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  1. Junior92

    Thinking or turboing MB6

    Has anyone hered turboed their MB6 and can advise me what is best way to go about this. I've been told to stay away from ebay £500turbo kit but don't fancy paying £2.5k from H Tune. I have collected a few bits so far, tubular manifold, braided rocker cover, oil catch can, aem fuel rail and pressure regulator, walbro 255 pump, p28 ecu, I know what bits I need but debating what turbo is good for atleast 350bhp and would you recommend running it stock engine or forge as don't want this to also end up as my brothers 350bhp scooby which blew up. Correct me Im wrong but do I just stick the turbo kit on B18C4 as most people tell me the engine is set up for turbo kit from factory? Also recommend me decent tuning places?
  2. Cut long story short, I hit someone from the rear and the top half of my car took a lot of impact so the slam panel has pushed inwards. Pic attached. Wings are ok. One headlight cracked but I've got a spare. Bonnet is totally destroyed. Bumper is scuffed. I do not wish to go through insurance. If anyone here is an expert, could they tell me if this is repairable and if I need a new slam panel, I could obtain one from a breaker but what would average cost a garage charge to cut off old and weld in new? It's an MB6 VTi-S which are quite rare so that's why I want to save it.
  3. Junior92

    Rusty brakes from being parked up?

    My civic has been off road for almost a year and just recently I've got it out. I went for a short drive and noticed my brakes are grinding when driving and squeaking when braking. The discs and pads are pretty much new, only changed them a couple miles before car went off road. Is there any way I can stop this noise without having to replace brake discs and pads like clean them up and what products can I use to clean them up?
  4. Junior92

    Change intake manifold gasket

    Does anyone have helpful links on tutorials that show step by step on replacing the intake manifold gasket? I normally follow eric the car guy videos on YouTube but for this particular job, it seemed way too difficult to understand. Do you actually have to get underneath the car to do it?
  5. Junior92

    Oil inside throttle body?

    Ok I need help again, was putting back the throttle body so I could take the car to garage to get them to check it but as soon I started it up, it idles at 2k and after a minute it goes above 3k. I rechecked everything and found a hole in this hose pipe which I think causese vacuum leak. Also I lost all my coolant whilst the pipe was disconnected So now I need a new hose pipe, does anyone know how to check what size it is or what way can I temporary fix to cover the hole?
  6. Junior92

    Oil inside throttle body?

    Yes mate, every time I start it up, a puff of blue smoke comes out from exhaust and then loads when on VTEC. I have some other issues as well, misfiring and idle hunt. Every time I start up, the rev needle shoots up to 3k and stays there for 5 seconds then slowly within 5 seconds comes down to 1.5k and idles there. Whilst idling, I can see black gunk spitting out from the exhaust. Once the temperature needle is at 1/4, the idle needle revs constantly between 1k to 2k. The temperature needle doesn’t go above 1/4 so I think car is fully warmed up by then. I’ve noticed oil leaks from a few places, I’ve taken pictures to show. Also is that a crack I 've got on bottom right of throttle body or is it normal? I’ll borrow a compression test tool off a mate and then check. Like I said I'm not really a mechanic but would love to learn.
  7. Junior92

    Oil inside throttle body?

    I went to remove my induction kit so I could change the filter and I noticed bit of oil inside throttle body. I just wiped it off. Then a week later I went to check again if there's any oil and unfortunately there was. So I removed the whole throttle body and found the oil comes from intake manifold. Now I'm not really a mechanic so I don't know what is happening here but a friend of mine told me there shouldn't be any oil near the throttle body so obviously something is wrong here. My car though does burn oil on VTEC, quite a lot I would say, about 2L per 500 miles. I don't know if this problem could be related, so could someone shed a light on this? I plan to get my car rebuilt in a few months but is it safe to drive like this?
  8. Thanks all but prices are ridiculous from Honda Might go scrappy instead and hope I get them free
  9. I broke one of the clip that is under the wing where the bumper hangs on to, so now there's a gap between bumper and wing. I tried looking for the clips on eBay but don't know what's the proper term to search, all I get is those plastic rivet fastening clips. Can somebody help me please
  10. Junior92

    Heko wind deflectors fitting?

    Think tiger seal might be too strong, I'll use clear silicone, just need to wait until weekend for this rain to stop lol
  11. Junior92

    Heko wind deflectors fitting?

    I fitted team heko wind deflectors made for rover 45 and it's been 2 days now and I've noticed my windows are opening and closing very slowly, the passenger side is worst because when you close the window, the wind deflector gets pushed in and the window out from the front bottom corner. I've use two clips on each wind deflector on top corner next to b pillar facing upwards and in middle next to wing mirror facing wing mirror. Could I have placed the clips incorrectly causing wind deflectors to be very tight?
  12. Junior92

    mb6 driving jerky at low speeds

    after driving my slowass mb2 for a year i upgraded to mb6 about 3 weeks ago and so far im pleased with it, it's easy to drive as don't have to give too much gas and doesn't struggle at uphill but only thing im quite dissapointed with is when stuck in busy traffic and moving a little forward or slowing down, the car feels jerky/jumpy, never had this problem in my mb2. happens usually when driving less than 20mph. basically i get the clutch in biting point, rev 2k then release clutch to set off, if i give less 2k rev, it feels jerky jumpy, also when slowing down i need to hold the clutch if i get under 20mph otherwise the car jumps the hell about as if im about to stall. is this something wrong with the car or do they need to be driven differently as it's twice as much power than my little mb2 lol
  13. Junior92

    My MB6 not running right

    Hi I recently bought mb6 off my mate for £200. It's been parked up since 2011 and I managed to get it running the other day. I've been driving it for a week now and it does have lots of issues that need looking at. So I came across this forum and found a few guides which may be useful. I'm not a mechanic but have worked on few cars in the past with one of them being a Honda Civic EK 1.4 I've always wanted to start a project, a car that I could fix and build myself. Seeing the EK was the easiest car I worked on and this looks similar, I want to try and work on this all by myself too. I hope some one can answer to my problems which I'm going to list below. When I start up, puff of smoke shoots out from the exhaust, rev needle goes to 3k and stays there for 5 seconds then slowly comes down to 1.5k, the car then sounds like it's misfiring, engine vibrates/shaking and exhaust spits out black stuff. When I rev it, the revs go from 1k to 2k constantly, this happens when driving and coming to a stop when idle. If I release the clutch halfway at biting point when in gear, the revs then stay at 1k. The VTEC works but I don't feel the iabs, at 5k is an agressive and loud pull but can't notice the iabs at like 6-7k ish. The car has induction kit and exhaust, could it be because the exhaust it loud. Also there is oil leaking somewhere, I can see it where the B18C4 is written on engine. The valve cover gasket looks dry but there is little oil on intake manifold so I think it might be intake manifold, or could it VTEC solenoid which is why I don't feel the iabs? Also blue smoke comes out from the exhaust after VTEC and I've noticed oil level dropping, is it burning oil in VTEC? When putting into reverse, the gearbox crunches and sometimes doesn't go into reverse, I have to put neutral and release clutch and then put in reverse. The steering wheel does not lock when key is removed and steering is very heavy on this car compared to my cousins EK 1.4. There a few electrical issues but I might be able to sort them out. What I've done so far on the car is, new spark plugs which hasn't sorted misfiring issue and cleaned idle air control valve which hasn't fixed the idle issue. Also checked the condition of vacuum lines and they are good. I don't VTEC alot until the car is fixed but I've read that to fix oil burn and blue smoke, I need to replace valve stem seals, is this right? It doesn't look much of a job as head comes of and need a special tool to remove the springs right? Also how I sort the idling and misfiring issue as that is my main concern for now. Thanks for reading.
  14. Junior92

    Horn wiring

    yeah please still haven't wired my horn up and was gonna bump this post up but just seen your reply haha
  15. Junior92

    mg zs suspension on mb6

    i know this probably been asked before but does anyone have mb6 with standard mg zs shocks and springs with 15 inch wheels so i can see how low it sits? also im not into rovers but heard there is mg zs 120 and 180 so is there a difference between the suspension on both variants?