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    on my 3rd civic. back in hatch. dont build my car like other ppl. live in devon

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  1. Thanks i have forza horizon 4 and forza 5 for xbox one to. Did video on fitting it
  2. Thank you. And forza is only way I can lol
  3. So got a mg steering wheel to go on car. And painted wheels grey with glitter and put some stickers on it. Not got all them yet. Did idea on forza
  4. Looks good but wot happen to the duck tail?
  5. Top pic is 2 years ago middle is a year ago and bottom is now
  6. Looks good. I wanted kanjo my aerodeck but didn't. Have kind of with the mb2 tho. Here was my aerodeck
  7. Big relief to see it that clean. And stock skirts flipped upside down Yeah glad I don't have worry about it at all and deffo be keeping it for awhile. Yep bolted on the stock skirts. Yep I thunk it cool and got loads of likes on Facebook
  8. Took side skirts off today and so clean and rust free not even surface rust on them. Bolted the other side skirts on today to. Deffo looks lower.
  9. So has been awhile but done few bits. Changed my sunstrip to a camo blue one. Got board of the black strips on own so did black pearl glitter strips on it. Wrapped headlights in a lighter black. Ripped paint of wing so put a extra strip over that and glitter plaster over top. Fitted some stickers to rear wind. Fitted drift button as hated chrome handbrake button. Removed sticker bomb from roof and wrapped it in black pearl glitter and painted bits black. Have a new Honda badge for rear and got a 1973 civic badge as think looks kool. Have a new tow strap to go on and few bits on order I'm waiti
  10. looking at getting some mg zs side skirts do mk1 and mk2 fit???
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