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Found 8 results

  1. Hi there! New to this forum, and new to the Honda-brand overall. Before I got the Aerodeck, I drove a Peugeot 206 GTI(NO, NOT THE 180!), unfortunatly the chassis of the 206 was en absolute wreck.. It had waaaay to much spots just to repair the bits and pieces, but I just didn't want to anymore... And as for the Aerodeck, it's underside is completely original and most of all..NO RUST! When I bought the car, is was totally stock, so I knew that no one ever messed with the car. Past few weeks I've been busy with modifying the suspention, wanted to put it as low as the roads here alow me to. And past weekend I customized my headlights together with a friend who builds custom headlights on order. Quite happy with the result, but still thinking what to do.. keep the 3000K Xenon in it, or going for a new set of 8000K Xenon, and then out yellow foil on the light-units themselves. Enough for the storytelling now, here are some pictures of my Honda Civic Aerodeck! (P.S. it has some spots and dents, but that's all gonna get fixed eventually!) Above; stock height|Down; coilovers mounted, rear was put at highest setting..xD.. Down; the work on customizing the headlights started! Too bad it was weird weather, one moment dry for 10 minutes, and before you knew it was pouring like hell. And it changed like that the entire day.... Above; just love the fog hanging in the lightbeam, gives it a bit of a "spooky" effect. Above; the day after the headlights were finished, gave the car a proper washing to check the headlights for any leaks or fog inside the units, and guess what, they're free of both! So far for the upgrades, but will definitely post more when the next parts/things are going to change!
  2. Hello everyone i'm new here, just registered. I have a problem with the ABS system apparently. Few weeks ago my ABS and VAS lamps on the dash (the lamp that signals hand break also) lighted up. There are few things i figured but still have no idea what to do. 1. When i start the car in the morning sometimes there seems to be no problem with the ABS, as in no lights are on. But when i drive for few minutes and then stop the car for like 5-10 mins they light back on. 2. When i pull the hand break the light for VAS starts shining more brightly ( i don't know if that has anything to do with it ) I know there are 2 plugs for reading codes near the glovebox, One is 2p plug for the engine codes and the other is 5p plug for the ABS codes. The problem is that my 5p plug has only 4 wires (2,3,4, and 5 (1-empty)), and when i have the ABS and VAS lights on and short circuit 3 and 5 on the 5p plug nothing happens, ABS and VAS are lighted up but no bleeping. That happens on my aerodeck 1.4 MB8 Thank you all in advance!
  3. hi all !! im an italian user, 24 age. i have a civic aerodeck 1.4 1998 with only 2 front original speakers. i want to upgrade them and add rear speakers on the top of luggage. i dont know what sizes, i think are ok 16.5 cm in front and 4" (10cm) in rear. are ok? and secondly, i dont know how i can remove the doors panel to change front speakers. anyone have some photos or a explanation for this? thank you very much!
  4. So as a few of you may know, I'm swapping to a K Series (Honda K20A, Not a Rover!) engine in the next few months with parts being stockpiled as we speak. I noticed last night a bubbling coming from the overflow tank after a pretty good day weather wise here in the M̶i̶d̶l̶a̶ Outer Mongolia... but ignored it, checked levels of fluids etc not much lower than last time I checked but put this down to the bubbling caused by the car running hot (can't rely on the temp gauge, its never really worked right since day 1 of owning the car but I'm not that bothered with the planned engine swap). Fast-forward to today, set out for my journey to work (45mins) and no warm air at all, by the time I got about 10mins out of the yak herding village I work in I heard the bubbling again and then a hissing noise. Fans are all kicked in no issues there, ran heater on hot but it was icy cold. Once I got to work I popped bonnet and noticed I had burbling in the expansion/overflow and there was the dreaded steam coming from just below the head.. I honestly don't want to f**k around taking heads off, changing gaskets and such for at most 3 weeks so I pose this question to You, Have You ever used anything in the regions of Steel Seal, Engine Seal by MCP or anything that will allow me to use the car for a couple of weeks at very very most?. I tried Barrs stop leak after hitting a badger in Dorset once while driving the Micra, stopped a bit of a leak enough to get me home but nothing enough to seal a headgasket as far as I can remember. On the upside of things Steel Seal offers a "Money Back guarantee" which is always a bonus but its £40 a bottle!! Like I said I really don't want to be f**king around changing gaskets if the engines gonna be binned or stuck on fleabay in a months time being replaced by a K20!
  5. we did this once before here, as part of the MG ZS group buy of heated front screens. there is one last ever (I know I said the last time would be the last), and this really will be the last time as its not worth my time and hassle and I gain nothing from this...the last ever heated screen group buy the screens WILL come with a top tint, and are dual circuit heated. They are 25£ more than the last batch 5 years ago (inflation!) at £225+vat. its a real last minute thing coz I kinda forgot about you guys, but I have to place an order Monday 8th Feb and as before £100 deposit is required, non refundable as I would be stuck with the screen and I would still have to pay the balance, but if for any reason... find someone else to buy it, whatever, we just need to fulfil the order. Its done through Ricky Evans motorsport as before, they supply cars in the BTCC. They will not stock these screens, if they would I wouldn't have to go to all this hassle for nothing, so this really is the only way to get one, there will be none left over, what I order I have to pay for and you guys pay the same cost per screen as I do, we had to pay the tooling on the first batch, believe me, its no cheap process. Call me 07941 857777 or join teh dark side - MG ZS Owners club on facebook where there is a post, or prob better still, Jason simm on facebook, its the MGZS pic with the stelio pass in the background. Sorry its last minute, but I don't want to miss you guys out.
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