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    My name is Michael i am from Republic of Moldova. 2 Months ago i became the owner of a very nice car, 1997 Honda Civic MB3. I had a Mazda 3 before so i am not very familiar with this car, but i already like it. Would like to be part of your community as the car has some issues (like any other car) that should be fixed or at least see what other people do to their cars.

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    26-30...not so youngster!
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  1. I've passed my anual mechanical inspection. However i was told that my rear brakes' perfom poor. Any ideas what could be the culprit? I've changed everything on my front end brake system but did not change the rear hoses yet. Can this cause the rear brakes to perform poorly?
  2. Good day, i am interested in bushing numbers for the rear anti roll bar on my MB3. I would like to get the real OEM article numbers, thank you
  3. Thanks this is my new old friend 1997 MB3
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