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Our new Video Gallery App is a great feature for sharing your favourite videos. Like the Photo Gallery, it displays all the videos with thumbnails (small images) in a grid layout gallery. Making it easy to browse all the videos the we have here on Civic5!

When you post a video in the Video app, it is instantly displayed in the forums main page too (in the side bar, latest videos) so means everyone will be able to see it and view it.

It's very easy to use, just follow this simple guide. (mobile version of this guide will follow shortly)


1. Go to Youtube (or which ever site your video is on) and copy the URL (the address in your browsers address bar).(see Image below)



2. Go back to the forum, and look at the menu bar. Click on the "Video" tab.



3. The gallery will open. Click on the "Add Video" button.



4. A pop up box will appear. Click on "Select"

adding video- via video button in menu bar3.JPG


5. Choose the category to put your video in. We chose "Videos". Now click "Continue".



6. Now we add details for your video. First we add a name for our video.



7. The "Media type" box we leave as it is.  The Media URL is where we put the URL to our video (the link we copied earlier).

The "Add extra videos option we leave as it is.



8. Now we add in text like we would do in a normal post in the forum. Can be what ever you like.


9. Click the submit button....................job done! Your video will be added to the Video Gallery!


Now that you understand how to upload a video, there's an even quicker way to do it! Just look at the top of the forum, and click the "Create" button. This gives you a drop down menu for creating topic, video, gallery etc.



For adding videos to video gallery on your phone, see this How to guide >>> CLICK

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