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    on my 3rd civic. back in hatch. dont build my car like other ppl. live in devon

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    Craig blight
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  1. Craigblight86

    My mb2

    Just few blue leds
  2. Craigblight86

    My mb2

    Yep bit less in your face
  3. Craigblight86

    My mb2

    Thanks. Forgot to put that took front canards off to. Looks cleaner
  4. Craigblight86

    My mb2

    Painted engine bay. Removed sticker bomb from under bonnet and wrapping it in pearl black. Sprayed the strut brace and the intake pipe. Think looks a lot better
  5. Craigblight86

    My mb2

    They have given me a full refund and still have the alternater so I'm going to see if can get it rebuilt
  6. Craigblight86

    My mb2

    Thank you So new alternater s**t itself so back to old one and try get refund
  7. Craigblight86

    My mb2

    So new alternater came today so went and fitted it. No more whinning in engine bay and car sounds so much better
  8. Craigblight86

    My mb2

    So today I took the stickers off the rear window and off roof. Few pics of how looks. And few how it did look to the look now
  9. Craigblight86

    My mb2

    Thanks dude
  10. Craigblight86

    My mb2

    So I removed the yellow off the car
  11. Craigblight86

    My mb2

    Yeah I'm liking the smoked ones better and fogs where bought with yellow glass as they the jdm ek fog lights
  12. Craigblight86

    My mb2

  13. Craigblight86

    My mb2

    2 pics from trip out yesterday don't look to bad
  14. Craigblight86

    My mb2

    So took yellow headlight tint off and tinted them in a light black. Fitted new air filter and a exo racing engine damper kit. Fitted some black seat covers so didn't have tan front seats and grey back seats. And fitted a 10 inch 14 year old vibe sub that I forgot how loud they was. Also did a oil change on it and fitted new drain plug
  15. Craigblight86

    My mb2

    Cheers. Still needs work