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b18c4 eg swap de-immobilise p9k ecu?

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hi all, i done a b18c4 swap on eg and i was wondering if it is possible to de-immobilise the stock p9k ecu to get the car started or is it too much hassle?


Also can i use a friends p30 ecu which is mapped but on a b16a2 turbo. i just want to get the car started by my friend is worried his ecu may change settings or something and not work properly when i give it back


i've been told a stock p72 ecu will also work but could anyone clarify this is true? 



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I'm sure it's possible. But not something that's common place. 

Your friends ECU will suffer no damage from trying it in your car. 

However if his is turbo it likely has upgraded injectors and map sensor so the ECU will be unable to run your engine with stock parts.

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An obd1 p72 will work yes.  But will throw engine management light up for missing VTEC oil pressure sensor and knock sensor Iirc.

Best bet is to just get yourself a socketed P28 or similar. 100 quid or there abouts. Your gonna need one for tuning anyway.


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