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Speaker adapter rings - help a newbie

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Hiya team, I've just inherited a lovely little MA9 1.5 here, and it still has the original speakers and pioneer head unit in it. Other half is keen on good tunes, and so I thought I had better do some upgrading. 


Looking around on various topics I see that Astra H type adaptor rings can be used to adapt the OEM 6in speakers to take some 6.5 ones. 2 questions:


1) Are these the adapters in question: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vauxhall-Astra-H-Corsa-D-Speaker-Adaptor-Rings-Front-Doors-6-5-165mm-SAK-1400-/370910867648


2) Has any body seen a how to guide to do this? Looking at the pictures of them I would imagine you'd need to flip them over to accommodate the large speaker facing into the cabin? 


All help much appreciated, 



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I use this topic to ask the same.


I found this : it seems matching in my 1998 MB9 Civic  : https://www.natcar.pl/pl/p/Dystanse-MDF-Honda-Accord-Civic-CRX-Prelude-Rover-400-45-600-MDF-D.05/63

But no way to get shipped (I'm from france)


Does the Vauxhall astra H / Corsa D is okay for our Civic ? Cheaper and easier to find....

thx ! 


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