bride fabric to put over parcel shelf. as had paint peel i sanded some bits down and painted it black. then dad let me borrow his spare 16 inch wheels to see if liked them on car so did tyre writing and fitted them. didnt stay on very long. got myself a leather handbrake cover to try make look nicer. refitted engine damper and made own a/c blank off plate. got some mugen pedals. got a s600 badge and fitted to grill. added few more stickers. i then colour coded front and rear splitters and side skirts. i then went and bought few differnt colour vinyl and did my own camo design on car. managed to find a set of projector headlights with halo rings so had to buy them asap. as my throttle body gasket was f**ked i got myself a thermo one and while at it a brake booster stopper. i then hit some horse s**t at 60mph and snapped front splitter but vtis lip was 100% fine. so had buy another front splitter
  6. Done more to car since last posted will upload some pics of bits done very soon
  7. Never finished. Has huge spec list already 2000 honda civic mb2, mb6 vtis front lip, wish 3pc splitter, splitter bars, yellow jdm ek fogs, light bar, bumper cover holes with halo indicators in, canards, civic ek grill with grey mb civc H, headlights inside painted black, black crystal side indicators. Mg zs wing mirrors, mg zs side skirts, rover wind deflectors, tinted rear door glass, mb6 vtis rear lip, rear lip extensions, small defusser, rear bumper holes with plate covers and mesh, mg zs 180 rear number plate surround, tinted civic ma rear lights, mg rear lip spoiler, mg zs rear wing, vortex roof fins, has a kanjo style wrap on it, on 15 inch ats cups sprayed black with silver glitter with toyo tires, lowered on coilovers ( new coilovers soon ), brembo disc and pads, custom cat back exhaust system, aem induction pipe with k&n filter, front strut brace, password jdm bolt kit, password jdm radiator bracket, password jdm s2000 battery tie down, password jdm wire holder, domo covers, japspeed radiator, radiator shroud, engine paint black, bay painted black, rocker cover black and yellow raising sun. Middle finger oil cap, vti half leather seats and matching door cards,Mg zs steering wheel, mg Ash tray, speedo lights changed to yellow and blue, headliner removed, roof painted black with sweet vinyl in cut outs, mg arm rest, bride jdm headrest pillows, bride jdm seat belt pads, bride jdm armrest pad, bride jdm shifter gator, spoon sports gear knob, blue drift button, volt pillar gauge, wide view rear mirror and few odd stickers here and there. Think that all might of missed bits and still more to come for it
  8. miss seeing this car. when bring it down here again soon
  9. little update. got some tire stencils, got a mg zs number plate thing. it had be made to fit and not perfect and not straight fit. got mg zs ash tray a think looks cleaner. new initial d cup holder. puzzle stickers on roof. got some new maxpeeding rod coilovers. and did matt black glitter strips.
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