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    on my 3rd civic. back in hatch. dont build my car like other ppl. live in devon

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    Craig blight
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  1. Craigblight86

    My mb2

    cheers. It deffo is bright lol. Yep hope it stands out and ppl see it lol
  2. Craigblight86

    My mb2

    so few more bits done. put more glitter on wheels. paint brakes, subframe and lca yellow. fitted a 4 inch tip to back box instead of 3inch tip. wrapped the inside car and fitted new gear knob. wrapped rear bumper hole things gloss black. fitted m6 mirrors and fitted 2 yellow horns
  3. Craigblight86

    HI new on the group

    Such a nice car
  4. Craigblight86

    My mb2

    Few more bits
  5. Craigblight86

    My mb2

    So more done today. Part wrapped. Lowered a bit and headlights yellow. More to be done soon
  6. Craigblight86

    Daves MA8 Civic

    Shame the rust got to it. Would love one again
  7. Craigblight86


    See this a lot looks wide
  8. Craigblight86

    My mb2

    It don't go under engine. And it a little longer. Will take pics later. Was for newer civic
  9. Craigblight86

    Daves MA8 Civic

    Miss my old ma8. Loved that thing
  10. Craigblight86

    My mb2

    New front lip on. Side skirt extensions and rear bumper bit to come
  11. Cheers. Having bit more work done to it soon. Had its mot other day bloke said no rust under it at all. Solid car and 88k miles. Got cheap to
  12. Craigblight86

    My mb2

    Couldn't get into old account so started new one hope that ok. This my civic