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windscreen replacement


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Got a crack in windscreen which has now extended beyond MOT limit, so looking at replacement through insurance.

As on policy, have a choice of company, thinking of using Autoglass.

Anybody have experience of using them (or other companies) for windscreen replacement on our cars ?

Reason I'm asking is, have read the procedure in the workshop manual (quite involved with lots of possibilities of replacement parts needed), I'm concerned that the job may get bodged and I finish up with a windscreen that leaks and/or trim not replaced properly.

For example, to remove the old screen they have to cut through not only the bonding material but also the upper and lower "rubber dams". To remove the upper windscreen trim (held by adhesive tape) they may have to cut that trim piece out.

Would they supply replacements for any removed parts (?) or have they another way round this ?

Side trim moulding is held in place with plastic clips (always prone to breakage) of about 7 different designs and there's about 10 of them per side. Plus another 4 or 5 steel (could have rusted) retainers for the plastic clips per side.

Again, will they be replacing these if damaged/ missing/rusted (?) or do they have another way of fixing the trim back in place ?

Should I be trying to source the parts that they are likely not to have ?

I notice that quite a few people have had their windscreens replaced and so far haven't found any complaints. Maybe I'm worrying unnecessarily ?

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13 hours ago, dr_broon said:

I had mine done by autoglass through the insurance a while ago, and I've never had any issues with it. 

Thanks for the reassurance. If I was going to trust any company to do a proper job, it would be autoglass.

You didn't happen to see if they replaced the rubber dams when they were doing it ?

That's what I was most worried about in terms of leaks. 

But maybe autoglass have found that these are not necessary ? (from the diagrams, I can't make out what they are supposed to do)

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Never updated on this.

Did go with Autoglass in the end.

Guy came to the house, removed the screen.

First thing we found was a corrosion spot and some metal missing from about a 2cm area at one side of the lower body windscreen surround. This was under the screen bonding.

With the bond broken by the corrosion, flexing of the screen had caused it to crack.

Guy said really that corrosion should be cleaned up and small piece welded in if I wanted a permanent repair.

Obviously didnt have time for that and now the windscreen was out and looking like rain !

So he suggests (no guarantees) that what they usually do on small gaps is clean it up, spot paint repair, fill the gap with extra bonding material then put the normal screen bonding over the top. "usually does the job". So we went with that.

Now onto my concerns about seals and clips etc.

Mentioned the rubber dams. Had he got them ? Yes, he says but they aren't really needed. Asked him to put them in.

Turns out he had a complete fitting kit that the comes from the windscreen company, including all the clips. But unless you are watching and prompt them, they are going to save time a replace the bare minimum. 

Turned out most of the clips were in good nick and only replaced a few.

Not in the fitting kit was the side plastic trim. On mine the original had split. Had to be refitted as was.

My only complaint about the overall job was that later this trim became loose and popped out every time there was hot weather.

Still haven't got round to fixing it properly back in place...........

Screen still ok, no sign of a crack reappearing, mostly all good




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