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  1. Nice tidy deck dude im lovin the rims and the meisters should sit sweet as a nut
  2. How is trinity doing these days dave as theres been no udates for a while
  3. Think i spotted her at japfest n she was sitting pretty n looking clean adam fairplay
  4. Shes a cracking vtis dude and cant wait to see her sitting on the advans in silver should suit her much better
  5. Was good too drive him again but hurt like fook glad i have an auto daily
  6. Mate im gona say it because your just about getting on my nerves now stop being such a bitter little douche and keep your opinion about my car to yourself if you say its s**t again to me we are gona have issues
  7. Here ya go festidious 1 have a good read before ya vote
  8. Um i do and its in the members rides section.quit yo jibba jabba fool
  9. Looks like a subaru raped a civic n this is the hate filled product
  10. You'll be needing a 200k+ sticker like philgor had soon i can oblige if ya like
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