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Found 37 results

  1. XtrimePT

    Air intake pipe has a hole

    Hello, friends. Was changing engine oil on my Civic MB3 the other day and noticed the pipe between the air filter and the engine has a little hole. The car is fine to drive and never had problems with it but I don't like that thing over there. It's the tube of number 6. All the sites where they sell this tube have it discontinued so I guess I won't find it to buy, and even If i could it seems expensive. So is there a way to seal that hole? Or should I try to find one at a scrapyard? Thanks.
  2. Antal

    Door panel removal MB3

    I removed the window handle and door handle. Also unscrewed the handgrip. Is it necesarry to remove the speaker cover? And how?
  3. AJCivic

    Remote Locking Fob/Key

    Looking for some help please people, like many others the terrible Infra Red remote locking fob has stopped working for my car. I got the remote from the ex-ex owner of my car (been in the family since new) and it was totally disconnected having not been used for years. not lighting up even with new batteries, absolutely dead and I've since lost it anyway. If the opportunity was there to buy a brand new remote/fob, how easy is it to get this coded to your car's code? I imagine it will be a Honda dealership jobby, but what is it likely to set me back? Bearing in mind I will have a brand new never used remote? Thanks! (I know an aftermarket central locking system would no doubt be cheaper but there's also all the wiring involved and paying somebody to do it!)
  4. AzaTeXx

    My 2nd MB3

    So here's my little new MB3 on its summer wheels that normally were on my ED9. Need to lower it though, 215/40 R16 are looking very tiny. Bought it for 500€ last June with 192.000km and a nearly broken transmission. Luckily a used but functional one and 8 wheels (OEM alloys and some steels) were in the back so i just had to replace the gearbox and also put a brand new clutch in it for 450€ total in a honda workshop. It's now at 206.000km and it's still going without any problems. Looks like i made a good deal for under 1000€. Also it's in lovely Pirates Black and has this nice little wing, gorgeous!
  5. Hello everyone, i'm new on this forum and i'm from Málaga, Spain, my car is a MB3, his old owner was registered here too and there's photos uploaded of it surprisly. So here you got some news of it.
  6. ChusCervantes

    Wanted: VTI-S Full body kit.

    Hi, i'm searching a VTI-S full body clean kit, i live in Spain and i can pay shipping costs, i hope somebody here got one, if you do pm me, thanks and have a good day.
  7. Wolfmother

    MB3 LE spec / trim?

    Looking for some information on trim levels. I bought an MB3 civic LE with a D15Z8 and I'm just curious as to what the whole LE part is about? It's got a sun roof and heated mirrors (which are always on as there is no switch for them) and that's all the "extras" it has, the dark blue colour seems to be quite rare as well. Only 478 were registered in 1998, what makes the LE spec any different? If anything?
  8. Freebie

    MB3 looks like great buy

    MB3 for sale in Rochdale. Fancy it but too much travel hassle for me but maybe someone else on here would be interested.
  9. pau2112

    Will this air filter fit?

    Hello!! So, I have a 1998 Honda Civic 1.5i LS VTEC-2 5 door hatch (MB3). I need to replace the air filter and I want to buy a sporty one, I know it won't make pretty much any difference besides being more thirsty for fuel but... I want to try the thing is, I've settled for the K&N 33-2047 and I need to know if this model will fit my car. K&N's official website says it'll fit, but a lady in the website I want to buy it from says it won't. So, will the K&N 33-2047 fit my car (D15Z8)??? And if it doesn't, Can you recommend me a sporty air filter to improve the sound and hopefully increase 1 or to 2 HP??? (NO cold air intakes plase). Thanks in advance!
  10. hondasport

    k&n filter 1.5

    should this work on a d15z8 engine? Kind of weird that it sits out of the housing wit the holes in it? http://www.knfilters.com/search/product.aspx?prod=33-2047
  11. Wolfmother

    Armrest / centre console

    After armrest and centre console trim like the ones pictured. Not fussed on colour. I'm based in Kent but I'll happily travel to collect.
  12. Hi guys, So I've found out that the noise which I thought was standard is actually my input shaft bearing. And comparing it to every video on youtube,etc it sounds the same and behaves the same. Which is annoying, as I replaced the clutch not too long ago! So, questions. I've watched a video on replacing the bearing and it looks simple, just time consuming. This is obviously the cheaper option. I'd be doing it myself. Or just replacing the entire gearbox. Now I could either replace it with a OEM one or I know that people have changed to other gearboxes... Question is, what are the benefits/downsides and is it worth it? Car is completely stock, other than lightened flywheel and MGzs shocks... Would look at doing other things later, but lets fix her up first eh? So, replace bearing? Go for OEM gearbox or other gearbox? Mb3 so D15 engine
  13. m0l0t0v

    Bushings - learn me

    So, I more than likely need to change pretty much most of the bushing son the car. I know the busing on the rear lca's are pretty much fubar so want to replace them asap and then have a look at the others. Am I right in thinking that these will fit but are also considered to be pretty good in terms of stiffening the chassis up, etc? Pros and cons? http://www.tegiwaimports.com/select-car/honda/eg/suspension/energy-suspension-hyper-flex-poly-bush-kit-civic-eg-92-95.htmlhttp://www.tegiwaimports.com/select-car/honda/eg/suspension/energy-suspension-hyper-flex-poly-bush-kit-civic-eg-92-95.html Using mg zs shocks with oem lcas and eibach springs... If there's somewhere I could buy the bushing for the lca alone that'd be great but wouldn't be surprised if buying them from Honda would be almost as much as the entire kit linked? Sorry for the masses of posts lately... Just want to make sure I do things right Oh and if someone could point out to me where to buy an input shaft bearing for my civic that'd be great... Other than ringing Honda up. Oh and I remember reading somewhere that they have to be black otherwise it wouldn't pass an mot? Is that correct?
  14. So, I've seen some wheels I'm interested in that would think would look bomber on my mb. Currently running 14" steelies with profesionally (read, 5 min job) matt blacked hub caps. Which look alright considering. But, I've added mg zs shocks and lowering springs and want to minimize that arch gap and run some bigger wheels. There's no mention of the ET so I'm diverting to the expertise of you guys. I understand that 7.5j and 9j are width of the wheels. Am I right in thinking that one set are thinner than the other, so thinner on the front, thicker on the right? Or am I completely wrong? It's a 3-4 hour drive there and back to get them so would rather not waste my time... So size of the the wheels on the add are 16" 4x100 7.5j and 9j...
  15. kalvtec

    Honda Civic MB3 1997

    Welcome to my ad for my MB3 Ive had this car forover 2 years trouble free and hate to do this as i really wanted to keep this even if i bought another car (which i have an MG ZS) for the following reasons: Im really fond of these cars obviously (have had 2 MB6s in past aswell) I wanted to carry on making it tidier as possible whenever money allowed. Wanted to keep it in family and pass it on to my young nephews when they pass. But for the following reasons i cant keep it sadly and really dont want it going to the wrong hands so i wont be advertising it ANYWHERE except civic5 forum to give someone a chance as its a very good base for a project.... I need to free up some cash as my money circumstances are tight at the moment (i would still keep it as its not like its worth thousands to benefit me but i really need a bit of cash for the mg) My nephews are still learning to drive and even when they pass i doubt they could get insured on it as its so exp***sve around here even for a little 1500cc. Lastly i need drive space as its parked on my bros drive with 3 other cars... Its currently SORN at the moment but has MOT till September 2017 It passed no problem and the tester said its a good old car. Mileage is around 127000 but i had the clocks changed to MB6 ones as the speedo went faulty. The VTI clocks are showing 111000 and look execellent upgrade It has some service history and paperwork to show whats been done to it Im the 2nd owner the first had it since new. I bought it plain standard in july 2014 and spent quite a bit to get it running good. I gave it a full service and after that its had regular oil changes twice a year. It uses a little bit of oil but thats in between oil changes like half a litre just being honest it nothing major to worry about. Also done when i got it: Oil and filter Air filter Spark plugs Cabin filter Full standard exhaust Front brake discs and pads (they are still running on the car with life left in them) After this at some point ive done the following with receipts: Full new drive shafts both sides from J&R Front drop links Rear trailing arm bushes Heater matrix thats solves the common speed 1 and 2 issues Power steering and alternator belt. Also had the steering wheel replaced with a low mileage on and it made an amazing difference. The windscreen was replaced under insurance as i was fed up with it showing age so thats a bonus fresh screen. The windows are tinted profesionally dark back light front and looks very nice. Its also got a subtle spoiler from another MB from the scrappy. I also changed the boot struts from an mg zs as the weight of the spoiler was making them weak. Condition wise its almost 20 years old far from perfect but very presentable condition. Its got the few age related minor dings and scuffs around the body but pretty much straight and clean hardly any rust in the common places. Paintwork is good too, over all i would rate the exterior 7/10 Interior is very clean which surprised me when i got it and gave it a clean, the seats look almost new with no dirt or stains and the rest is very good with no damage to interior panels and plastics. I would rate it 9/10 and the floor mats in there are genuine Integra Type R ones which is nice and worth a bit as u can see on ebay. Its got few simple mods that make a nice difference. MG ZS suspension gives a nice firm drop. Its got an MB6 vti lip transforms the cars front end. A hornet universal backbox which gives a very nice subtle 3" tip look and sounds very good without being loud at all. This was pretty cheap but its done well had it over a year and no problems still sounds execellent. It came with standard plastic wheel trims with ditch finder jinyu tyres so looked around for some 15" Honda alloys and sprayed them matt black for that aggressive look and they dont look bad at all. Tyres on there currently are excellent with matching uniroyal rain expert at the back (4-5mil) and matching continentals at the front (6mil approx) All electrics work properly as does the sun roof. its the non ABS model Ok the bad bits now as all cars have them. Its needs an oil change (i have shell 10w40 and genuine filter if u want it) or if u fussy u can do a full service. The drivers window tint is peeling off from bottom (2nd time now) The window rubber strip is still intact and looks good but some its probably started to catch on the window film very recently. Costs about £20 to do it again. The stereo is missing as needed it for the MG ZS sorry. The rear brake light bulb needs replaced on the drivers side (i will sort this) The handbrake might need slight adjusment but nothing major. Sadly the fogs are missing but i have a set from halfords just a matter of fitting them. Thats all i can think now and ive been as honest as i can. If anything comes to mind i will update here. Again as i said its an honest sale for civic5 forum only as i dont want to go to some one random on street and thats firm. Good chance for someone here looking for a clean MB3 to build on. If u are interested please to come and have a look and see for your self, i will point out all the things for u. I will also have available a set of MG ZS 17" wheels with very good tyres off my MG ZS as i bought 16" wheels for it. They make the MB look and sit perfect as i tried it before with another set as in pic. If it tickles your fancy we can sort a deal out. Car is based in west midlands. £650 OVNO If u have any questions please ask or pm. I can also pm my phone number for contact. Looking forward to see the car on the forum....... Havent got much pics now but will take today some time THANK YOU.
  16. m0l0t0v

    Weird Vtec noise? MB3

    Hi Guys, Car started making this noise recently and I'm pretty sure it's not normal. It's far more noticeable in first gear then any other gear. If I keep the revs below a certain point then it sounds normal the entire way but where's the fun in that? I'd only bother with the first 40/50 seconds or so... Also, pretty sure that sometimes there's more/less noise from the gearbox/clutch. I'll try and get a video of that soon...
  17. m0l0t0v

    What LCAs? And new bolts...

    HI, Recently got some MG ZS shocks. However, the bolt holding one of the rear shocks is seized on and the bolt is now rounded. Thought the easiest way would be to just replace the LCAs completely. Either by getting a second hand one or buying new ones entirely... It's an MB3. Which LCAs do I go for, where do I buy? AND if I was to upgrade to an MB6 later one, are they also the same fit? And where do I source new bolts?
  18. So I've fitted Meister R's to my mb3. My issue is the lca bolts, they seem a bit short. I understand that my mb3 (1998 D15Z8) uses EG length lca's but use an EK size strut bush. (Please correct if wrong) I followed the diagram provided by Meister using the washers and spacers for the EK set up. Using both the spacers and washers left me with about 5mm of bolt to thread a securing nut onto. I've had to remove the washers and just use the spacers which sit inside the fork and I've managed to thread a locking nut onto the bolt by about 10mm, but it doesn't exactly look reassuring. Ideally, I need a bolt that's another 20mm longer, any help is much appreciated.
  19. Hello. First things first, my front windscreen has a great big crack on the left hand side. starts at the edge of where the tax disc would normally be and then goes up to about halfway up the windscreen. And with lots of little scratches here and there actually getting the whole lot replaced would be a nice thing. Not sure if it can be fixed anyways... And the rear windscreen... My car came with the ugly windscreen brake light (black box thing) which I want to remove, especially since it also came with the little spoiler with brake light. Unfortunately, two big holes were made/drilled to fit the brake box thing so can't fully remove it. I've taken it off but it's left two big black circle things which are fugly. So... How much would I be looking at to replace both windscreens, easy enough to do yourself or let the pro's do it? Or would I be better off trying to find a boot+windscreen for my civic in the correct colour? And do you think the crack could actually be replaced, but then what about all those scratches everywhere which actually cause quite a bit of glare in sunlight/heavy rain... Pirates black mb3...
  20. Mini_matt

    Hampshire MB3

    Just joined the forum a couple of weeks ago when I got into the Honda game, needed a cheap run around with decent mpg so bought my mates MB3. Which is the 1.5 sport vtec-e so only £12 something tax and a healthy mpg figure. I've been over on the new members section but thought I would start a thread here for any updates and of course pictures As it belonged to a friend I wasn't too worried about it but knew it would need a few things, here are a couple pictures from when I went to look at it.
  21. So my clutch has started slipping. Still driveable but certainly noticeable if I've just gone up a hill or gone a bit spirited/hard on the clutch. Now, I've downloaded the manual and have a Haynes guide. I'm pretty handy, having done all the work on motorbikes (clutch, etc) and have a certain amount of tools. My only question is how involved is it? Do I need to take the whole engine out, any special tools (and how much they cost), what clutch do I go for, anything else worth checking/doing while I do the clutch, etc. Basically want to know anything there is know. It's a '98 mb3 with over 130k on the clock. It's higher, I just never pay attention to how much higher. I know it's possible to buy a new mb3 but there's the hassle of insurance and then cancelling and then taking out a new policy with the new car. And tbh. I'm kinda using this mb3 as a guinea pig for when I hopefully get an mb6 later on and I've perfected everything I want to do. Won't mind having the car in bits for 3 days if need be. And would I need help from someone else or doable as one man army?
  22. LloydMB

    My mb3 project

    Hi guys. you may remember about 7weeks ago I posted pictures of my Orleans blue mb3 project, the cars now just gone over 28k now. so after speaking to many insurance companies and finding the policy I'm going with, I've started buying parts to start the build early May time. so this week I bought, where to start. Meister r zeta s coilovers mb6 hub swap with calipers cyberspeed LCA's Mb6 Arb 1 inch MC hel braided brake lines mg zs spoiler (needs painting) honda mist spray windscreen washers vti front lip (needs painting) handbrake cables due to only having drums on the rear. i've also got a backbox being made as my old one snapped, will be paired with my 2.25 inch stainless system with decat. i've also fitted my Jordan wheels just for the mean time. things needed still, a set of black 16 inch alloys with good tyres ideally the accord sport. new discs and pads extended top mounts. what would people recommend for discs and pads?? Thanks for your time.