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    Car mechanic, owner of my very first Japanese car (a 2001 Civic Aerodeck 1.4)since the end of August.
    New to the "Honda-Society", still learning the "how's&what's" of the Honda brand.

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  1. The upper photo was taken with my phone, the lower one was taken by a photographer, and also edited by him. I was just trying to get the same effect with my phone, but that guy had a really good proffesional camera at hand, and ofcourse a lot of experience. But I like the same as well, especialy the one with edit, it looks like an official Honda photo to promote the MB model when it was just released. Actualy it only misses the phrase "Honda, the power of dreams" above it..
  2. About those photo's, those are the ones that I DID shot myself! Really helps to have a phone with good camera-specs! And thanks 4 the alignment with the photo's/text!
  3. Soooo.. haven't posted for a really long time... A LOT of things have changed on the 'Deck since last post! I'll explain what has been done since last post, and I'm guessing this is gonna be a pretty long text... Since the last update (about the spoiler I fitted, if I'm correct) much has changed on the red wagon. Especially things on the outside, and I've got a bit in trouble because of the first sports-exhaust I mounted.. I got pulled over, and had to follow an officer on motorcycle for a Decibel-test... and offcourse mine was way to loud.. It gave me a "wok-status", meaning I was not allowed to drive the car unless I turned the axhaust back to stock, and only on the day that I would go to an MOT-Station (to keep things understandable for you guys). But that wasn't all..I also got ticket for having too much decibels.. and with a total of 459n euros the highest they were allowed to give..... Now I have a Spoon-Style eindmuffler, wich I had to make longer to fit nicely in the reat bumper. and as for the upgrades; -Got myself a new coilover kit from the brand Maxpeedingrods, the set is ajustable in height but also on bump-stiffness. And I'm still really happy with it. -Don't know if I put it here too, but I've had my windows tinted from B-pilar to the back and wanted it blacked out, or in this case, maximum tinted, it only let's thru about 5% of light, so that's dark enough. -One thing I got really happy with, was buying an original VTI-s front lip for the bumper, sanded it slightly and painted it black(used to be blue). Eventually painted it the same color as the body. -Also painted both mirrors ons the outside, since one was black and fhe other one dark green.. -And Since last friday (27th of August), I FINALLY got me some really nice shoes for the 'Deck!! Also did some (small) performance-mods, and still bussy with some too. -Got a complete Cylinderhead of a D16z6 engine -Bought a P28 ECU that already got a tune on it with 2step as well. -Mounted a (better) intakemanifold of a D15b7 engine, including throttlebody and injectors, but will be replacing that for one of a D16z6 when I find one.. -And I got myself a nice intake-system, where the airfilter is mounted in my frontbumper, still need to make it more "rain-proof", but it already sits nice and dry. I think this was enough for the chit/chat, here are some pics how my Aerodeck looks right now! (Not all images wanted to upload correctly, so I'll be posting some new ones soon!) The D15b7 intake mirror respray bellowt The nice stance she had since the new coilovers.. for those who don't follow me yet, here's my Instagram did some photoshoots for fun! fitting the new shoes on the 'Deck Really LOVE it's stance now .. and off course a little messing around with the 2step 20210626_224509.mp4
  4. New update comming soon! Picked up a nice exhaustmanifold, so I hope the engin picks up some power, or at least torque I hope.. Anyone any ideas on what I can do best? Put heatwrap on it, give it a (fancy) respray, or just leave it as it is? Hoping to get it mounted soon!
  5. Nice! My mom used to have an MX5, the NA-model that is. Superb cars in handling and a huge "fun-factor"! And I think you're right, 17s are cool, but I don't wanna risk bashing my fenders (a.k.a. "fenderf**king"...) on each and every speedbump/roadbump, and believe me, here in Holland we've got plenty of them... Now it's just a matter of good searching and getting the right tyres on'em. tomorrow I'm going for de-cat, I'm gonna replace the cat for a straight pipe, just need to find a way to fool de O2-sensor... And I'm gonna cut open my rear mufler and take out al the damping. I already removed my mid silencer, but that makes as good as NO difference.. I'll probably post some pics of it when I'm done.
  6. I think I've made a choice, going for 16s. I got tagged in a picture on Instagram, amd I'm in love...! Don't mind the Dutch text in the picture by the way.. This Aerodeck has 16 inch Watanabe rims.. and I like! Or at least, I like the way it stands! Definitely going to look for something like it! Thnx 4 the advice
  7. Anyone here some advice? I want a new set of wheels, but what's better, 16 or 17 inch? And I can't seem to find the right kond or rims, I like rims with a (little) deep dish look. Any toughts? Would be happy to hear them
  8. Thnx! I agree, in my area I've seen just one or two aerodecks driving around, both were silver, but one looked like it could fall appart any minute, the other looked like it was a original VTi. It had a trailer behind it, and when it had green light it took off like it didn't had anything to towxD.. But haven't seen any other red ones yet.. As for the headlights, I just took them appart by using a heatgun to loosen the seals, and re-sealed it the same way Thnx:D, but I don't think that mine was looked after, it was (and on some spots still is) a bit of a "fixerupper" if you know what I mean. But, most important thing is that there's practicaly NO rust on the bottom! I noticed only one small spot, but that was just on the surface, so already sanded that spot to bare metal and covered it with body coating. For the rest of the body, it's just a matter of fixing small dents and scratches. But ot sure is worth it!
  9. Hi there! New to this forum, and new to the Honda-brand overall. Before I got the Aerodeck, I drove a Peugeot 206 GTI(NO, NOT THE 180!), unfortunatly the chassis of the 206 was en absolute wreck.. It had waaaay to much spots just to repair the bits and pieces, but I just didn't want to anymore... And as for the Aerodeck, it's underside is completely original and most of all..NO RUST! When I bought the car, is was totally stock, so I knew that no one ever messed with the car. Past few weeks I've been busy with modifying the suspention, wanted to put it as low as the roads here alow me to. And past weekend I customized my headlights together with a friend who builds custom headlights on order. Quite happy with the result, but still thinking what to do.. keep the 3000K Xenon in it, or going for a new set of 8000K Xenon, and then out yellow foil on the light-units themselves. Enough for the storytelling now, here are some pictures of my Honda Civic Aerodeck! (P.S. it has some spots and dents, but that's all gonna get fixed eventually!) Above; stock height|Down; coilovers mounted, rear was put at highest setting..xD.. Down; the work on customizing the headlights started! Too bad it was weird weather, one moment dry for 10 minutes, and before you knew it was pouring like hell. And it changed like that the entire day.... Above; just love the fog hanging in the lightbeam, gives it a bit of a "spooky" effect. Above; the day after the headlights were finished, gave the car a proper washing to check the headlights for any leaks or fog inside the units, and guess what, they're free of both! So far for the upgrades, but will definitely post more when the next parts/things are going to change!
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