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As you may already know, i have a MB2 1.4s.

Unfortunately i'm not active on the forum as much as i'd like to be at the moment....

So to make up for it, here is my photo whoring thread of the bits and pieces i have done already

Got a new Sony radio with usb/aux.

Carbon wrapped plastic parts under the radio. (gonna do some more wrapping when i get a bit more confident)

my colour scheme is gonna be Silver/Black/Red...

More photos to come..




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Thanks gents.

The radio already had carbon on it so i thought i'd carry on the trend.. :)

Here's a list of bits that still need to be done..

New discs and pads

Paint brake calipers red.

Repair and paint original wheels.

New tyres.

De-badge boot.

Lowering springs.

Carbon wrap bonnet (and a great possibility of doing the roof and boot because or the war scars it has accumulated....)

Repair small dents and scuffs/scratches on bodywork.

All red hoses and cables under the bonnet.

Paint rocker cover black and the writing in red.

Cool air intake.

Sporty back box to makes it sound as good as it'll look.

De-chrome and mesh the front grille.

De - chrome headlights

And finally some "very different" fog lights

And some more photos for your viewing pleasure...

P.S i was cleaning the engine at the time with some home brewed cleaner and the wheels in the photo are the ones i'm refurbing to black centre/spokes, same colour outer lip and a red H.... and i wrapped the chrome boot handle ( poorly so i'm gonna do it again)




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Thanks @Chandler

It's one of those ever growing lists I'm afraid :/

I won't be able to make it to japday because I can't pay this month but hopefully make it to another meet, then I can finally get to meet some of u :D

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Nice yeah carbon wrap is defo a fave of mine i did my bonnet n boot i think it looks good n kudos on the skunk2 knob i like mine it feels right

i love the wood effect ;)

ah that's a shame you cant come @Ry4nC what about japfest? all the threads are in the meet section

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Yeah I quite like the fake wood also!:)

I know dude, I was looking forward to japday as well :(

There will always be others though!

There's no reason why I can't attend japfest, I was gonna ask if there was a due date on japfest but I'll just check the thread.

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