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  1. Hey there, I downloaded the Civic manual as I was looking for the bolt sizes and torque requirements for fitting. the LCA bolts are 14x1.5mm but it doesn't say what length they are? I need bolts for the compliance bushing that bolts into the chassis. picture below does anyone know the length of these bolts ? Kind regards
  2. Hi everyone, Thought I'd write up a post to help a few people out. Spent 2 hours researching this today. It is possible to fit after market seats in an MB model civic without a tailored/specially fitted subframe. So for all of those that would like a sportier seat, or some racing seats, this is how you do it and what you need List of parts: Seat (of your choice) Universal side mount rails Base mount conversion rails (you will only need these if you are buying seats with base mount/bottom fitting only) How to install seat seat: Remover factory seats and rails from car Remove factory rails from factory seat install universal side mounts to factory rails ( some bolts may need to be removed or cut off) put factory rails back into car with universal mounts attached Install base mount conversion brackets to side mounts install seat to base mount bracket If you have a seat that is side mounts only you will not need the base mount conversion bracket. you can skip step 4 and install the seat directly to the universal side mounts. The great thing about the universal side mounts is that you have a lot of choice in how you can position your seat. meaning you can have more lean in the seat. be higher up or lower down. this is all depend ending on the side mounts you buy and the amount of holes available. List of parts and seats I used to make this possible: Seat - Sparco R100 - https://www.demon-tweeks.com/uk/sparco-r100-seat-7000253/ Side Mounts - Sparco Steel Side Mounts - https://www.demon-tweeks.com/uk/sparco-steel-side-mounts-s-s004902/ Base mount conversion - OMP Base Mount Conversion Brackets - https://www.demon-tweeks.com/uk/omp-base-mount-conversion-brackets-omphc0-0660/ Hope this helps anyone still trying to figure out how to do this.
  3. Hey everyone I had my Honda civic MB3 for over a year now but I wanted but put a Bee R rev limiter in de car for some pops and bangs but I have a stock ecu with a 26Pin 16Pin and 22Pin connector of a D15Z8 engine. So my question is it possible to put a Bee R in this car and witch wires do I need to use to make it work. I have looked online for information put I cant find any with this connector type. All of the video's online that I have seen are different wire ring and different connectors.
  4. Hi, I'm looking to upgrade my exhaust as it currently has a hole and its very loud. I would like to de-cat it and I have seen a solid manifold from gravity performance however they don't sell mid pipe or back boxes. Would anyone have any suggestions for a straight pipe centre piece and a decent back box? Thanks.
  5. Hello everyone, This is my Honda Civic MB3, 90k miles. I just came across this forum today, is there any active members? It needs some work doing however its a blast to drive!
  6. Hi! My car has lock/unlock for all doors but only if using the key on the drivers door. I wanna install a remote central locking kit and I found some guides in this forum so I´m recently bought a Hawk Alarm HA-008 kit. The installacion "works ok" but the remote central locking only lock/unlock the rear doors The question is, Has someone have a photo where I can see how is connected or where are the cables came from? An image is attached to show how is "connected" right now. Best regards!
  7. I've passed my anual mechanical inspection. However i was told that my rear brakes' perfom poor. Any ideas what could be the culprit? I've changed everything on my front end brake system but did not change the rear hoses yet. Can this cause the rear brakes to perform poorly?
  8. Hi fellas i want to present my Honda Civic. Things i have done to it: Changed gear oil, gasoline filter and other consumers lol. Had fitted a Vti front spoiler, painted the side skirts colour coded, painted the índice of the headlights black, the grill black and the symbol is wraped in carbon fiber, and i have some more projects in the making. cheers
  9. Greetings everyone. It's been a long time since I've posted anything on here civic5 related. Been a member on here since 2013 when I got my last Aerodeck before a tour in Afghanistan. I used to have that weird one off 2.0 Turbo Diesel Aerodeck back in the day. It was fun but dealing with Rover parts wasn't at all. Ever since I came back to America I the itch for another Aerodeck. There are plenty out there, but I wanted one in the Orleans Blue Pearl color, specifically the 1.8 VT-i version of the Aerodeck. I looked and looked and finally found one, but with one catch: the floorboards were totally rust-rotted out in multiple places. So, after I gave up on that idea, this 98 MB3 Aerodeck popped up. With the help of my wife we set up a meeting with the seller to seal the deal. 1998 Honda Civic Aerodeck MB3 1.5 VTEC, D15Z8 SOHC Orleans Blue Pearl 294,684 km on the vehicle and still drives smooth, but this thing was slammed to the ground. Picked it up on my last trip to Germany and now it’s parked at the in-laws waiting for the 25-year rule to ship it to the States. I got some nice plans for this car when it gets stateside. I hope the importing process isn’t a pain in the butt though.
  10. sh4wzy

    Tyre Size

    Hello everyone, I recently picked up some Civic Jordan alloys for my MB3 and got them refubished. I've checked the FAQ page for tyre sizes but I just wanted some clarification on weather or not 195/55/R15's would fit onto the MB3. Thank you.
  11. sh4wzy


    Custom 2" system from manifold back.
  12. Hi everyone, I'm quite new here and I've just picked up my first ever 1997 Honda Civic today. I'm looking for some exhaust reccomendations because I'm not sure what fits and what doesn't. I'm not looking for anything crazy just something that makes the car sound a bit more fruity and looks good when sitting under the rear bumper arch. So far though the car runs and drives lovely absolutely chuffed with it. Cheers
  13. Hi everybody. My name is Patxi and I've been driving hondas since I got my driver license back in 2007. I started with a peugeot 205, but after that car I've had various civics. My very first one was a ´99 Civic EK daily driven when I was student. I got it for 8 years and ended up respraying and B-swaping. In between I had a EG5 (no pics) only for some weeks, it was really rusted so I break it and sold parts. At this point, I bought the MB3 I will show on this thread. The EK was really intense driving but wanted something different, fast and more confortable, so I got chance to purchase a '16 Civic Type R and ended up selling EK. I owned it for two years, drove both summers to the Nurburgring and sold it to buy a house. I had the chance to own a '10 K24/20 FN2, an awesome car, but after the FK2 I was a bit upset... so I sold it after only 4 months and ended up with a barn find '99 EK1 really cheap I have restored after 4 years been used only in gravel paths(I will open a thread for this one). After this long introduction of my past cars, its time to talk about my daily car for the last 4 years. I bought this piece of s**t for 800€ in June 2017 with blown head gasket. 3 days later it was runing strong and since that day the only issue I had was a blown clutch disk (and another embarrasing moment, when I sent the car to the shop because the crash buttom jumped and didnt knew why fuel pump wasnt working). The day I bought it in Barcelona to first owner, 180.000 Km (100.000 miles aprox) It's an '98 MB3 D15Z8 evtec 114hp. I made a little maintenance when bought it, because car hadn't any history of what was done: All filters, brake fluid, pads and disks... The very first "mod" I added was the "Igor" sticker. This friend died in a car crash years ago, he had an VTi MB6 and he introduced me to the honda world. The rest of mods I installed in a short time were VTi wing, lip, steering wheel and seats. Also, for a time EK4 wheels. All 4 wheel arches had a bit of rust, and 2 years ago on Valentines day a tourist crashed to my car. Using the insuance money instead of respraying the bumper I repaired rear arches and replace the fenders. The bumper came to his form with just heat. I friend gave me a couple of headlights he had from his previous car and I decided to made a retrofit. I installed this headlights, but sold them a year later because they didnt pass the inspection in my county and I was a bit lazy to install them again. I painted the OEM ones with black masks and polish them January 2020, a really cold night, dark Ice... and this happend. Luckily I only broke a side skirt towing the car, I fixed it with some zip ties. Some weeks ago I painted with liquid vynil the wippers and the grill And last week I took everything out of the car because I had some water filtrations. Sealed them, they were in the front pilar and in the trunk. After that no more mist on wet days. I cleaned everything outside the car. Also, I glued insulating in the roof and rear inside arches. It was cheap and now in highways car is really silent. The roof carpet was detached, so I glued a new one and installed an extra roof light I sprayed the door molding in black, I'm planing to paint in silver the side skirts, side mirrors and handles in near future and fbought some cheap coilovers to test them, I need to replace the rear arms bushings, They're on the way. I installed an air intake with a scoop and sealed the filter to take fresh air from outside and less warm air from the engine bay. Not sure if this will be effective, but just in case... And some weeks ago, I saw this on a google search and decide to do the same. You can see Im not very good sanding, so it apreciates the union of the two pieces, but its all working I installed the coils, Now I need some alloys. Hope to find something 15x6.5 et35 or near to fill the wheel arch. A pic with the Cañonero of my dad, looks even lower. I would like to fit the EK4 jordan 15" alloys like in this chop but are hard to find in Spain. Also, changed the H logo of the grill with one from a '03 EP2 civic, looks better than previous one I installed (forgive the mosquito season) ...and this is from yesterday. Check engine light switched on. I took code 54 (CKF Crankshaft Fluctuation Sensor)... looked the sensor wiring and surprise, it was out of his place touching alternator velt. After relocating in his place and test drive, no more check engine light. Pic isnt really good but you can see it. And this is all for now after 4 years and 100.000 Km with the car.
  14. hi folks hi wanted to ask if anyone knows where can i buy the heater core for my mb3, i searched on ebay but unfortnetly i cant put mb models in vechile only appear americans ej ek, so immnot sure if they fit or not, and maybe there is somewhere in europe where i can order one new for under 50€ as seen on ebay for ej ek models. thanks im advance
  15. hello guys, this is my first post here so i might say some silly things. i have an '98 mb3 which i love. but i think the body is to soft and has to much roll. i went online and found a rear anti roll bar kit (https://www.all4honda.com/nl/m2-sport-sway-bar-kit-19mm-achterzijde-civic-del-sol-integra). i dont want to go for lowering springs right now because i dont have the budget for a good set. anyways my question is, is this something to buy and can I instal it right away without drilling any new holes? any other tips on installment would be greatly appreciated. Much thanks and greatings from the netherlands
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