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Civic - Engine D14A2 - Drive Window out the Rails



Hello guys
I need help; the driver window goes off the rails before reaching the middle position.
I have already adjusted the roller guide bolts which connect the scissor mechanism to the glass by following the steps from the manual; No improvements so far. I have also adjusted the inclination of center and front channels but the issue is still there.
It could be another issue? Maybe on the scissor mechanism like described here?

I have made a video of the internal mechanism


Is the shape of the gear correct? It seems slightly twisted. Hope it helps.

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It likely is twisted. Its quite a common issue tbh. The scissor wears, puts extra strain on it and ends up twisting or bending. You may be able to bodge it up for now and get it going again. 

But long term a replacement window reg is the answer.


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Thanks for your feedback.

What I don't understand is why the window is sliding horizontally just a bit (but still too much) when I force it despite the fact that I have tightened the 4 anchor bolts. Is that normal?

Do you think that spraying some graphite on the rubber could help to maintain the position while the window is moving up?

I have regulate the four anchor points and now is a bit better but probably a new rubber and a new motor is needed; I cannot risk to pull up the window and broke it because it goes outside the rail.

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