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Help with MB6 suspension


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Hello :)


So I've already read some topics in here about the recommended suspension and the most popular opinion is the mg zs 180 shocks. I'm from Portugal so how can I find that suspension and where are there legit deals?

If there are also any more options feel free to give them, thank you!

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For sourcing a suspension set from a MGZS 180, best bet is Ebay. Pretty sure the MGZS was available in Portugal (know the standard Rover 400/45 was) so hopefully you can find a set nearby. If you do see some advertised in the uk, always worth seeing if the seller can post them to you (although be wary of scams etc). they do sometimes come up for sale in the forum too and on our FB group.


You can also go for Koni shocks and springs, which are decent quality too. Or the coilover route, which is more expensive but gives you adjustabillity. Avoid some of the cheaper Ebay coilovers though as their quality/ride is sometimes questionable. Depending whether you have the 5 door hatch or the Aerodeck, MiesterR do a set specific for our Civic M's. I've had a set on my old MB6 VTi 5 door and they were decent on that, but had an identical set on my aerodeck and could never get it to sit right if carrying passengers. Was fine in the hatchback for some reason.

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