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Civic MB3 door speaker cover





I have a 1997 MB3 Civic that i want to install better speakers in.


Is the front door speaker grill removable? Or do i have to pull the whole door cover for new speaker, and if so how do i do this?


with regards


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Yes, the whole door card has to come off as the speaker cover is part of that. Can't remember for sure, but I think that they can be separated once the door card is off if that's what you want to do, but if it's just too change the speaker it's just the door card that needs to come off. 


I'm sure there's a how to on here somewhere, but there's a screw to loosen the handle/latch, which then has to slide forwards (or back... Not 100% which but it's obvious when you try to do it). Then there's a little plastic clip that keeps a metal rod in the handle.. Careful not to snap the clip. 


Then there's two other screws in the grab handle on the door card. Once they're out you'll need to pop out some trim clips around the edge of the card, then Bob's your uncle. 

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I did my front speakers  in my 95 ma8 recently.  The whole door card needs to come off but it's only a case of removing 3 Phillips screws and then prising the card off gently.


The original speakers are mounted in a plastic case/adapter that is fixed to the door in a strange patern and the hole has limited clearance from the window when it's down so you'll most likely need adapters.  


You can buy them online easy enough or, if your impatient like me, you can make your own.  The online ones are usually made out of 18mm MDF but I used one of my wife's chopping boards from the kitchen, which was only 10mm thick & I still had plenty of clearance.  It also fits nicely behind the door card still :)



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